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GiveUp And Settle

Disney Movies In Real Life

PokemonGo Honest Commercial

Honest University Commercial

Honest Airline Commercial

Nigahiga - Tuber

Darude - Sandstorm (Cover) by nigahiga

Lessons to learn from 2013

Whay does the fox say?

Truth about miley cyrus!

The Kendama Toy!

Candy Crush The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

6 Things I Hate About People On Twitter


Movies In Minutes - Chronicle

Nigahiga Bloopers

Nigahiga Speaking Hawaiian and Korean

Movies In Minutes - Final Destination


That Awkward Moment When

Dear Ryan - Epic Meal Time

Off the Pill- Feminist


Skitzo - Reunited

Bloopers: "Agents of Secret Stuff"

"Agents of Secret Stuff"

big booty bitches

Movies In Minutes - Facebook The Movie

Skitzo - Valentines Day

Skitzo - Despicable Me

Dear Ryan - Makeup Guru

I broke my Nexus One!

Dude vs. Wild - The Desert

I'm a Chingstah

My YouTube Story: Ryan Higa

Off The Pill - Bieber Fever

Off The Pill - Weird People

Romantic Valentines Day Story

Why Won't You Smile (Original)

Kids React to Nigahiga

Off The Pill - Rebecca Black (Friday)

Daily Life of NinjaHinja

Honk For Japan!

Royal Wedding Reaction Video


The iNavigator

The Announcement

Nice Guys

Shed a Tear

Daily Life of Rustin Hieber


BEST CREW - The Audition

Nigahiga - Braces!

Nigahiga - Rant on Comments

Nigahiga: Things I like

Nigahiga - Rant on Liars

Nigahiga - Munky Tag

NigaHiga - Mind Geek

Nigahiga - 5 Nigahiga Facts

Nigahiga - The Number 21

Nigahiga - Subliminal Messaging

Nigahiga - Violence

Nigahiga - Fergalicious

Nigahiga - Barbie Girl

Nigahiga - Promiscuous

Nigahiga - London Bridges

Nigahiga - Numa Numa

Nigahiga-Milk and Cereal

I'm Hardcore

Ryan higa and jay bum xD !BROMANCE!

2,000,000 subsribers

Dear Ryan- Defeating a Ninja

Dear Ryan- Superhero

How To Be Emo



the ryan higa show: helga

Off The Pill - 2009

Skitzo - The PSA

Skitzo - The Halloween Story

Skitzo - Introductions

Off The Pill - Nosy People

Off The Pill - Farts

Off The Pill - Stink People

Hook on Fonik

Ninja Melk

Ninja Melk Trailer

Ninja Melk Preview

Movies In Minutes - New Moon

Rant On Music (Remade)

Asians Hate You Miley Cyrus! - with Nigahiga & Community Channel (and SMOSH?!)

ASIANS OWN GAYS!!! - Ryan Higa is My B*tch!

Movies In Minutes - Saw 12

Tweet Whore

The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball

How to be Nerd (nigahiga)

How to be Gangster (nigahiga)

Movies In Minutes - Transformers: Revenge of the Household Objects

Rant on Korean Dramas