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Fan fiction by svu_luver posted over a year ago
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Olivia set at her desk with a cold case in her hands, not really reading it though she was kinda in her own world, she peeked up at the clock 12:50 a.m. She thought about going home but why? There was really no one there for her, so she just sat in the empty squadroom listening to the tick-tock of the clock. Her beeper went off but she ignored it...she was deep in thought. Olivia was ,of course, depressed with everything that had happened throughout her life but especilly these past 6 months. She just wanted it all to end. Slowly she walked to the window and thought to herself for a moment...she slowly opened the window...

"Hey, El what's going on?"She said ,standing at the open window, as her partner and a couple other officers got out of a car and walked toward the entrance.Elliot did not look like himself. No one paid Liv any mind.

As he got out of the elevator Elliot broke down into tears just as the rest of the Specials Victims Unit emerged from the elevator.Olivia looked slowly at the rest of the Unit they all looked as if they'd been crying.