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Article by Bdavisbrookeme posted over a year ago
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I was bored =/ I tried to put just the people that I see around most as opposed to people that only pop in every now and then so if I didn’t put you in it, I’m sorry

LPers, BLers gather here
And maybe we all could use a beer
But let’s make one thing very clear
Stalkers and shit talkers get kicked to the rear
Pinjas are the one thing you should fear
You’ll cry and your make-up will smear
Might want to look in the mirror before you decide to judge, my dear
Newbies come and newbies go but in the end we laugh cause you’re all queer
Just remember your not all welcome near
The epicness that is us so leave before we diss you severe
Oh and don’t forget your headgear when you do your fucking loser cheer

Sarah with her sarcastic slurs
Leaves you quivering with your mind drawing constant blurs

Alice with her debating wit
Bet your fucking ass it’s legit

Opinion by 1treehillfan posted over a year ago
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I hate doing these since they have nothing to do with the spot, but after a month of being AWOL I figured I pretty much had no choice.

So, here it goes.

Dear friends (and people who aren't my friends, please you creepy stalkers GTFO nobody likes you and this is serious and emotional and its already embarassing enough already so stop making it worse serioously you freaks),
Sorry I've been gone for like ever.
Truth be told, I've been having some serious friend and family issues, and I have to be honest with you; I never really felt like coming on to talk to anybody.
I'd come on every once and a while but that was really it.
I'm not going to publically display all of my "issues" but they weren't the best moments of my life.
But thats not really why I made this. I didn't mean for me to moan and groan about how terrible my life is.
Believe me, I do not deserve a pat on the back.
You guys are WAY too nice to me :D

Opinion by ritergrl posted over a year ago
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1. YOU WON! How do you feel?
I did! =D
I feel amazing and SO happy that people think I deserve this for some reason. =’] <3
Honestly, it’s all your fault guys. I would never have anyone to talk to/make picks about if it wasn’t for all the Pinjas overall awesomeness.

2. What would you say the secret to your Pinja success is?
Oh well. Since you asked so nicely, I will tell everybody the key to my success. xD
The truth is that I hire stalkers and make them bitch about us when I’m around. Then I’m always present when the drama happens. =P
Nahh, there’s really no secret. I’m just myself, and luckily for me, you guys like loosers who can’t spell loser. XD

3. Pinja for president campaign! You've been chosen to do a speech that will hopefully, give us dictatorship of the country! How does it go:
[Oh God, this will suck. xD]
Hello fellows citizens of the world! We are the pinjas.