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posted by xJooeyx
(note: in this story, the boys are all in Year 10 at Boarding School)
Chapter 1
'Danny?' I said to my best friend.
'Yes, Kenny?' she replied.
I slumped on the sofa. 'Why couldn't you come with me?'
'My parents said: "There's no way in hell that we're letting you go to a concert with randy old men looking for Cher Lloyd!"'
'Tough...' I said, biting my lip.
'Speaking of which, I'd better get ready. I've got to get there in an hour.'
'What?' Danny said, looking at her watch. 'It doesn't start for four hours.'
'I have to get there when they get there - I might meet them then.'
'What, FYD?' she said, sarcastically.
'No, One Direction!!' I said, giggly.
'You turn into an eleven-year-old schoolgirl every time you even think about them,' Danny said, rolling her eyes.
Danny's a very dry, sarcastic sort of person. Closed off.
About half an hour later, I was dressed and ready.
I was going to the X Factor Live Tour. To see One Direction!! With the added bonus of Aiden Grimshaw.
The show was great. But before the show, I got the best surprise.
We got there two hours early, and we waited at the stage door. When One Direction went past, I tried to catch them.
'Hey! Hey!' I screamed. 'Wait up!'
But only Niall turned around, and he looked at me.
'Hey... I've been waiting for two hours,' I said, a bit starstruck. 'I was just wondering if I could have your autograph.'
He grabbed my arm, and he took me in with me.
'Here you go,' he said, signing a napkin. 'Do you want a picture?'
'Yeah, I'd love one.'
I got out my camera and took a picture with him.
'Thanks!' I said, putting my camera away and walking away.
'Wait - ' he protested.
He grabbed my arm, and turned me around.
He kissed me. How amazing, right?!
'It's so funny how you probably know everything about me, but I know absolutely nothing about you. Not even your name. What is your name?' He asked.
'Kenny. Well, Kendra, actually, but I always hated that name, so... Yeah. Kenny Freestone.' I laughed.
'Nice to meet you, Kenny. Wanna meet the guys?'
'Yeah, I'd love to.'
He took me through, with his arm around me.
'Hey, guys, this is Kenny,' he smiled.
'How'd you know her?' Louis asked.
'I just met her, she was outside the stage door.'
'That's so like you!' Zayn laughed.
'The show's about to start...' Liam said, checking his watch.
'Do you want to watch through the wings?' Niall asked me.
'Er, I kind of paid alot for these tickets... Plus I wouldn't want to intrude.'
'Full refund,' Louis smiled. 'It's not very often Niall gets a girl interested. Savour it.'
Niall laughed. 'Shut up.'
'Really, I don't want to scrape...'
'Scrape?' Liam said, baffled.
'Interrupt,' I explained. 'A lot of people don't get it.'
'Oh, well, you wouldn't be scraping, because I insist,' Niall flirted.
I giggled. 'Okay, then!'
I texted Danny.
'OMG! I can't believe what's happening! I'm backstage! Niall's kissed me!'
But I had this feeling in my gut.
'It won't last. He'll go and do this to another girl if you even do start going out. '
I pushed it out of my head. I wanted to make this last. I'm NOT a stalker, by the way.
Well, maybe a bit. But not that much.
My phone didn't beep back for the rest of the night... Maybe I had no signal when I texted.
The concert was amazing. I got to muck about with the band whilst the other people were playing - and I met Aiden.
But he's 26, so... Yeah. I think Niall's the one for me!
He was still really nice. I hugged him.
Then when they went on, I was so happy.
'Tonight,' Niall said, looking through the wings, 'I'd like to dedicate this performance to a very special girl.'
The whole audience screamed.
'Pick me!' girls screamed.
'I'm sorry, girls, I've already picked her. Her name's Kenny Freestone. Come on out!'
'What, me?' I mouthed.
'Yes, you!' Niall mouthed back.
Someone handed me a mic and I walked onstage, shaking.
The audience cheered madly, although there were one or two stroppy ten-year-olds with "I <3 Niall" on their t-shirts and hoodies...
'Well, hug, then!' Louis said, laughing.
I walked over shyly, and hugged him.
'Thanks,' I whispered.
'No prob,' he smiled back.
'So, what songs do you know, Kenny?' Harry laughed.
'I am not singing!' I said, blushing.
'Come on. Do you guys want her to sing?' Zayn said to the audience.
They all screamed.
'Okay then... Er... I know and love the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls?'
Everyone screamed again.
'Okay, let's go!'
'What bits should I sing?' I said to Niall.
'Just sing when I sing.'
