Neopets The fastest way of gaining millions of Neopoints :)

Charlotte1208 posted on Oct 30, 2011 at 02:53PM
If you are short on Neopoints, check out
You can purchase 50,000 NP for only $0.40 and 1,000,000 NP for only $7.50.

There's a 100% moneyback guarantee on all Neopoints, Paint Brushes, Maps, Petpets, etc.
The website is PayPal approved and verified, so it is totally safe. And you will never be asked by the website to provide your password, so do not give it to anyone if they ask you for it.

Message me for big discounts on items :)
Fanpop members are V.I.Ps on NeopianBank.
Referring friends also earns you big discounts on NeopianBank.

You have no obligation to buy anything, just take a quick browse through the site if you want :)
If you are short on Neopoints, check out <a href="/site/go?url=">http://n

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over a year ago Ladyrainicorn said…
over a year ago Invader_Moss said…
That's stupid. I think BUYING neopoints is cheating.