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Blue85 posted on Aug 08, 2009 at 06:10AM
I've done this on other forums that I've been apart of so I thought I would try it on here. All you need to know is:

^ Answers the question.
< Tell what you're doing.
v Ask a new question.

V Who is your favorite couple on the show?

^ Tony and Ziva.
< Reading fanfiction and listening to music.
v Will you be watching NCIS:LA when it comes on?

The next person would answer that question, tell what they're doing and then ask a new question, and it would keep going from there.

NOTE:The questions do not have to be about NCIS. Ask whatever you want.
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over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Knowing Eli David like we do, I'd say yes. He's such an S.O.B!
< Listening to music and about to get a snack :)
v Do you prefer Shannon or Jenny?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Shannon. I like Jenny, but Gibbs seemed so happy with his family.
< Pretty much same as before.
v I love Cote De Pablo's song "Temptation"... if Tony had been with her when she was under cover what do you think he would have said or done after seeing her in that sexy dress & hearing her sing?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ I made a pick about this on the Tiva spot! :D Anyway, I don't think he would've been able to resist, put it that way! xD
< Listening to music and making icons.
v What do you think has been the best episode so far this season?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
**Really I didn't see it... or maybe I did. lol

^ Arrghhh! You're really gonna make me choose? Hmm... Truth or Consequences for obvious reasons.. I mean they rescued her! How awesome was that?! Or Reunion again for obvious reasons... I for sure thought it was going to go further than that kiss on the cheek!
< Working & eating pretzels
v Do you think Vance trusts Ziva or do you think he approved her application to keep an eye on her?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ That's a good question! I think it's a bit of both, I don't think he wants Eli getting to her.
< Listening to music and straightening my hair.
v Do you think anyone on the team will notice that Ziva hasn't got her Star of David necklace?
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I bet Tony or Abby will after awhile.
< Listening to music and painting my nails.
v Do you think Director David had anything to do with Ziva's capture in Somalia?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ Yes, definitely, I have this gut feeling and we obviously haven't seen the last of him.
< Watching Truth or Consequences again.
v If McGee and Abby do get together, obviously Gibbs will know about it, because it's Gibbs, so do you think that means he'll let Tony/Ziva happen too?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Yes even Gibbs can't deny their passion. I think even Gibbs wants Tiva to happen! =]
< Still working
v Previously they've killed off 2 main characters (Kate & Jenny) & several others have left the show (Gerald, Director Morrow, etc)... are you worried that in this season or next season another main character will be killed off?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ I'm trying not to think about it, to be honest with you.
< Listening to music :)
v Which of the men do you think has the whole package?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ I'd have to say Gibbs. He's like this silver haired fox, super smart and so loving/caring!
< Watching Strong Medicine & redoing my myspace page.
v Who do you think dresses the best (man or woman)?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Tony ;)
< Watching a movie.
v What did you think about the ending of 'Bloodbath'?
over a year ago yay4wicked said…
^ If I am thinking of the right episode: awesome the way Abby defended herself. I think it is great how Abby always gets put in danger and manages to save herself about half the time. I kind of felt sorry for her ex though. I mean, he was creepy and stalkerish, but I think he actually cared.
v Who do you think would've been Eli David's favorite as a child: Ziva, Ari, or her little sister, Tali (sp?)
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
< I'm gonna say Tali, because even though we never saw her, he just never seemed to care the others. And yes, yay4wicked, you spelt Tali right.
< Watching videos on YouTube and doing picks.
v What is, in your opinion, the worst episode?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Hmm... I don't dislike any episodes to be honest but I guess if I had to choose I'd say Season 6 finale b/c of the way it ended & I had to wait foreverrrr to know what happened. But I don't dislike it. lol
< Watching NCIS!
v In "Boxed In" (just watched it for the millionth time this evening) who else loved all the Tivaesque action? (And who loves my word!? lol)
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I certainly did. I always love their time together, even when they're not so nice(because it makes for good television). And I also like your word, it has a certain ring to it. Haha
< Watching CSI:NY and responding to comments.
v Were you disappointed that they didn't show a new episode yesterday? I was.
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Thanks! lol I use it all the time. Everyone just shakes their head. haha

^ I absolutely was soooo sad when they didn't show a new episode Tuesday night. I mean I'm an addict & didn't have my fix so I was very down in the dumps. lol I'm really curious to as why they skipped an episode though.
< Working
v Do you think McGee has what it takes to be a team leader if given the chance?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
Here's an idea as to why they skipped an episode. They are doing Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes this season, so maybe they skipped one to match with the actual occasion? Because obviously Halloween is this week and we saw that episode last week? Just a thought :)

^ Before this season, I would've said no, but now I think he could.
< Watching videos on YouTube.
v Best moment from 'Lost and Found'?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Hmm... yes that is a thought. I'd still like them to let me know.. you know include me in those pertinent decisions! lol =]

^ Aww I love that episode! That kid Carson is adorable! So many great moments... maybe the part where Palmar & Carson are playing pictionary on that white board and Carson thinks its a playboy mansion & Palmer's like "A... A...'s a school, Carson...are you sure you don't know Tony DiNozzo?" That's priceless! Or when Tony thinks he's won back his high title & he spells it wrong... that's hilarious! ha!
< Working
v Best moment from "Last Man Standing"?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Tony's satellite call with McGee! It was funny when McGee said 'Don't be such a girl!' :)
< Just been to the dentist :(
v Do you think there will be any Tiva in the Thanksgiving or Christmas episodes?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Bad dentist visit? Feel better!

^ Hmm... I sure hope so! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and with everything that's happened it seems kind of fitting.
< Working.. super busy. Shouldn't even be on here. lol. Just a quick reply then back to my huge stack of stuff to do.
v Favorite flashback (ie: Gibbs seeing Shannon & Kelly, etc)?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
It was alright, I just don't like the dentist! Thank you :)

^ It will probably be Gibbs seeing Shannon as well :P
< Watching Goodnight Sweetheart :)
v Favourite guest star?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ What exactly constitutes a "guest star"? lol. I liked seeing Zac Efron on it b/c it totally surprised me.
< Working... still. Ugh!
v Do you notice yourself saying things the team says? (ie: On It Boss!... I said that to my boss earlier & he cracked up. I guess he watches NCIS too. lmao!)
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Haha, yeah all the time!
< Listening to music.
v Did you know that the episode 'Endgame' is gonna be about Vance? I got all excited because I thought 'Oh Tiva!'
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I know now. :D
< Watching NCIS(Undercover)and browsing around.
v When you first saw the beginning of the episode Undercover, what was your first reaction?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ I sort of knew the writers wouldn't just throw the characters into that sort of thing after 8 episodes, so I guess I guess I knew it was some kind of undercover operation :)
< Listening to music and ordering NCIS boxsets.
v Favourite part of 'About Face'?