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Hook & Emma || Total Eclipse of The Heart

➤ OUAT - Multicouples // Love Me Like You Do

Captain Swan || No light, no light

captain swan l unsteady

Captain Swan || If this was my last song

►Killian+Emma - Hold Back The River

Emma & Killian "I love you"

would you lie with me || Killian and Emma {4x22}

Killian & Emma - Find Somebody

[OUAT] - Darkness is a funny thing - Emma/Killian

Emma and Killian - She's the perfect storm

Killian, Emma & Neal (ϲаρтаіпѕшапғɩʀє) || Brothers Trailer

Killian & Emma- I Love You

What If Hook Died? ll Emma and Hook [AU]

Emma & Hook || " I Want to tell you how much... I Love You" ♥ [4x23]

Emma & Hook || Feather on a Clyde

the man i love | hook & emma [4x22]

compass // hook and emma [+4x23] {OUAT}

Hook & Emma // Everybody Hurts (OUAT 4x23)

Emma & Hook | 'Cause what about, what about angels? [4x22]

Hook And Emma - Love The Way You Lie

take me home | hook & emma {4x22}

Hook & Emma | The Words

Hook & Emma | Tears of An Angel [ AU ]

Hook & Emma || How to Save a Life

Once Upon A Time | Darkness

till it's gone | emma + hook

emma + hook | gravity

► Emma and Hook | I still love him

emma + hook | take me home

Emma/Hook - Holding On And Letting Go

Hook and Emma // Body Gold

emma & hook | love me like you do

Hook+Emma You're my happy ending

Hook And Emma - Tenerife Sea

Emma Swan | "I'm the Savior"

Killan Jones and Emma Swan CaptainSwan- 50 Shades Of Grey

Dark!Emma Swan | No Light, No Light

Emma Swan & Killian Jones Captain Swan- Crazy in love

i love you | Captain Swan {their story}

hook + emma || without you [capitan swan] 4x22

Captain Hook // Jealous [ft. Emma Swan]

Emma&Killian (Captain Swan) | I Think I'm In Love

Heal | Killian Jones & Emma Swan

The Darkness||Emma Swan

Emma Swan - Chandelier

Light em Up +++Emma Swan+++

Emma Swan || I was here

the man I love | hook & emma [4x22]

Killian & Emma || Their Journey