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The fans pick: Maybe
The fans pick: Regina ("The Stable Boy")
Regina (&# 34; The Stable Boy&# 34;)
Rumple (&# 34; Desperate Souls&# 34;)
4. Cora says goodbye to Regina...
9. Neal dies
The fans pick: Rumplestilskin
Rumplest- ilskin
The fans pick: lilyZ
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KataraLover said …
Hey guys, since Once Upon A Time is coming back on September 25, which is just a month away, I have a question to ask concerning the club's new look. When do you guys think would be a good time to start the contests for the new club banner, icon, and background? I know for the banner we have to wait for screencaps of the main cast in season 6, but how long do we wait on that? Do we give people 3-5 weeks after the season premiere to make the banner? *continues to type in comments* Posted 9 days ago
KataraLover commented…
Do we wanna start the icon and the background contest before we do the banner or do them at the same time? After all, we'll need screencaps of the characters in season 6 and it'll probably take people a while to make their own banner. But it also does take a while for the banner to change, so the club might not match the current season theme for most of the first 11 episodes (Usually how long these story arks are). What do you guys think? 9 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
I would say that the best idea would be to wait 4 weeks like you thought. 4 Weeks is a nice in between; that way we have more images to work with and a better idea on what fits the theme. And I think the banner/icon should be done first to make sure everything looks good together. 4 days ago
big smile
FlightofFantasy said …
YAY Karen David has been cast as Jasmine! Loved her on Galavant, miss that show so much, so I'm so glad she'll be returning to our screens in another fairy tale show! :D
Although I don't know why they recast Jafar when they already had him on OUATIW. Why not just get Naveen Andrews to come back? Posted 29 days ago
coolsinger198 commented…
He is currently working on another show. 29 days ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
Oh okay, I suppose that makes sense. 28 days ago
kristenfan10109 said …
I'm excited for the new season of OUAT but what I don't understand is why they're adding Jafar again when they already did a segment about him OUAT in Wonderland if anyone knows why would you please care to explain because it doesn't make any sense to me. Posted 1 month ago