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April 5th, 2026, The Imperial Palace, Stuggaria Empire, 12:34 P.M


"The Sōsa Seifuku?" Ivan said, reading a long list of documents presented by Alexander. "Interesting..." He said, flipping through the pages, staring at them intently as he straightened his glasses.

"Will you allow it to go through?" Alexander asked, donning his samurai armor as he looked at Ivan with an irritated look.

"Perhaps.." Ivan said, flipping through it before spitting into the plans, throwing it into a trash can in a disrespectful manner. "Perhaps if I was missing a chromosome, born under a fucking rock and raised in some sort of run down gook village!" Ivan said before chuckling a bit, shaking his head. "Get out of my office you clown. Von Bannisters have no place in here, especially the weak and stupid kind, which tend to be all of them." Ivan said before chuckling again. "Leave, now. Before I call my dog, Tiras, to mop you up." Ivan said, folding his hands across his crossed legs.

"You have one chance to pull that mission out of that trash can and sign it." Alexander said, narrowing his eyes at Ivan.

"Are you trying to strong arm me?" Ivan said, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Not me." Alexander said before whistling as Ganzorig walked into the room, donning his red armor, shutting and locking the door quickly.

"What the fuc-OOOMPH!" Ivan was quickly cut off as Ganzorig punched him so hard in the gut that he could practically feel it in his esophagus.

"Him." Alexander said, pointing at Ganzorig. "That's your boy, by the way."

"Y..Yesui?" Ivan said, seeing Ganzorig's mother very well through him.

"That's right, the woman you abandoned at my day of birth for some white whore." Ganzorig growled out, choking Ivan a bit. "Don't speak her name." He said as he tightened the grip. "You were never worthy of her." Ganzorig said as Ivan grabbed at Ganzorig's hand, trying to get it off as he felt his eyeballs bulge out of his head.

"Now now Ganzorig, let the man go a bit, he needs to speak." Alexander said as he waved his hand.

"Shame. I wanted to rip his tongue out." Ganzorig said, loosening the grip as Ivan coughed out hard a few times, trying to catch his breath as he looked at the two with hatred.

"W-What is it you want?" Ivan said as he coughed a few times, trying to be nice.

"To rape and kill your fucking daughter and to kill her like a slaughtered pi-" Ganzorig was quickly cut off by Alexander who put his hand over his mouth.

"Oh no no no." Alexander said before shaking his head. "None of that. No, just for you to sign off on the mission, Mr. Hong." Alexander said with a smile. "To test the strength of my division." He said as he twirled a pen inbetween his fingers, looking at Ivan. "Remember when I killed Silvia, Ivan?" Alexander said with a smirk. "When I cut her head off with a kitchen knife while she was still alive..and made you watch as I cut the eyes out..and the nose off before crushing the head under my boot?" Alexander said as he looked at Ivan. "Remember that, Fawkes?" He said, using the old name that he hated. "Ganzorig can do that to the new one, but much much worse." He said before shrugging. "Being the high commander won't save you, especially when we know about your little...secret, with the old leaders of the community." Alexander said with a grin, having his eyes narrow. "That's right...we know everything. Naveda?...Your Lieutenants child, right?" Alexander said before chuckling. "Damien Eulford..oh boy, imagine how Lucas would feel if he found out what happened to-"

"Enough!" Ivan said, snapping before Ganzorig punched him in the gut again, making Ivan cough before Ganzorig grabbed his hair, holding him up in the air with his hair.

"No more talk, white pig. Sign the papers and go resume your day." Ganzorig said as he put the papers in front of Ivan before dropping him in the chair. Ivan looked at Ganzorig with hatred before signing the papers, sighing. "Leave." Ivan said before shaking his head as Alexander took the paper with a smirk.

"Thank you old friend." Alexander said before patting Ivan's back twice before spitting on him. "Rot in hell." He said before leaving the room with Ganzorig, looking over at Tiras who was sitting in a chair, waiting for Ivan to give orders. "Hello Tiras." Alexander said to him.

"I do not know you personally, so a hello seems rather illogical." Tiras said before standing up, analyzing Alexander, figuring out who he was using the database before sitting back down.

Ivan left his office, going to the shower, irritated as hell before going into the bathroom, punching his fist in the mirror, hating he was at the mercy of Alexander now.

June 4th, 2026, Former country of Brazil, South America, 5:24 A.M

"With the The Sōsa Seifuku signed by Ivan Hong, the leader of the military, Alexander cooperated with the military police and imperial guard. The samurai division was to invade Brazil and take over the territory for Stuggaria with Tiras Casavante, a 'recon scout' in the military police and a paladin in the imperial guard overwatching operations as a highly classified military weapon to be used against the South American tribals if they did not submit. Alexander and his two lieutenants Ganzorig Zhou and Hiro Von Bannister departed this morning with their army of 5,000 Japanese samurai, ready to begin the siege." wrote Tiras in his journal, keeping a log of his first battle.