'I'll leave you guys to the chrous though, cause you guys always sing that together.'
'No, join in.'
After the song, I was mortified. Everyone cheered and clapped and stuff, but I think they were just doing it for the hell of it - it's One Direction!
I walked feebly, offstage.
After the show, I talked to Niall.
'So, do you want to go out sometime?' Niall asked. 'I mean, we've finished the tour.'
'Yeah, I'd love to, but you'd still go back to Ireland,' I said.
'Nah, didn't I tell you? We're staying here, we're going to Wolverhampton Youth School.'
'The boarding school?'
'That's my school!'
'Well, I'm closer than you think, then. Call me sometime. Or text, whatever.'
'I think I'll do that,' I smiled.
I got the bus home, ecstatic.
My phone beeped.
'Yes, it's Danny!' I whispered to myself.
'What the HELL is this?!?!?!?'
It was a video message. A YouTube link.
Me, singing, with the band. Oh, God.
I didn't reply. I would face the wrath of Danny when I got home. Unless she was asleep.
Fat chance of that happening before at least one.
I got home and creeped in. The lights were off, so I turned them on.
'Kendra Freestone, what the hell is going on?!'
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Ruby POV:

I walked out of the room, link
"Harry awake?" This was the first time I walked out of my room when everybody was awake.
"No," Niall said walking down stairs. I walked behind him.
"Alright! I'm going for a walk.." I put my hair in a messy bun and headed out the door. I took Harry's car keys out of the pocket of my hoodie and unlocked his car. I got in it and drove away. I dialed Joe's number, He didn't answer. I took my eyes off the road and dialed the number again. I looked up and ran into a car. My car spun around and the airbag hit me. I felt something hot on my skin, something...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
I woke up at 3:30 a.m Joe was sleeping next to me. I shook him a little.
"You need to go.." I whispered.
"Alright.." He said half-awake. He kissed me and pulled me on-top of him. "Do I have too?" He asked. I nodded, "Harry," I said angry. He kissed and then put his clothes on. I grabbed my white robe that had heart on it and wrapped it around me. He slid on his shirt and kissed me. "I love you," I said.
"I love you too, and last night was amazing.." He smiled and made me blush. "Bye.." He kissed me one last time, butterflies flooded my stomach. "Bye," I whispered as he climbed out my window...
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Credits: VMA
one direction
one direction
Niall's P.O.V.
Shae gave me the best kiss I have ever had in my life, then Coan went to his cabin because he didn't know that Shae and I were dating.
"Guys I am really hungry, can we please get some food or something?" I said.
"Yeah I am getting really hungry" Will said.
"Well then let's go get some food from the kitchen" Johnny said going down the slide.
"We can't, because they only let us have breakfast, lunch and dinner" Shannon said jumping of the swing.
"Fine then let's just go back to our cabin" Shae said going down the firemans pole.
"Why" I said.    
"Because we brought...
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posted by 1Dluver12
Vivi’s POV
I couldn’t believe what I had done, but I was so hurt, angered, betrayed. I couldn’t believe how angry I was as I watched him move closer, then I said it.
“ I hate you, ii hate you so much!” I yelled, and ran home. I kept running, my eyes full of tears. I got home and stopped before entering. What would I tell them? What would I do? I decided to make a break for it and hope that nobody would notice my tears. I opened the door and saw them all happy and I broke. I fell to the ground and broke into tear’s. I had just lost my first love, best friend and brother. I did love...
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posted by 1Dluver19
I heard the foot steps getting closer and closer. I shut my eyes so it appeared i was still passed out. Then a light was switched on and i heard a familiar deep voice say " Are all seven still passed out?". Then i thought, " All seven? How many people are down here?". Next i heard another familiar higher pitch voice say " I think so, lets go upstairs and pre pair the stuff!". I listened as i heard the sound of the two people running up the stairs. I waited until i heard foot steps upstairs then i opened my eyes. They had left the light on. I remember this basement. It is Cher and Rod Herzting's...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
At the hospital.
Anna's POV:
My Dad.....he was there for me,For every second of my life.
He'd cheer me up when I was down or missing mom.He'd tried to make spaghetti that taste like moms,To make me happy once more.He'd do whatever just to see me smile.When I was scared he'd hold me and tell me 'don't be' but now he was lieing in bed with tubes up his nose barely breathing and I was in the arms of another,Scared that I'd lose him.Its funny how if you just lose one person the others don't matter.Zayn,Amber,Louie,Courtney,Liam,Niall,Harry,Drew,
Rachel,Matthew....It was like they didn't exist just...
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