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Review by Brickstorm2827 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Emerald Eyes on Amazon Books - Clever way the Author uses Neil Young's Music to turn a young man's life around after he lost his father during a tragic accident. After withdrawing himself an 8 year old 'Tommy Martin' reemerges years later, 'Tom Martin' is reborn as a teenager graduating high-school through Neil Young's Music. Tom's life regains meaning through friendship Music and the "Martin D-18" he purchases instead of a car. I wonder if Neil Young feels the same 'tuning fork' as Tom does in the book? In Neil's quest for perfection, I'm sure he must. Quite a twist at the end of the book, never saw that one coming. Much respect to Neil Young and his Music...
Highly recommend the Book - Emerald Eyes on Amazon Books.
Article by Rockthegarden posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Fans in Germany are planning a big Neil Young open air festival tribute this summer.

On August 20 and 21, 10 bands will party and pay tribute in Pößneck (Thuringa). Some of the finest Neil tribute bands in Germany like Eric Rust & The Never Sleeps band, Change Partners, Tino Standhaft, Andreas Schirneck, Helpless and Bozz Rockband (over 4 years in the top 10 of Neils "Songs Of The Time") will play. Also the legendary Monokel from East Germany and Neil Young's support band from the last year in Germany Wolfgang Michels. There will be a place to camp beside the festival for free.

All information about the festival (also with "bad English translations") on www.rock-the-garden.de. You can also listen to radiostream about the festival with music and small interviews from all bands.

If you have any questions contact: jensseverin@neil-young.info