Everyone knows of the Pumpkin King who once stole Christmas, and ruined thousands of little kids sugar plum dreams. Well today hes gone from Pumpkin King to Pumpkin Father for after that Halloween night he got married to Sally the Rag Doll. Two years later he hath had a baby with the name of maria... You know what? Why don't we stop talking like i'm writing in the scriptures and talk normally. So well it hath.... I'm doing it again aren't I? Well sixteen years later, That is where the story began...

"Where's my tux,Honey?" Jack calls from his bedroom closet. "Yes dear?" Sally asked from the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. "Where's my tux? " Jack nervously asks. "I saw Maria with it in her room." Sally replies. "Again?!?!" Jack starts freaking out about having to go to the holiday meet in an hour in his pajamas again. Maria sat in the playroom watching corpse bride as he walks in the room. "Maria?" Maria looks up as Jack says her name. "Ya dad?" Maria asks impatiently. "Have you seen my tux anywhere?" Jack asks still as nervous as he was before. "Yes, and i'm using it." Maria says looking back at her work. "But, I need it now!" Jack tries to explain. "But, I'm using it right now." Maria tells her father. "Sally?" Jack calls while getting up. "Yes?" Sally replies. "Is there anything else I can where to the holiday meeting." "Would you be willing to wear your sandy claws outfit?" ""Sandy claws" is sitting right next to me sally." He said very annoyed. "What about your halloween costume?" "That will happen when they have it on a halloween sally." "Then, no, I have nothing." "Ugh" Jack sighs loudly. "Why are you so worried hun?" "Cuase I got so embarrassed last time I almost killed sandy claws. That'll ruin christmas for a LONG time." "I know that easily." "Dad?" Maria calls from the playroom. "Ya Maria?" Jack asks gloomily. "I'm done" Jack hopped up from his chair to go grab his outfit. "Thanks Maria. Sally, Love ya I got to go!" "Bye, Love ya!" Sally waves her hand as he goes out the door.

"Your late AGAIN Mr. Skellington." "Sorry sandy claws." Jack felt embarrassed for being late for the hundreth time. "I told you I'm santa cluase." "Yeah, and I tell you I'm Jack Skellington, but you STILL call me Mr.Skellington" "Look, a holiday fight!" Cupid shouts out. The room burst into luaghter. Jack felt so angry he stopped, stomped over to cupid, took all his arrows, and broke them all in half. Cupid burst into tears. Everyone get's up and looks at Jack. "He's a baby! He's supposed to cry!" "Oh just shut up!" Said Sandy... Imean , Santa Clause. Jack looks over at Santa in despair. "Sit" "Yes Mr. Cluase" Jack goes and sits in saddness. "I am sorry Mr. Skellington, but even in the holiday meetings we don't allow mischievous behaviour like the kind in yours." "I'm Jack... Not Mr. Skellington" Jack muttered to himself. "Did you say something Mr. Skellington?" "No..." Jack slumps lowwer in his chair. "So, in matter of business, we must discuss belief first. Mr. Skellington may you go first?" "Huh?" Jack had gotten so lost in saddness he hadn't heard a word Santa Clause said so far. "Beleif Mr. Skellington." Jack gets out his Itouch and goes to the beleif app. "%64 Mr. Clause." "Easter bunny?" The conversation went on and on while waiting for the statis report. "Mr. Skellington?" "Huh?" "I said statis Mr. Skellington" "Oh we finished early Mr. Clause." "No need to brag Mr. Skellington" "Just saying our statis" After that it was hours untell the meating was over. "Finally" Jack said as leaving the room "Mr. Skellington, I'm sorry, but we have to talk." The voice of santa cluase stopped him in his tracks. "Yes Mr. Cluase" Jack glumily steps back in the room. Jack sat down. "Mr. Skellington, I'm sorry to say this but we might have to cancel Halloween this year." "You can't do that!" Jack said, now with full attention. "Remember the last time you stopped halloween?" Santa cluase starred into blankness as the total caos filled his mind. "I know but with all this retched behavoir..." "You shouldn't have to go through that heck just because i have a bad day." "How was your day so bad, each time?" "My daughter, Maria, She steals my tuxedo..." "You mean that draedfull costume?" "I agree with you, but when you deal with halloween you have to blend in too." "So, Maria, is there anything else that she does that bothers you?" "Remember that time that I came in my pajamas?" "Yes?" "Well that's when she took my tux and ripped it." "Maybe Maria can come to Christmas town?" Santa suggested."Good idea..."

Jack got a ride from Santa home. Jack got out while Santa waited outside. "Sally, I need to tell you something." Sally was there in a flash. "Yes?" Jack whispered Santa clauses idea to Sally. Sally approved. "Maria?" Jack poked his head through the door. "Maria you've got a vacation" "To where?" "Come with me." Jack dragged maria to the front yard. "Sandy claws?" "Maria, Santa is willing to take you to his house for a bit, just for one halloween." "You meen I'm like a temporary elf?" Santa cluase nodded. "Sure, I'll go." Maria got in the car. "Just remember one thing, don't get to Santa Cluase's nuaghty list or yoiu'll be sorry." "Ok dad." Maria and Santa drove away. "How long again Sandy Claws?" "You'll be at my place tell next year." "Shouldn't I go home after Christmas?" "Christmas is at the end of the year" "oh"

A few hours later they ended up in christmas town."Here we are." Maria stares into the blank sky as snowflakes cover her body. "Aren't you a bit warm sandy claws?" "No, aren't you a bit cold?" "I'm used to cold weather." "Oh." "Sorry" They all stepped into the room as the winter chil came up Maria's shoulder. "Sandy claws? Is there a room for me?" "I think I have a room upstairs." "Thanks I'll go check." Maria went upstairs as her kitten (which i forgot to mension about) followed her upstairs. "Sandy Claws? There are two rooms up here." "First one" Maria stepped into the cold, dark, depressing room as her back tapped against her leg. She found the light switch and flipped it. The light brightened up the place and looked around. "It's completely empty." Santa came up as he saw the light. He grabbed his guest bed and gave it to her. "Nice it's a water bed" Maria set it down and bounced around. "Don't worry i brought alot." Maria slipped out of the room to go grab her stuff. She came back in the door covered in snow. She went upstairs. "I have more, this is all for now" She brought out a desk, laptop, book, and a bag of candy. "What's with the bag?" "I live in halloween town, why wouldn't we have candy?" "right..." Maria opened up her laptop and got on fanpop. She opened up the chat and noticed Jack was on. *Hi dad* she typed. *How's Christmas Town?* Jack typed back. *awesome* thought you'd hate it.* *No, it was so pretty I wouldn't be able to breathe. (if i had any breathe)* *Haha :D* The conversation went on and on when Santa came to check on Maria in her room. "Here's dinner Maria." Santa handed Maria the mashed potatoes and gravy. "Thanks." "What are you doing?" "Chatting with dad." "Ok." Santa left as Maria got back to her computer. *Dad, I'm gonna check my statis on you tube Ok? :3* *Kk* This went on tell about midnight and Maria turned off the computer. She lay in bed while she heard Santa checking his list twice. Maria finally fell asleep at about 3:00 in the morning.

When she woke up the next morning she noticed a note on her door. *Left early for the holiday meeting. Sorry I forgot to wake you up :(. Be back at 4:00 :3. -Santa* Maria took the note and put it on her desk. She left the room quietly for, really, no reason at all. She went to the living room and noticed it was colder then usualler. She looked out the window on the door. "Great. We're snowed in." Maria left the room to her computer and got on Fanpop to chat with Jack. Jack was on. She started the chat with a sentance. *I can't beleive it.* *What?* Jack typed in quickly. *I'm snowed in.* *Where's Santa.* *Sandy's in the holiday meeting and he left a note becuase he left SO early.* *Really? it's 3 in the afternoon :3* *Wha? O_O* *Didn't you check the clock?* *You do know I can'tell on holiday clocks -_-* *Right... G2G holiday meeting starting.* *Don't make Sandy come home swearing :3* *Haha :D bye :'(* *Bye bye :(* Maria exited out of fanpop and shut down the computer. "I can't beleive I didn't get to go." Maria's sad little face darkened the room. Santa Clause called right as her cat came in. "Hello?" Maria answered the phone. "Hi Maria. It's Santa. Sorry, I forgot to wake you up. Big mistake. Bye gotta go." Santa Clause hung up before Maria could speak. Maria put down the phone and went to grab another box. She remembered how the door was barried with snow but when she came to the door the door was cleared. She opened the door and noticed an elf working. "Thank you!" She shouted to the elf. "No problem Maria!" The elf shouted back. Every person in Christmas Town knew Maria because it was the first person from halloween in 18 years. Maria went to the car and grabbed another box. She lifterd it inside and set it in her room. "There it is!" She said as she pulled out her guitar. "I knew i grabbed the right box." She went looking and noticed something she needed wasn't in the box. "Where's my speakers? Hey theres a message from Sandy Claws on fanpop!" Maria looked at what it said. *hi :3 Sorry the meeting got longer by a certain someone. I know it's 4 i'll be there at 5 I promise :( Bye.* Maria sat down on her bed wishing Jack wouldn't be such an idiot. Maria already knew who it was when Santa said "Certain someone". She had always known Jack was a retard at these. She looked at her cat. Then her wall. Then her ceiling. "Things go wrong no matter where I am." Maria frowned as she said the words. She sat there in sadness as he heard the door bell ring. "Hello?" Maria said as she opened the door. "Hello. Where is Santa?" "Holiday meeting." "I need him to sign this." "Him or..." "Here sign it." Maria signed the paper quickly and took the box. "Thank you!" Maria sat the box in the kitchen and put a note. *Sandy Claws, This box was left for you and they had me sign it since you weren't home. I'm probably upstairs. If i'm not then either in the bathroom or by the car. :3 -Maria* Maria went upstairs and into her room. She went to you tube and noticed people commented on her Tiny Pplz video comics. *ZOMG I CAN'T STOP TYPING IN BIG LETTERS SINCE IT SO FUNNY!!!!!!* one said. To Maria it made absolutly no since, but she took it as a complement. She heard a car in the front. She looked out the window to see Santa's car. I think I forgot to tell you that Santa has two cars, ok? Maria went outside to greet Santa.

