Nyan Cat landed on a cold, hard sidewalk in a large city.
"Where am I?" He meowed, walking around with his poptart. Suddenly, he remembered the states in the U.S., which Earl had made him memorize. Suddenly, the word came to his mind. Big city, lots of skyscrapers, most population of humans in the U.S., he thought. New York!
He dodged all of the heavy, large feet of the humans as they walked by, and ran into an empty alley. "This is what New York is?" Nyan Cat meowed to himslef. "This looks like a horrible way to live. I've got to find a good place to live!"
He started to run, and then with another loud "Nyan!" He activated his Space-Travel-Rainbow-Butt-O'matic, and flew into the air at the speed of light.

Next, he landed in Auckland, New Zealand. He was inside a small house, slightly similar to Earl's small home. The walls were painted with Unicorns and other things, half which he could not explain. He licked the breading of his poptart, and then started walking around.
Suddenly, a girl in a crazy costume appeared from a different room. She stopped in front of Nyan Cat, leaning down.
"Hello little poptart cat," She started. "I am Lady Gaga. Would you like to listen to my music?" Nyan Cat was amazed. "Nyan nyan?" He meowed, referring to music.
"Yes, I make music," Lady Gaga said. "I can also speak Nyan language!" She smiled and petted Nyan Cat's poptart.
Suddenly, music started, and an upbeat song flowed through the room. "Ra ra ra ra raa! Roma, Romama! Gaga, ooh lala! Want your bad romance." Lady Gaga sang.
"This is one of my first songs!" She said. She danced around the room, and Nyan Cat jumped onto a couch in the corner of the room and watched her.

"And one of my newest songs is Electric Chapel." Lady Gaga explained.
"Nyan!" Nyan Cat purred. I bet I could live here, He thought. Live with Gaga, and be relaxed. He purred and curled next to Lady Gaga.
"Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan," Nyan Cat began to meow. "Nyan nyan nyan nyan?"
"Of course you can live with me!" Lady Gaga exclaimed, hugging Nyan Cat. "You can be my new muse. Just think! Lady Gaga's new album, Nyan Cat."
Nyan Cat purred. Now all I have to do is live here and think of how i'll spend my life. He curled into his poptart and slept.