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Lana Parrilla Season 4 Promo Shoot
Lana Parrilla Season 4 Promo Shoot
Lana Parrilla Season 4 Photo Shoot
Regina and Emma
Regina and Emma
Regina and Emma
Regina and Emma
Regina and Emma
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The fans pick: Lana Parrilla
Lana Parrilla
Rose McGowan
The fans pick: Her to find out and get angry/leave him.
Her to find out and get angry/leave him.
Him to tell her and her to forgive him.
The fans pick: Anna
The fans pick: Cora/Regina/Zelena
The fans pick: regina/graham
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Once Upon A Time Wall

Fieryrubes said …
One thing I don't understand: In the doctor Regina says Daniel was going to the place where he last saw her, which was of course the stables, as he died there and she also compared it to David waking up after his coma...but the last place Charming saw Snow was the palace, not the toll/troll bridge...? Posted 5 days ago
marakii commented…
Maybe because the last thing he heard while he was on coma was Mary-Margaret narrating their little adventure in the troll bridge. 4 days ago
Fieryrubes commented…
Ohh yeah, that was it, thanks :) 4 days ago
marakii commented…
You're welcome xD I actually rewatched 1x03 today so the information was very "fresh" to me :p 4 days ago
Fieryrubes commented…
Yeah, I don't think Daniel can hear people that well now, lol ;P 4 days ago
Fieryrubes said …
Haha I saw this thing on tumblr from Harry Potter saying "Why when something bad happens it's always you three?" and underneath was a picture of Rumple, Regina and Cora xD Posted 7 days ago
Alchemistlover commented…
That's kind true lol 6 days ago
Diamond_Queen commented…
Lol always up to something xD 6 days ago
zylice commented…
XD 😂😂👍 4 days ago
Fieryrubes said …
So episode 4 is called the Apprentice AND we get a guest star appearance from...Pongo! After a whole season! Posted 10 days ago