When Elizabeth woke up she was in a different place and Harry was there. She felt the ground and realized she was on a beach. "Morning" "oh god!" She slapped harry in the arm and stood up. "Don't scare me like that! Where are we?" She walked over and put her feet in the water. "A beach!" "No duh!" "You asked!" He said laughing and she smiled. "I meant what are we doing here?" They walked over to the sleeping bag and sat down. "Well you started screaming in your sleep and so I picked you and everything else up and walked farther away so they wouldn't find you...I mean us..." He said looking at her Blue eyes. She stood up "Speaking about 'us' I think it would be best if you go back to your friends! You have no idea what you are getting yourself into if......." He interrupted her I would if you would tell me!" he said standing up. "I already told you I can't tell I wish I could but I can't!" "Why?" "Because! I just can't!" He walked towards the woods and back to her and back to the woods and then he turned around facing her. "Fine! I will go back to them! I don't want to spend my time with a liar any ways!" He started walking into the woods and she just stood there still on the beach.
"Harry!" Louis, Harry's best friend screamed as they saw him walking. They all ran over to him and hugged him. "Where have you been? What happened?" Niall asked, Harry's other friend. "I don't really know but.....I can't just leave her there!" He turned around and ran back to the beach to find it empty. "Leave who?" Zayn said and looked around. "There she is! Elizabeth wait!!" Harry scream and ran towards her and the boys ran after him.
"Harry?" He slowed down and bent down trying to catch his breath. "What are you doing? I told you to go back!" She said annoyed. "I...I didn't.....uh.." "What?" She yelled at him. "I don't want you to get hurt!" "I think I can take care of myself Harry I am use to running!" she turned around to walk away and Harry walked in front of her. "Why are use to running?" "I can't tell you! I have told you that a million times I can't tell you!" "Please?" "No!" she walked around him. "Why?" "Fine! You wanna know?" She turned around and faced him and walked closer. "I am not a regular teenage girl that dreams about marrying you one day! No I don't and you know why.....Because I am fucking werewolf and we don't give a shit about those boys that wear there pants to low and sing and dance! That's why!" She stormed off and all the guys where still and speechless. "Harry...?" Liam walked up and put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "We need to go home before it gets to late." They turned around and saw the cops "Have you seen her?" he showed them a picture of Elizabeth. "Yeah she went that way." Louis pointed to the other side of the beach. "Thanks!" The cops walked away and they headed towards the camp site to find Elizabeth sitting by the fire.
"Elizabeth?" They looked over and saw her asleep. "What should we do?" Zayn asked. "I don't know?" Niall said. So they decided to sit and wait for her to wake up, but when she woke up they where all asleep. She went out and hunted and then cooked it. All the boys woke up to the smell of dear and berries with fresh water. "Food!" Louis scream. They all dug in. Harry looked up and saw Elizabeth sitting on a tree.
"What are you doing?" She fell and he caught her. "Damn it Harry I told you to stop scaring me." She said laughing. "Well when I have my chances...." "Oh shut it! Put me down!!" He put her down and they heard Niall yell "Awesome a buffet and TV!" They looked back and walked around the woods talking.
"So why did you not trust me?" "Harry it's not that I don't trust you.....I am not suppose to tell anyone and now I told five people! Great what would Lola think." "I think it is fine!" She turned around and saw Lola standing behind them "Lola!" she ran up and hugged her. "Do you trust him?" "What?" "Lizzy do you trust Harry?" "Uh...Yeah I guess I have known him for a day and a half I don't really know him but..." He covered my mouth with her hand. "Sweety I saw you when he left the beach...you where heart broken! You cried!" "Lola! Shut it!" Harry was standing there looking at the ground and kicking around a acorn. "If you trust him it's okay! but they can't tell anyone!" "They won't I promise!" Lola had a big grin on her face and so did Elizabeth or Lizzy for short.
