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FlightofFantasy said …
YAY Karen David has been cast as Jasmine! Loved her on Galavant, miss that show so much, so I'm so glad she'll be returning to our screens in another fairy tale show! :D
Although I don't know why they recast Jafar when they already had him on OUATIW. Why not just get Naveen Andrews to come back? Posted 3 days ago
coolsinger198 commented…
He is currently working on another show. 2 days ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
Oh okay, I suppose that makes sense. 2 days ago
kristenfan10109 said …
I'm excited for the new season of OUAT but what I don't understand is why they're adding Jafar again when they already did a segment about him OUAT in Wonderland if anyone knows why would you please care to explain because it doesn't make any sense to me. Posted 5 days ago
coolsinger198 said …
This is a quick question guys. How old is Regina? And Zelena? Because Regin was born in 1937 and Snow in 1956. that makes Regina 19 years older than Snow. emma was born in 1983, making Snow 27 when Emma was born, and making REgina 46 when the cure was enacted. And since Zelena was born in 1935, two years before Regina, Zelena would be 48 when the curse was enacted. Is this information wrong or right? Can anyone tell me? And if it is how is this possible? They look younger. Posted 10 days ago
coolsinger198 commented…
*Regina 10 days ago