Harry opened the door and came into Louis house he was unpacking groceries he got from Sainsbury’s. He decided to put his stuff away in a room and go help him.
“Hey Pumpkin,” Harry said.
“Oh hey Harry,” Louis said
“Watcha get from the store Louis?”
“I got some Mac N Cheese,” Louis said.
“Just Mac n Cheese?! What about tacos or sweet corn?!?
“Calm down Harry I got you tacos, sweet corn, and apple juice,” Louis said
“Awww Louis you know all my favorites!!!” Harry said. “Just relax and watch Misfits I brought it for you. It’s in my bag.” Louis went to Harry’s usual room and got misfits out of his bag. When he got back into the living room Louis out the DVD into the DVD player and sat on the couch to watch the show. Harry was in the kitchen making his tacos first since they would take the longest to make. He started cooking the meat. He was also boiling his sweet corn in a pot. When the meat was done he put it in a bowl, and then started Louis mac n cheese. Pretty soon Harry was done with everything. So he brought it over to Louis coffee table. He first put down Louis mac n cheese, then his taco meat, his sweet corn, and the taco toppings. Louis dug into his mac n cheese which was delicious! Louis was thirsty so he got up and got Harry and himself some apple juice.
“Harry this is delicious!” Louis said.
“Thank you,” Harry said as he filled his taco shell with meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and sweet corn. “I’m glad you like it”
The two boys watched Misfits until they were stuffed. “Harry whatcha want to do now?” Louis asked.
“Umm well I’m going to change into my pjs now,” Harry said.
“Harry you sleep naked??? You don’t wear PJs?” Louis said.
“Well I’m going to change into my lucky green underwear,” Harry said as he yawned. While he was gone Louis cleaned the table and loaded his dishwasher. Louis then sat down on the couch. He decided it be nice to make a Twitcam video for the fans to watch later. When Harry came back he was wearing evergreen color underwear with his blue and pink blanket around him. It was getting kind of chilly so he needed to keep warm.
“Louis what are you doing?” Harry asked.
“Oh I’m setting up my computer for a Twitcam video.” Louis answered.
“Oh cool,” Harry said excitedly. Harry and Louis talked about the tour, Harry played his kazoo, and they talked about funny stuff that’s happened to them in the band,
“Well this one time while I was asleep Louis and Liam straightened my hair and made me cry.” Harry said.
They also answered questions that fans have.
“Bianca wants to know what’s something on my body that I feel insecure about. Umm Bianca I’d have to say my bum because I sometimes feel that it’s girly,” Louis said.
For the rest of the video Louis and Harry joked around with each other but it got really late so they ended it. Louis and Harry found a movie to watch since they were very bored. “Louis can you please massage my back it’s feeling a little stiff.
“Sure Harry,” Louis said. When Louis massaged Harry’s back he soon fell asleep. He picked up Harry and carried him into the room. He covered Harry with the pink and blue blanket. Harry then began talking in his sleep.
“Louis I’m sorry for interfering with your girlfriend all the time, I just don’t have one so I need someone and I guess that someone is you right now,” Harry said.
“It’s ok Harry, I’m never mad at you,” Louis said as he stroked Harry’s curls. “I find you a girl and everything will be better ok?” Harry smiled. Louis leaned down and kissed his cheek and said “Good Night Harry.” He left the room, cleaned the house and went to bed.