"Men, flank through the jungle. We don't know where they are." Alexander said in Japanese as he went through, holding out his katana as he looked through the trees, hearing ruffling that made him rather paranoid. A man suddenly appeared, holding a spear at Alexander before Ganzorig came out of nowhere, tearing his throat out before smushing it against his face as the other tribals left their bushes, scared of Ganzorig.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ganzorig screamed out, going into one of his episodes due to seeing Alexander threatened.

"Por favor, no me hagas daño!" Yelled one of the tribals before Ganzorig pulled their ponytail, forcing them onto the ground before stomping on his chest so hard that he collapsed their heart.

"Die!" Ganzorig said with a growl before turning his head back to the others, seeing Tiras run at a super human speed towards the retreating tribals.

"Stop running away." Tiras said in fluent spanish to the tribal who was running. "Where is your village." He asked.

"Fuck you!" The tribal said in response.

"Response registered. Quite unhelpful." Tiras said before pulling out kemono, lighting it ablaze as he swung his katana, slicing in half the tribal before starting a forest fire, making it spread rather quickly due to it's beast nature.

"You idiot!" Alexander yelled at Tiras, looking around. "Men, escape to the east!" Alexander said, leading his men through the forest, only getting them deeper though.

"Sir." Ganzorig said, looking around. "We're lost." He said, looking over at Alexander.

"Obviously we are Ganzorig. Tell me something I don't know." Alexander said with a vein popping out of his forehead.

"You're stressed." Ganzorig said with a blank expression

"Clearly!" Alexander yelled at Ganzorig, rubbing his head as he saw smoke rising from the direction they were heading, making him narrow his eyes. "What the fuck?.." He said quietly. "Head through men!" Alexander said, charging through the jungle. It only took about 20 minutes to get through before they saw the buildings burning with the villagers at their altar for the gods, tied up with Tiras executing them one by one after getting information. Alexander narrowed his eyes, just watching.

"Tell me, where is your leader?" Tiras asked a man.

"Oh blessed lords..please save me through your divine wills...please spare me the pain of this world.." The man said with tears streaming down his face. "Gods save me." He said with a sob.

"Your false gods will not save you from me. I am the godslayer." Tiras said as he put his pistol to the back of the mans head, shooting a hole in it, going one by one as he seemed to execute all the men, women and children before looking at Alexander. "Yes I have found no information, but, we do know this. There is a large kingdom here." Tiras said as a blinked a few times.

"You're a real butcher!" Ganzorig said with a chuckle, looking at all the dead people. "Good job doing that by yourself!" Ganzorig said, walking too close to Tiras, causing Tiras to shoot Ganzorig in the thigh, making him fall to his knee. "W-WHAT THE FUCK?!" Ganzorig screamed.

"Don't be illogical. I shot you in a fat filled region of your thigh. You'll be able to walk just fine in a few minutes." Tiras said as he put his pistol in it's holster.

"Still doesn't explain why you shot me, asshole!" Ganzorig yelled at Tiras.

"You were too close for comfortable levels." Tiras said as he helped Ganzorig get up, walking away quickly so he didn't get hit.

As the samurai bantered with Tiras and they set up camp for the night, Hiro walked over to his girlfriend, Mei, and put his fingers through her hair, smiling. "Holding up okay Mei?" Hiro said quietly.

"Yeah..just stressed.." Mei said quietly, laying her head on Hiro's shoulder. "It just seemed today was so rough.." She said as she looked over at Hiro. "You think we'll be okay, my Hiro?" She said with a smile.

"Yeah baby." Hiro said with a smile before kissing her forehead. "I'm your Hiro remember?" He said before giving her a goofy grin. "Even if you're in trouble, I'll save you." He said with a grin as he rubbed his nose against the top of her head, closing his eyes.

"You're so goofy." Mei said with a little giggle before turning around and kissing his cheek.

"Ah...and you're so cute." Hiro said in return before kissing her cheek back before wrapping his arms around her. "As long as we have each-other, we can get through anything." He said quietly in a loving tone as he rubbed her stomach.

"I hope so. We can't know...them, getting hurt." Mei said, referring to her tummy. She was pregnant after all.

"I won't allow either of you to have a finger laid on you. We're after tribals. It's not gonna take long." Hiro said before kissing her cheek, massaging her tummy as he hummed.
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The ragtag group of rebels looked onward as Simon stepped up to speak to the fat man in the mirror. Everything was riding on this. Whatever Simon says to the man would decide the fate of the entire rebellion. With just a few small words, they could be forced back to their lives of servitude, god only knew what kind of horrors they would do the humans.

As Simon closed the gap, the fat man smiled widely, showing only a thin pretense of what was really happening. He held all the cards, all that was to be decided now was whether the usurpers would be dealt with violently....or well...slightly less...
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