me and liam were the happiest people alive.we loved each other very much we dated for about 2 years (including the times when we were 6) and liam did something unexpected to day well let me tell you what happened.just an ordinary day liam and i go to a amusment park and we go on the ferris wheel we were at the top and it stopped liam then said "i love you sabrina more than anything" i said "i love you too" we kissed then liam bent down on one knee nd took out a box from his pocket he then said "since i saw you i loved you so will you do me the honnor and marry me?" i then said "yes YES i love you so much liam!" we then kissed the ferris wheel started moving again.we then went home (i moved in with liam)we kissed and kissed he then told his best friends,his band mates.they were so happy for us.we just loved each other so much we can't explain it we just loved each other.we decided to have the wedding the day we met again june 18 wich was also my birthday that was the best present iv'e ever recieved.we kissed each other almost every hour.we loved each other.we were married and had the happiest lives.