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kaila144 said …
Nitro circus is awesome!!!! Posted over a year ago
GearGirl666 said …
I love the ep. where they tell you how Streetbike Tommy got his name. It was HILARIOUS! Posted over a year ago
20040618 commented… over a year ago
tooch said …
Nitro Circus Live was amazing last night! These guys are so talented! And I also got to meet Jolene, Streetbike Tommy, Lyn-Z Pastrana and Special Greg! Such a great night. A big highlight for me was seeing Wheelz land his front flip! :) Posted over a year ago
20040618 commented…' over a year ago
-nitro-babe- said …
Who got to meet streetbike Tommy on the live tour in Melbourne WITHOUT A VIP PASS?! ME! I also got to meet Jolene aka 'nitro girl' and the absolute maniac himself TRAVIS PATRANA! Always be nice to security guards =) Posted over a year ago
20040618 commented… over a year ago
coolmadman said …
do you have a girl friend yet i am your biggest fan plz come to new zealand again and plz come to timaru and meet your biggest fan me!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Dokusland said …
Do you like Viva La Bam, Wildboyz and Jackass? Then you'd love "Dokusland", a new Dutch youtube show. Posted over a year ago