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 4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
Where We Are
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cutheart said …
Happy 4th birthday 1D!!!!!!!!!!)¤.¤( I feel like I just heard off them for the first rime ever, in the radio!! And I couldn't get the song outa my head!! Now i have all their song in my head and can't get them out!!!☆.★I love ya guys sooooo much stay for ever as family/mates 1D, cause we love ya guys!!! Posted 5 minutes ago
superDivya said …
Can I say, that, I'm proud of my boys? I mean, like, they just started from the Boys Under The Stairs. when they were just The Irish, The Curly, The Mexican, and the Two whom with which the names get mixed up. And now? They are My world. Our world. The reason we all even know each other. Thankyou, boys. For changing our lives, you saving our lives. For making me smile, laugh, everyday. And for making me smile, and cry at the same time, right now, as I write this. Posted 12 hours ago
superDivya commented…
I love you, boys. And will support you, no matter what you do. Even though, I know, that I'm never gonna meet you, ever, that you don't even know my existence, but I know yours, and it's more then enough for me. Happy four years, boys. You made us so proud. (Ps I know the bday was yesterday but i couldnt post) 12 hours ago
JamesMsgirl commented…
Zayn isn't Mexican he's Muslim. Get it right. 2 hours ago
ChrissyStyles1 commented…
Mexican ? 50 minutes ago
ChrissyStyles1 said …
To be a Directioner does not mean how long you have been their since the beginning it's if you'll be their until the end

#4WonderfulYearsOf1D Posted 1 day ago