Part 2: Stormy night.

Bella’s POV:

The wind was blowing very heavily outside. The storm was becoming stronger and stronger. But Hannah was sleeping soundly on the bed next to mine. I felt rather cold so I couldn’t sleep. In fact I had so many things to think about. Who gave me the Christian Louboutin heels? Why did I see “Handsome” when Zayn saved me? How could Zayn save me while he couldn’t swim? I kept asking myself all suck questions. When I was about to put the earphones on to prevent my ears from the noise of the storm, there was a strange sound near the door. I said scaredly:

A soft voice answered me:
“It’s me. Niall.”
I tiptoed to open the door for him:
“Why are you here at that time?”
Niall was bringing a big blue blanket. He smiled:
“It’s cold and stormy outside. I’m worried that you will catch cold with your light blanket so I bring more for you.”
Oh, Nialler was always so protective. I said happily:
“Thanks, hun. How do you know I’m cold? Love ya. Ok, give it to me. Good night, hun.”

Niall gave me his puppy dog eyes:
“Ah, uhm, Bella, can I sleep here tonight?”
I whispered:
“Are you crazy, Niall? No way. Hannah is sleeping right here.”
He insisted:
‘Please, Bella. I’m so cold. Please.”
I joked:
“If you are cold, you can hug Liam.”
He shouted:
“God, no. Please, Bella.”
I spoke under my gritted teeth:
“Don’t yell, Niall. You can wake Hannah up. Ok, alright, but you have to leave before the morning.”

He kissed my cheek immediately and said:
“Thank you so so much, love you.”
Niall jumped onto my bed and lay beside me. I was so cold that I had to lie myself aside his body. He put his arms around me and stroked my hair, whispering into my ears:
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For not being at the beach to save you today.” He said truly.
“It’s not your fault, Niall. I understand.” I said.
Niall smiled:
“I wish I were there.”
“It’s over, Niall. Let by gone be by gone.” I locked my fingers with his.

Niall said:
“I should be the one that says that sentence.”
I laid my head on his chest, speaking under my breath:
“I’m sorry, Niall .”
“I’m jealous of him, Bella. He’s gone but he’s still in your heart. I’m here but you still think of the one that left you. I don’t know why you are right here but I feel as if you were so far away from me.”
I pushed my lips against his, whispering:
“Can you feel me?”

Niall said:
“Bella, you can never lie me. Don’t you really love me?”
I hugged him tightly and burst into tears:
“Niall, believe me. I do love you. It’s the truth.”
“Don’t cry, Bella. Please. I believe you. But…I have been trying to make you forget him for a very long time and you are just too obsessed by that guy.”
“Niall, do you know about the fact that girls will never forget their first love.”
He sulked:
“I really don’t know that. I only know for sure that I need your love and I can’t live without you.”
I consoled him:
“Okey, Niall. You are my boyfriend now. Can we not care about that boy any longer? Just be happy together, okey?”
Niall gave me a soft kiss on my forehead:
“Night dream, hun.”
            *        *        *