"Bye now!" Lola ran into the woods in wolf form. "Wow! Can you do that?" I looked back at Harry "Yes!" They walked back to the other boys, "Okay now that you know you can't tell anyone!" "I promise!" They all said. "Okay....since you didn't tell me....who are they?" she whispered to Harry starring at the four boys in front of her. He laughed a little and introduced all of the boys, Liam,Niall, Zayn, and Louis. "And this is Elizabeth" "Hey" Louis said smiling leaning back in his chair, then he fell. They all started laughing. "Wait.....What about those cops that where trying to get you?" Zayn asked. "Well if someone finds out and wants to tell someone or something the person gets them to chase you here and all the other people tack him and....." "Kills him?!" Niall screamed. "No they erase there mind." "So they because a baby?" Louis said. "No, they erase the memory about the wolves and stuff. "Oh" They all said. "Okay you seriously need to stop doing that 'say everything at the same time' thing." "Okay.." They all said at the same time. "Great!" I followed Harry onto the bus.
The whole way to there house they asked her questions about werewolves. "Hey where do you live we can drop you off." Her face turned pain and her voiced chocked, "Um..I don't really have a home. You see my mom and dad died and I am in a foster home." everybody got silent. "Oh...." Harry said looking at me. She looked like she was about to start crying. "So have you heard any of our songs?" "Your songs?" She said confused. "Yeah we are in a band together!" Louis said. "Oh well thanks for saying that Harry!" She said being sarcastic. "Welcome!" He said smiling. "What's you name?" "One direction!" Liam said smiling. "Oh that must explain the big 1D on the bus." "Yeah, Harry came up with the name" Niall said.
"Oh well you left a lot of things out Harry!" She laughed. "Yeah well you weren't to honest either." "True that..." Elizabeth said smiling.
"We are here!" The bus driver exclaimed opening the door. They all ran out the door and Elizabeth walked out last looking at all the new sites. "This is your house?" "Yeah we all share this house." her mouth was open and as she walked in she gasped. "Never seen anything like this?" Liam said making him tea. "I can't even afford a gum wrapper!" "Here," Louis handed her a gum wrapper and put the gum in his mouth. "Smart ass!" Harry yelled running up stairs to put his bags up and I went with him. "You have your own room! You have a balcony in your room!" She ran over to the balcony and looked out over the view. "This is so pretty." It went out and then view was of the ocean."I know I got one of the best views in the house."
"I love this song!" It was rumor has it by Adele and she started singing. "You have a pretty voice." "Thanks" she went and sat down on the bed. "Have you ever rode horses?" "Yeah..I..not really." "Well come on!" She grabbed his hand and ran out the door. "We are going to ride horses!" I yelled and ran out and ran to the ranch that was only a few roads down.
"Charlie!" I yelled walking up to the dirt road.
"Well if it isn't miss Lizzy!" "Nice to see you too Charlie! Is Fay here I want my friend to meet her." He shook his head and brought us into the barn. "Hey Fay!" Lizzy opened the gate and brought the horse out. "Harry meet Fay. I have been riding her since I seven and I come here almost everyday. You can ride Duke over there. Don't worry he is sweet and doesn't go very fast." They saddled the horses and then hopped on. "Come on girl." "Uh...What do I do?" "This...See just tap your foot on there stomach. It's easy" He did it and Duke walked. "Cool." "Come one!" The horse stormed off and Harry followed. "Stop" She yelled at Harry and he barely did. "What?" "That!" She said smiling.
"Wow It's a beauty!" She hopped down. "Stay here" she ordered Harry. She grabbed a knife from her bag and got closer to the deer. She got close enough and threw the knife in his chest. She picked him up and threw his on the horse and we headed back to the ranch. "Charlie! Look what I go you for dinner." She picked up the deer and gave it to him. "Wow where did you find a beauty like him?" He brought the deer in a barn. "He was just sitting in the open." "Oh well thank you!" "Of course we are going to bring the horses into the barn and then we will be on our way so..bye" "Oh wait dear I wanted to know...How would you like to keep Fay?" "Charlie I would love that! But I have no place for her!" She hugged him. "I know he would stay here but you would have to ride her and you own her." "Thank you!" She hugged him and sprinted out the door she grabbed Fay's reins and brought her into the barn, unsaddled her, and bathed her. "See you later Fay!" She left the stable and help Harry with his horse.
They walked to the house. "Thank you that was really fun! Wanna come inside?" "No I should probably get home." "Here I'll drive you."
"No it's okay I can just walk I mean I walk every where so night." "No I am driving you!" He grabbed her hand and put her in the car.
"Thank you, Oh this is it! Turn here. Thanks again!" She kissed him on the cheek and ran into the house. It was a perfect night for them..But not everything is perfect