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GabsSaw said …
I finally graduated from Middle school today! But summer's not going to be much fun because mom's making me study math! Posted over a year ago
GabsSaw commented…
I was wrong, she's not making me study math. I have to go to Campo Verde's Coyote Strength Camp Instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over a year ago
jackl said …
we had a rebellion against the science teacher and he was like: if you dont do it you will end up as a garbo or something. mean to garbos much Posted over a year ago
Pucca83 said …
I'm actually doing my homework right nowQ_Q And it's the holidays! My fam is on the wii and i'm stuck up in my room everyday doing my homework=( The holidays are for relaxing, not writing about the kings or whatever your doing. My class started rebelling the other day.... the teach was like "but you gotta know what your learning or you'll end up like a garbage man". Posted over a year ago