THESTAR Profile ~ Aron's Profile

NU’EST Aron, “The members chose me as the one with #1 looks within the group”

NU’EST’s passionate oldest hyung Aron, who sings about a painful love story while showing off a dramatic performance through an emotional music in NU’EST’s second mini album ‘Hello’.

Born on the 21st of May, 1993, oldest hyung Aron who was the very first one to enter his 20s in NU’EST, has a personality full of playfulness and reliability, makes him the member with overflowing charms in terms of both beauty and talent. On this day the majority of NU’EST, after finishing an interview with The Star, NU’EST chose Aron as the member with the best facial features. Minhyun and Ren went on saying “Aron hyung is really handsome”. “I think he’s the handsomest in real life” making the whole atmosphere seem warm.

Name: Kwak Young Min/Aaron Kwak

Blood Type: A type

Academy Summary: Hancook Park Elementary School - John Burroughs Middle School - Loyola High School

Mother's precognitive dream: I don't know

Personality: Kind = hearted and has a lot of aegyo

Hobby/Specialty: Golf, Swimming, Basket

Ideal Type: A pure girl who looks pretty when she smile

Celebrities I'm close to: BTOB Peniel, Ailee

Favorite Food: I like all

Dish I can cook well: I can cook all dishes well

Favorite Music: R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop

Favorite Movie: The Guardian

Favorite Nickname: Arong, Ron

A habit I do often: I don't have any

Things I collect: I don't have any

Usual fashion style: Simple

Motto: I don't have any

Rank the members in the term of looks and the reasons:
1st - Aron,
2nd - Minhyun
3rd - JR
4th - Ren
5th - Baekho
(It's just...)

This is the question fans asked through THESTAR's Me2Day:
When will you come to visit fans who live overseas?

Star's Reply: Soon! Please wait for a little bit more^^