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The fans pick: I liked it
I liked it
I didn't like it
The fans pick: No
The fans pick: Disney's live-action Maleficent
Disney's live-action Maleficent
Once Upon A Time's Maleficent
The fans pick: Once Upon A Time's Cruella De Vil
Once Upon A Time's Cruella De Vil
Disney's live-action Cruella De Vil
The fans pick: Regina as Ursula
Regina as Ursula
The real Ursula
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1 fan has answered this question
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Oncer41214 said …
1 thing you should know about me by looking at my profile is that I am a serious huge ONCER but what I found out is not that many people know what or who is a PROUND ONCER is so I am here to say I am a ONCER 4 LIFE Posted 2 hours ago
thisisme365 said …
So I know I haven't been on here in many a month because I kinda stopped watching Once for a little while (I'm not a fan of the Frozen storyline). But I watched the mid-season finale today and OH MY GOSH. I'm soo FRE AK ING excited. I've been wanting to know who wrote the book since I started watching this show. I actually never thought they'd go into who wrote it, but they are and I couldn't be happier! This totally makes up for Frozen being in the show. Also August must have some kind of link Posted 6 hours ago
thisisme365 commented…
to the author since he's coming back is Season 4B. What do you guys think? 6 hours ago
big smile
FlightofFantasy said …
August is going to appear in the second half of season four! YES SO EXCITED! I loved him (and him and Emma together), and was pissed when they turned into a FUCKING KID.
Can't wait to see him back, even if it's just in flashbacks. Posted 15 hours ago
thisisme365 commented…
Ikr! When I found out August is coming back I got soooo excited! 6 hours ago