On Tuesday (April 12), after weeks of speculation, it was revealed that Nicki Minaj would be joining Britney Spears' upcoming Femme Fatale tour, replacing Enrique Iglesias, who dropped off the high-profile trek earlier this month.

It's a big look for Nicki, though, to some, her addition was a bit of a head-scratcher. After all, she's certainly not the traditional Britney opener, and with just one album (and some mixtapes) under her belt, it remains to be seen how Minaj's live show will translate to Spears' massive stage. Oh, and then there's the very legitimate question of whether the two artists' audiences are even aware of the other's existence.

Still, at this point, Minaj has done just about everything to prove those naysayers wrong — hit singles and platinum-plus albums tend to have that effect — and over the course of roughly three years, she's risen from street-DVD sensation to go-to guest star and, finally, to full-fledged pop sensation- and the Femme Fatale tour is proof.

So, as she prepares to head out on the road with Britney, let's take a look back at that transformation. Here are lyrics of Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday.