Having known him a mere two months, ever since I met Nate, my life has felt happier. Having attracted countless stalkers in a short period of time, Nate holds the prestigious prize of "Best Newbie ever," aswell as being so fudging pervy that withint 20 minutes of knowing him, I made a bet that he couldn't be a perv for an entire day.

I lost.

Immediately link by the ussually bitchy OTH community, Nate lurked around the OTH chat, eventually starting a revolution. The Pinja spot. The rest is history.

Why so many people get on with him, I'll never know. Maybe because he's one of the few who don't immediately go hang out with the BL/LPers. Maybe because we wanted an internet male friend who wasn't as queer as a three dollar bill. Maybe we were just bored. But all I know is he's a hoot to talk to and whenever you're feeling down, he's always there to offer a huggle or show you a cute little ducky...

Even though he doesn't know who Bob Dylan is [you complete tard] and for some reason he's scarred of birds [not link though] we love this dude. Cause he's a duuuuuuuuude!

And on that note, we should end this with the gift of MUSIC!
Nate, you're the one [for Kelsie... not me. That'd be freaky]
You make Pinja time lots of fun
We're awfully fond of youuuuuuuuuuu