There is proof that Abby and Nigel care for one another. Or at least that's what I've heard.


Here's the proof:


Numbah 5 grabs Numbah 1 and starts pulling him out of the milk

Numbah 5 catches baby Numbah 1

(!!!FAV!!!)Numbah 5 won't rescue Weiona(? Someone out there actually get this girls name?!)when Numbah 4 tries to argue with her, but when she looks into baby Numbah 1's eyes, she suddenly has a 'change of heart'^-^


When they split up, Numbah 1 has Numbah 5 go with him


Numbah 5 doesn't look too happy to see Lizzie BEFORE Lizzie starts her fashion talk.


Numbah 5 knows that Numbah 1 doesn't get milkshake headaches.

Numbah 5 is the first one in to rescue Numbah 1.

Numbah 5 unties Numbah 1.

Numbah 5 grabs Numbah 1 out of the alley


Numbah 5 is first to run to Numbah 1's room(that's the second time she's run to 1's rescue first!)^_^


The only vampire Numbah 5 tries to reason with is Numbah 1.


Numbah 5 gives Numbah 1 her waterbottle

Thanks to Lexus!!!=D

Numbah 1 only calls Numbah 5 for help.

Numbah 5 helps Numbah 1 rescue Lizzie.


Numbah 5 worries about Numbah 1's health.

Numbah 5 spends the whole episode making sure Numbah 1 doesn't wake-up.


Numbah 5 goes all that way and fights the whole episode to get a candy for Numbah 1's b-day


Numbah 5 is obivously worried when they lose contact with Numbah 1.

Then I found 2 more.


Numbah one refuses to reveal to Cree, Abby's evil sister, Numbah 5's location.


Numbah one breaks into Abby's home to find her, probably thinking she was in trouble.

Numbah one swears to stay at her house and watch over her while she's ill.

Emial me if you find any more proof.