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Once Upon A Time Wall

Persephone713 said …
I know Bae/Neal is gone but AM I the ONLY Swanfire shipper still alive out there.?? Just asking. Cause I still love Emma and Neal more than Emma and Hook I have to say. I just watched all the episodes with them together and I couldnt get enough of Swanfire!'s hoping Im not alone. Posted 1 day ago
MultifandomLuvr commented…
your not alone, I'd rather Neal be alive and with Emma but I'm not against her with Hook either in the end he wanted her happy. 14 hours ago
MariLena16 commented…
I'm with you!!!! I miss Neal & Swanfire so much. They shouldn't have killed him....So unfair..... 4 hours ago
Alexa1996 said …
The new season of Once upon a time needs to get here faster im tired of waiting Posted 11 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Right lol 11 days ago
Persephone713 commented…
I only watched parts of season four, The whole frozen thing seemed like they jumped the shark adding in Frozen- I hear about it all over. So It wasnt the best season in my opinion. Hopefully better storylines will come. I still enjoyed it, I just enjoyed other seasons more 9 days ago
Alexa1996 commented…
I agree hopefully this season is way better 9 days ago
YannCookie said …
Wow, I gotta lot of catching up to do, not seen much of OUAT since Pan died. :O Posted 13 days ago