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Guide by hko2006 posted over a year ago
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Nightcore is the glorified term to describe the style of speeding up techno, dance, trance, hands up or hardcore songs, emerged in the mid 2000s[12] on YouTube. It is characterized by a tempo of between 160 and 180 beats per minute[13] with high-pitched vocal. It is originated by the Norwegian DJ duo of the same name back in 2002.[1][2]

Nightcore is described by the Norwegian DJ duo Nightcore, to “mix techno/dance music into faster and more happier sounds for your listening pleasure!”.[2][5] During the interview with SuperSuper Magazine, they also mentioned that “Nightcore has become a style of music, a way to make the music happier – ‘happy hardcore’ as they say."[4] Indicating nightcore is essentially to make music to be like happy hardcore music.