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Nick Magazine's official re-launch is finally coming!  DDD1988Redux 0 1268 over a year ago
Nick a-z  jackluva06 15 2742 over a year ago
I made a sweet score at the thrift store today!  Calvin-Williams 1 1911 over a year ago
"When you were a kid" short  SchattenmannCN 0 3060 over a year ago
What's your favorite "Old School Nickelodeon" Show?  cressida 104 40662 over a year ago
Looking for a specific old SNICK clip  TaldenUSA 2 3375 over a year ago
Help with the name of a show?  iamafever 0 1344 over a year ago
Drake and Josh rp!  musicgirl68 1 3803 over a year ago
Trying to find an old school Nick short  Grahamm 1 4053 over a year ago
Invader Zim  Aquarius18 0 714 over a year ago
Nickelodeon MS Paint Art  braingoop 0 6455 over a year ago
90's shows move to primetime  DaaaBulls 0 926 over a year ago
Kenan & Kel Season 1 DVD Set  kablam154 3 17415 over a year ago
I Want My Old Nickelodeon Back (rap)  allendale 1 1426 over a year ago
Someone Help!  leedewsnap 1 879 over a year ago
Looking for the name of this movie  Anakerie 0 1087 over a year ago
Anyone help me with name of this cartoon?  Powpow 0 1682 over a year ago
ICarly  ddboy29 5 1339 over a year ago
The silver chick who could morph into all kinds of things...  Willywally5 2 1465 over a year ago
I have a question for old school nick fans  Aussie_Koala 15 2497 over a year ago
Old School Nick Group  LaSirenofEire 0 558 over a year ago
Just Saying...  Steph462 1 717 over a year ago
Stick Stickley on the set of Alex Mack  keithp 0 937 over a year ago
Can't remember this show's name  butkus1 1 642 over a year ago
what would you do rap  whatyoudo 0 1096 over a year ago
Nickelodeon's Kablam! Episodes  kablam154 3 12291 over a year ago
SNICK ONLINE!  mermaid-murder 1 2000 over a year ago
what was your favorite old school nick show episode?  sid3000 6 938 over a year ago
Old Nickelodeon Commericial/Promo  oldschoolhokie 0 462 over a year ago
Nickelodeon Forums  adam12345 0 673 over a year ago
Can someone?  Wakko11 0 614 over a year ago
Do you remember...  Airbender4823 5 951 over a year ago
Who else feels old.  Gothchloeluthor 3 541 over a year ago
Family GUTS  LegendaryJoey 1 505 over a year ago
Figure It Out:Family Style Episodes  kablam154 0 3767 over a year ago
Help! I can't think of the name of my favorite OLD SCHOOL show!  angkt313 1 1085 over a year ago
New TV channel to host Old Nick shows?!  GhastlyGrinner 8 7847 over a year ago
The N  luv2dants1 0 742 over a year ago
HELP! I'M STUCK IN THE 90'S!  ludachris2213 5 1087 over a year ago
Does anyone remember the orginal snick line up?  megloveskyle 3 5079 over a year ago
You Can't Do That on Television - Christmas episode  rushx 0 474 over a year ago
Marc Summers' Magical Mystery Tour  pumaspeedcat 0 2046 over a year ago
Old show involving kid inventors  fishman115 1 3989 over a year ago
New Kenan & Kep Episodes Uploaded  omgyjya 0 758 over a year ago
The Legends of the Hidden Temple Spot  evdogg87 1 388 over a year ago
Additions to the Original SNICK  cressida 2 1467 over a year ago
Videos that are processing...  megloveskyle 2 542 over a year ago
THE DOORS SPOT!  megloveskyle 0 511 over a year ago