hello there
ON utapau general grievous said to seperistist to go to mustafar so they can be safe nute gunray said its not safe because it's volcanic plant he has plans to keep them safe.

Obi wan saw grievous and then jumps down and said hello there grievous said to obi wan he is a bold one 4 megnagaurds went to obi wan Kenobi obi wan crush 3 megnagaurds and slice megnagaurds general grievous wants droids to not kill him and fight obi wan by himself obi wan Kenobi said your move general grievous said he trained jedi arts by count dooku then said attack Kenobi while the fight against general grievous obi wan Kenobi slice 2 arms of general grievous obi wan Kenobi look down and see droids are killing his troopers general grievous said he's losing the battle obi wan Kenobi said Oh I don't think so and force push grievous

General grievous walked like a spider and went on the wheel bike
Obi wan Kenobi saw it then jumps down general grievous ran into troopers obi wan whistles for boga then theres a chase obi wan Kenobi and general grievous hold electronic staff

Obi wan Kenobi and general grievous fell off obi wan Kenobi has electro staff and general grievous has his blaster then his blaster was almost at the ledge there was a hand to hand battle when obi wan Kenobi tries to grievous he hurt himself in a leg general grievous threw obi wan Kenobi into ledge general grievous has the electrio staff obi wan Kenobi use the force and holds general grievous' blaster he shot 1 into grievous's gut sack then 2 then 3 then 4 and then 5 he was exploded obi wan Kenobi won and said so uncivilized.
Oh I don't think so
so uncivilized