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First Look!: Neil Patrick Harris' Latest Musical Triumph!


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Cinders said:
I loved this clip so much, I took the liberty of writing down the lyrics.

"He always has a sidekick
some Boy Wonder at his call.
His utility belt holds everything--
Can't find that at the mall!
The Batmobile is super fast,
there is no car that is surpassed.
Good thing we've got Arkham
'Cause he really drives us bats!

Drives us bats, drives us bats!
He really drives us bats bats bats!
He drives us bats!

Whether dancing the batusi,
or using an array of tools
he's always got the answers!
He makes us look like fools!
He's got no superpowers,
he's just a flying rat!
It’s a good thing we’ve got Arkham
'Cause he really drives us bats!

Drives us bats!
Worlds greatest detective!
Drives us bats!
Foiling every evil scheme!
He really drives us bats, bats bats
He drives us bats!

Even without shark repellent
He’s tougher than he seems
Other heroes often ask
Why is he always the top cat?"

And then there's some more "He drives us bats!" lines.
posted over a year ago.