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esprocks posted on Dec 07, 2007 at 09:28PM
Having trouble finding a Wii? It seems like they only send about 3 a week to the US, good luck. The best place to find a Wii and products is ebay. The sellers had to do the work of finding the stuff, and it's all in one place for us.
I have a website ( that is linked to ebay, and I have already sorted and categrized everything to make it easier than trudging through ebay listings. Check it out if you want. If you have any suggestions, let me know in a post. Have fun on the Wii.

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over a year ago Mario93 said…
Dudes, places like Gamestop sometimes don't display them, but ask anyway. Thats how I got my Wii.
over a year ago king_pengu said…
well dudes i live in australia and wii stuff is everywhere
over a year ago Snowyowl1028 said…
check craigslist you can get a lot of wii related stuff for good prices there if you are okay with it being used thats how i got my wii