We Recently Reported That The One Direction Boys got up close and personal with a koala during their promotional tour of Australia. We didn't know, though, just how personal the boys got with the fuzzy animal.

Before your imagination gets carried away, we're not talking about anything too disgusting. Just that the koala, which might have chlamydia, weed all over Harry and Liam and could have transmitted the STI to the singers. Oh wait, that is disgusting.

According to The Sun, up to 80 percent of the cuddly creatures - koalas, not members of 1D - are infected with chlamydia, and the boys are at a very small risk of having caught it after the koala's accident.

Liam said: "I'm genuinely scared. This is worrying. I'd have never picked the thing up if I'd known."

Fingers crossed this story is as ridiculous as it sounds and that all of the One Directioners are as squeaky clean as they look. Liam must have been sarcastic when he said he was scared of koala-clap, because very soon after, he was boasting about his sexual prowess.

The puppy-dog-eyed singer, who's in a long-term relationship with dancer Danielle Peazer, was asked by a New Zealand channel if he was a good lover. He responded: "Louis and I both have girlfriends, so we must be doing something right."

He added, just so we were clear on this: "I've had my girlfriend for a long time, so I'm definitely doing something right."

We're Sure, Liam. As Long As You Don't Let Anymore Animals Wee On You!