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Hi all,
I am a third year psychology student conducting research into the reasons why people join or participate celebrity forums. I would be very grateful if any members of this site could spare the time to take part in my study. The link below will connect you to a yes/no personality questionnaire, all answers will of course remain completely confidential. If you would like to know your personality results I can e-mail these to you. Thanks.

I got extraversion: 18, psychoticism: 1O, neuroticism: 21, and lie scale: 2... What does that mean?
kelseygoesrawrr posted over a year ago
 psycstudent posted over a year ago
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Quinn3 said:
I did your quiz. I got lie scale: 6. neuroticism: 17. And I can't remember the rest...
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posted over a year ago 
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