We had a great time for the rest of the trip but at the of the week it was time to go home. I couldn't sleep for the plane journey so me and Harry watched some films.When we arrived at London the rest of One Direction were there. Louis held out his arms to Harry but I grabbed Harry's hand and made him stay beside me. When we got to them Louis went 'HARRY' and hugged him. 'LOUIS GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND' he did as he was told and let him go. Liam drove us home and when we got home I said 'I want chinease' so we ordered chinease. After we'd eaten I went upstairs. Harry followed me 'Are you ok?' he asked me. 'Ya.I think so' I started to cry 'What's wrong' he asked. 'Come downstairs' I told him he followed me. We went into the kitchen the lights were off 'Why are the lights off' he asked me. 'I dunno turn them on' I told him. He did then everyone jumped up and shouted surprise. Harry has a heart attack 'What's all this for?' he asked. 'We're celebrating because you got your drivers license' I told him. We all had a great night! Leah didn't even fall once!