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nico di angelo
nico son of hades
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo
Hades' Cabin #13
in the underworld
King of Ghosts: Nico Di Angelo
The Children of the Big Three
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Hell yeah!!!!
The fans pick: Nico
The fans pick: Zeus
The fans pick: YEESSSS!!!! I <3 HIM!!!! :D:D:D <3<3<3
YEESSSS!!!! I < 3 HIM!!!!...
Nah... not really.... no...
The fans pick: or him
or  him
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CarissaK_B09 said …
Hey guys! So, tel me, is it true what people are saying about Nico? Is he gay? As a Hades daughter,consequently Nico's sister, I need to know it! Posted over a year ago
HermionePiper commented…
It's kind of hard to answer this without spoiling stuff... over a year ago
RobRae13 commented…
The ultimate spoiler of House of Hades (I apologize in advance if I spoiled it for anyone): Yes, he is gay. In House of Hades, Nico is forced to admit that he had a crush on Percy 11 months ago
emerald_32 commented…
Yeah, he had a crush on Percy. His gay side is more explored in Blood of Olympus tho. 8 days ago
sparklysparkles said …
nico is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY awesomer than parcy (in my opinion i mean percy is kinda a goody too shoes who always has to help his friend but nico is a BAD boy i like that) Posted over a year ago
daughterofAres1 said …
I seriously luv Nico Posted over a year ago
KatelynBrown commented…
Back off he's mine over a year ago
KatelynBrown commented…
LOL jk but if you kiss him you better sleep with your eyes open. I have someone in your cabin watching you over a year ago