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List by pinkpixie14 posted over a year ago
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1# - never let suspects stay together
1# - never screw over your partner (bis)
2# - always were gloves at a crime seen
3# - never be unreachable
3# - never believe what you are told double check
4# - the best way to keep a secret, keep it to your self, second best tell one other person if you must, there is no 3rd best
5# - never east good
6# - never say you're sort, its a sign of weakness
7# - always be specific when you lie
8# - never take anything for granted
9# - never go anywhere without a knife
10# - never get personal involved in a case
11# - when the job is done walk away
12# - never date a co-worker
13# - never ever involve lawyers
15# - always work as a team
18# - its better to seek forgiveness than ask permission
22# - never ever bother Gibbs in interagation
23# - never mess with a marine's coffee if you what to live
27# - two ways to flolow : fist way they ever notice you ' second way they only notice you
Article by nikki8green6 posted over a year ago
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Petra would've never killed Kate.
>Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
>A: It feels very good. Thank you for all who voted for me.
>Q: You get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
>* Your character’s name: Petra
>* Occupation: riporter
>* Storyline: a famous marine was killed, the NCIS investigate in the case, and I want to write the cause of the death in a newspaper, but Gibbs does'n really like me.
>Q: If you had the power to pair up 2 of the characters on the show, who would they be & why?
>A: Abby and McGee, because they belong together. :))
>Q: The team forms a band, what would they call them selves and who would play what instrument?
>A: Name:
> Abby - vocals, Vance - Saxophone, McGee - Drums, Ziva & Ducky - Piano, Tony - Vocals & Guitar, Gibbs - Guitar, Palmer - Accordion
>Q: Someone in the group finds out that they are still married from a past trip to Vegas, who is it?
Article by KidsWishNetwork posted over a year ago
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Mark Harmon, Carly and Pauley Perrette
When she was 11, Carly woke up one day with a neck ache and within an hour she was being life-flighted to the hospital after she stopped breathing. Upon waking in the hospital, Carly found that she could no longer walk, could barely talk and could not move her arms and legs. Her doctors determined that she had suffered a blood clot in her spine that caused a severe spinal stroke, leaving her a quadriplegic.

In the years since her initial hospitalization, Carly has worked hard at various therapies and rehabilitation clinics to regain her abilities to talk, move her body and even walk with the assistance of a platform walker; Carly has come a tremendously long way.

It was a family friend familiar with Carly’s struggle who first put Carly’s mother Sheri in contact with national children’s charity Kids Wish Network. Sheri exchanged paperwork with the charity’s wish department and soon found out that Carly was approved to have her wish granted; Carly asked to visit the set of her favorite TV show, "NCIS."