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If she adopted a second kid she'd be too lenient with him/her to avoid what happe
She had a mess of nightmares about the first heart she crushed
The fans pick: Snow White
Snow White
The fans pick: Hero: Regina
Hero: Regina
Villain: Cora
The fans pick: Snow White
Snow White
The fans pick: Snow White and Charming
Snow White and Charming
Alice and Cyrus
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Elsafrost11 said …
My favorite characters are Elsa, Hook, and Regina!! I think that everyone on the banner should have a better picture! Mostly Regina, Elsa, Hook (Because he has way cuter pictures!), Charming, and maybe Snow White. Posted 9 days ago
Fieryrubes said …
Love my new icon thanks to Sakkara98! Posted 12 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
love it! 9 days ago
Fieryrubes said …
Hey guys! So I'm meeting Victoria/Cruella (again) in August and I'm making a letter/collage thing of why the fans love her and her character. I know that a lot of you on here love her so if you have anything you'd like me to put, just inbox me with a little message for her, explaining why you love her, and your full name so they know who it's from. I'll also be asking people from twitter to participate too. Posted 17 days ago