The project is ready and commenced.
She quietly walks towards the royal entrance. 95%
She walks through the tall green grass as it tickles her feet.87%
She comes across a clearing next to a small pond where the moon is in full sight.75%
She raises her head up as if to breath in the fresh clean air.60%
She is found out by the princess whose suprise is followed by a dash of happiness.55%
The Female lynx explains to the princess as she reches down to feel the cool pond-water that she has only moments an will soon depart.40%
She tells the princess that she has wished all her life to be like her, aliving creature.32%
She tells of how she has always wanted to feel the wind in her face, to breath water, and to touch water.23%
Her time is short as she tells the Princess of how she has seen the stars so many times, but never noticed how beautiful they truly are until inside this unique form.15%
in her final words she tells the princess that she will always be there, But her time in this form is dying.10%
As she starts to dissapear back to the world of cyberspace she catches a glimphs of a single tear on the right eye of the princess.5%
This sadness will not last, but in it's place there will be boundries.2%
But untill that time She will always be STARGAZING.0%power.