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OUAT - Anna and Elsa
Icy Regina Icon
Lana At Comic Con
Lana At Comic Con
TVD meets OUAT ♥
S4 SDCC Spoiler Pics
S4 SDCC Spoiler Pics
S4 SDCC Spoiler Pics
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The fans pick: I believe Regina is his soumate.
I believe Regina is his soumate.
I don't know... But maybe we don't always end up with our soulmate....
The fans pick: 1. Ruby
1. Ruby
4. Tamara
The fans pick: Snow White
Snow White
The fans pick: 2. Ruth
2. Ruth
3. Eva
The fans pick: Geppeto
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Once Upon A Time Wall

Fieryrubes said …
So it's reported that there is a flashback with Charming before he was a prince, Ruth, Anna and Bo Peep. Who's next, Humpty Dumpty? Posted 2 hours ago
Alchemistlover commented…
Lol I'm surprised they haven't dome Goldilocks and made her a psychotic murderess . It'll be cool seeing pre Prince Charming again. It's funny you say Humpty Dumpty Lana herself made a joke about that in an interview "ooh it's Humpty Dumpty he's coming for us dun dun dun" XD 1 minute ago
Alchemistlover said …
I saw Meghan Ory in a hallmark movie last night called "memory book" it was corny and I only watched it for her but I enjoyed seeing Meghan again!! Hopefully Ruby will come back a bit more this season Posted 1 day ago
Fieryrubes commented…
She said she hoped to be back more :) 23 hours ago
MariLena16 said …
Difference between True Love & Soulmates

Edward: True Love is when you truly love somebody & Soulmate is the idea that there's only 1 person for you & i think in our show we learned that happy endings are what we expect. & so even though you love somebody, if that doesn't work out it's ok to love again. Posted 1 day ago
MariLena16 commented…
Adam: And i think with both True Love & Soulmates there are things that you can work & you can find them. There is always hope for finding what you think is True Love or Soulmate. - by ComicCon 1 day ago