The Start Of The End – Part 7

When we walked in, Niall and Harry seemed to be having a heated discussion in hushed tones about something. I strained to hear their conversation. Nosy, but you know.
“Go on! It’s so obvious!” Harry whispered. Niall shook his head and looked up, indicating the fact that me and Raman were stood there, with blank looks on our faces.
“Hi, I’m Hannah” I smiled. Louis waved cheesily in my direction. There was an awkward silence for what felt like 10 minutes, but was probably only about 10 seconds. Then, Niall broke the silence. By farting. While the rest of the boys and Raman made disgusted and/or annoyed noises, I giggled. Niall looked surprised.
“You’re not…offended by that?” he asked.
“No” I smiled “You get used to it in my house”
“You get used to it being with Niall all the time!” Liam laughed. Louis, Zayn and Harry nodded enthusiastically.
“Guys, it’s not really that bad…” Niall trailed off. He turned to face me. “So you wouldn’t have to get used to it” he said hesitantly. Behind him Harry looked surprised. I paused for a moment, working through what he’d just said. A sudden look of realisation passed across my face, and I smiled. Niall blushed. We stood there awkwardly for a minute, we didn’t realise that Raman, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry had gone to sit down further away. I sat down on a chair, and Niall came to sit down opposite me. I ran my hand through my hair, something I did only when I was nervous. I think Niall caught a glimpse of my bracelet.
“What’s that?” he asked.

Sorry this chapter is really bad :L