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Blue85 posted on Aug 08, 2009 at 06:10AM
I've done this on other forums that I've been apart of so I thought I would try it on here. All you need to know is:

^ Answers the question.
< Tell what you're doing.
v Ask a new question.

V Who is your favorite couple on the show?

^ Tony and Ziva.
< Reading fanfiction and listening to music.
v Will you be watching NCIS:LA when it comes on?

The next person would answer that question, tell what they're doing and then ask a new question, and it would keep going from there.

NOTE:The questions do not have to be about NCIS. Ask whatever you want.
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over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ I'm for Gibbs all the way! I dislike Vance & I know that Gibbs could kick his butt! lol
< Watching Flash Forward & Reading the LA Times NCIS article over and over! =]
v What is 1 thing that you would say to the NCIS cast if you ever met them? (Besides how great the show is!)
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ "I love you guys, you're awesome." I'd say a lot more than that, but we could only say one thing and that was the first thing that popped into my head. :)
< Posting on here and the CdP spot.
v What do you like best about Palmer?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ His smile. When he smiles it just changes his whole character! =]
< Working
v If you could write an NCIS episode what would the plot line be? (ie: Cheating wife, murder-suicide, kidnapping, etc)
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I'm not sure but it would involve the team taking care of a baby or toddler, because I want to see more of their paternal/maternal sides. And when I say team, I mean everyone except Gibbs because we already know how he is with children.

< Watching NCIS on DVD.

v What would you hate to see happen this season?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ I would hate to see a crucial character die.
< Listening to music.
v If the team were to go away from the US again, where would you like to see them go?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Great idea Blue85! That would be a good episode! =]

^ Hmm... maybe the Caribbean or something.
< Working... been listening to NCIS cast interviews/bloopers/songs etc all day to make me work better. lol
v If NCIS I made a game (for any console; DS, X-box, etc) would you buy it? [[I would!!! And I'd have to buy the console to unless its DS.]]
over a year ago yay4wicked said…
^ No. What I love most about NCIS is the characters - their quirks, their development (any television show without character development is rubbish to me), and their interactions. None of that would work in a video game in my opinion.
< Thinking myself stupid for searching intently for the down arrow on my keyboard and then realizing it is, in fact, the letter "v"
v What character are you most like, or what combination of characters? (for instance, I am what would happen if McGee and Abby ever had a child. . . that is so accurate a description it is scary)
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over a year ago Blue85 said…
Thanks, NCIS_Addict_87. :)
And yay4wicked, don't think of yourself as being stupid, you're not the only one who has ever had trouble trying to figure it out.

^ A combination of Gibbs, Ziva and McGee.
< Getting my wardrobe and stuff together for my cousin's wedding tomorrow.
v Which two people would you not want to see get together on the show?
over a year ago yay4wicked said…
Aw thanks. :D I wish I had some Ziva mixed in my McGee and Abby :)
^ Gibbs and Abby or Gibbs and Ziva. They are like a crazily dysfunctional family (stealing from USA commercials), with Gibbs the father and with Ziva and Abby as daughters. Which, of course, would make those relationships just wrong.
< watching Chess: the concert.
v Okay, if the team is analogous to a family, which family member do you think Ducky represents?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Hmmm.... the quirky uncle maybe?
< Watching Law & Order: SVU
v Would you like to see a full length NCIS movie?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Oh yeah, it would be amazing! I can imagine it now!
< Listening to music.
v Do you think Ducky should find someone?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Idk... I kinda like him alone. He doesn't really seem any happier when he's had his few "dates", but if it would make him happier then yeah he should.
< Watching tv.
v Do you wonder what Abby was like growing up? (her character, not Pauley Perrette)
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ I've never thought about it, but now I wanna know! :P
< Watching Tiva and McAbby videos and making NCIS icons :)
v Who do you think will make the best parent? (Apart from Gibbs, we know he was good dad :)
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ I think any of them would make great parents, but if I had to choose just one person I'd have to say... Abby. She's so smart (street & book), emotional but serious & stable. I think she'd be an amazing mom.
< Watching ANTM & working on Tiva-esque pics/icons.
v If you had the choice (& Kate wasn't killed off) would you have Kate & Ziva work together or choose one or the other?
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I think it would be interesting to see them work together(and gang up on Tony, that would amuse me. :D
< Just got home from my cousin's wedding and going to go soak in the tub. The reception just about killed me.
v If Shannon and Kelly had lived, do you think they would have liked the team?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ Yes I do! I certainly think they would have been a vital part of the team "family" if they were still alive.
< Hitting the sheets soon.
v I heard that they were skipping the October 27 episode. Have you heard this?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Yeah, I have :(
< Listening to music and making icons :P
v Most heroic of the team?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Doesn't that suck? I wonder why they are skipping it? I'm gonna go crazyyyy!!

^ Hmm... although I'd say everyone on the team is heroic in some way I suppose I would say Gibbs is probably the most heroic. He is always there for any of the team members in any situation. He always comes to the rescue! =]
< Getting ready to go shopping.
v Do you think McGee will write (or have) another book featured in a future episode?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
Yeah it does! But at least there is a rerun! :D

^ I sure hope so! Maybe some 'Tommy and Lisa' developments will be in the offing? xD
< Watching a film.
v Are you excited that Michael Weatherly has a song on the new soundtrack? (I am!)
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over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ Yes I am. I can't wait to get it.
< Reading fanfictions.
v Why do you think Gibbs has had so many wives?
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
^ I think partly he keeps thinking he will find someone as special as Shannon & when he doesn't then obviously that has to be fixed.
< Watching tv, getting ready to shower.
v Do you have an absolute favorite episode that you could watch over & over & over?
over a year ago yay4wicked said…
^ Haha. Yeah. Good Cop Bad Cop, the last fifteen minutes. It is so emotional, especially the "you tell Eli David to stay away! She's off limits!" part. Also, I went on a trip the day after it aired and bought it off itunes and watched it a million times so I kind of got addicted.
<Doing homework, stressing. In fact, now that you mentioned it, I think I am going to go and watch the last fifteen minutes of Good Cop Bad Cop.
v If you had to choose between Ducky, Abby, and Gibbs leaving the show, who would you choose and why?
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over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Yay4wicked: Yes that part is so emotional & I love that part too!

^ Hmm... you are seriously gonna make me choose?? Gahhh! Well Gibbs is the glue who holds the team together & I LOVE Abby so unfortunately if I HAD to choose Ducky would go.
< On FB playing Jungle Jewels
v If you had to make Gibbs, Tony, Ziva or McGee director in place of Vance who would you choose?
over a year ago Blue85 said…
^ I'd have to say Ziva. She's been all over the world and has had to deal with a lot of authority figures and whatnot, so I think she would handle things better than the others would.
< Uploading new photos to my deviantART account.
v Who do you think has the prettiest eyes?
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ Tony, I could stare into them all day :)
< Checking my e-mails and watching a film.
v One episode that has really made you think?