Santa came inside with her as she came in with obviously. "Sandy Claws?" "Yes?" "Do you have some Christmas songs i can put on my computer?" "Yes" Santa handed her a Christmas disc and she ran upstairs to get it on her computer. Maria noticed something in the box she forgot. She pulled out her journal and just to make sure, looked through the whole thing. *date:12/24/1996 subject: Just birth entry: This is Jack writing in your new journal Maria. Right now you were just born. Since you probably don't know when Christmas is, you better at least know the day before christmas (Date at top :) ) Is your birth day so your birth day is Christmas eve :3. Bye. :D* Maria read. Maria read from top to bottom of hundreds of pages of her diary. All of them written by Jack by the way. Maria read a page she had never read before. *Date: 10/30/2002 subject: new arrival entry: Ok so it's your 5th Halloween. Yes, your six, but you were born after Halloween. So let's just say you had an accident, and most parents would be terrified, but not me. I'm sorry. I'm the person who wants a ddead daughter. Yes your dead. You weren't born dead. You were born alive. All I can write now! Bye! * Maria stared at the paper as she thought of all the times she asked. "Daddy, was I born dead?" "Yes." "Ok." Maria knew Jack had lied to her time and time again. She stared at the book frustrated. "Maria?" Santa called from downstairs wondering why it was so quiet. Maria didn't hear santa in all her frustration. Santa came upstairs worried. "Maria?" Santa said as he walked into the room. Maria looked up. "Yes?" "Well, it was so quiet..." Santa left the room as she got to the next blank page. *Date: Frustrated so not putting down. Subject: Maria's first entry. Entry: So as you all know dad is the only one writing in my journal. Well, now it's my turn. I'm pretty darn frustrated. I was reading this and found out dad was lieing to me! AAAAGH! i'm gonna think about this later Bye!* Maria put the book back down and put up her laptop.

She opened up fanpop, and like usual, Jack was on. She brang up the chat. *You lied to me >:(* *What? what the crap did I lie about.* *Me being dead.* *I should've expected this...* *Bye I'm real mad >:(* Maria shut the computer before Jack could type bye. Santa came up to check on her and left before Maria saw him. Maria just sat in bed and pulled up her laptop again. She typed in the url tab *Youtube.com* She searched *Oogies revenge* and found the songs to calm her nerves. She sat in bed listening to the songs as she calmed down. She fell asleep as it started snowing at about midnight. She woke up to a newly covered field. The town had been blanketed with new snow. Maria went outside to feel the winter breeze. She stood as it swept through her short hair and saw all the little elfs excape the decorated house and dive into the snow. She had never actually played in the snow before. She tried taking a handful of snow and crushing it into a ball."Now what to do with it?" She saw an elf throw a snowball at another elf and so she took one and through it hardly at an elf across the street. She dived and hid behind the car. So that no one would see her she built a fort out of snow. She had had alot practice with forts, so this one was a castle. as in huge. She hit any elf that came near. After hours of fun she finally started freezing up.

She came inside and sat by the fire for a few more hours tell lunch. Santa came near maria. "Lunch?" "I'm not hungry." Maria answered and left the room. She went in her room and sat. She went outside to feel the winter breeze, again. "Wow, I didn' know any world could ge this cold." She ran upstairs and teared her room apart, looking for a singlt sweater. Well, of course, she was from halloween town, where mainly everybody was used to the cold. You guessed it, they had no sweaters. Yeah, maria actually wen to Santa for help. "Sandy Claws?" "Maria! Sorry, you suprised me." "Do you have any sweaters that would fit me?" "Sorry, actually, no." "Oh." Maria went upstairs in despair and sat in her room. She lay down and staired at the ceiling. "Why does the best always have to turn to the worst?"