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3DS eShop - Update

Article by MisterH posted over a year ago
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Netflix info, new trailers for DSiWare, rate games, user-friendly credit card solution being considered
- TG16 and Game Gear games coming at a later date
- Excitebike will be available for free for a month
- after that month, the game will cost $5.99
- eShop categories at launch: "Staff pick of the week," "Two player games," "Mario games," and "Games that start with W."
- when available, the Netflix application will appear in your main menu
- no 3D movies from Netflix
- Nintendo still pursuing their own 3D video delivery service
- visit a products website (like Popcap) through the embedded web browser from the specific game's info
- over 400 trailers created for all the DSiWare titles for the eShop
- bookmark games to a personal wishlist
- Nintendo looking into making the purchasing process (putting in your credit card each time) more user friendly
- rate every game for the 3DS, both physical and downloadable games
- anonymously assign star ratings and pre-selected messages such as "This is good."
- can't rate any game at all until you've played it for at least an hour
- main menu features news, recent arrivals (containing the last 20 games to hit the service), Charts (displays the most popular/most downloaded titles), a more advanced search feature, your wishlist, rate games and adding funds
- all categories also available through a dropdown menu for easier access
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