Nicole POV:

I woke up with Liam not by my side. He must be cooking.... I walked down stairs and looked in the kitchen. Nothing. I looked around the house, in every room. Nothing.
"Have you seen Liam?" I walked into the living room and sat down.
"No... Not since last night anyway..." Louis said chewing on a carrot. They all shook there heads no. I walked outside. Nothing but Buddy. I bent down by him.
"Have you seen Liam?" I petted Buddy's head. He barked and looked at the woods behind the house.
"What?" I got up and started running I followed him.
"Whoa!" I said as we got to a mansion in the middle of the woods. It was out of faded and rusty bricks and beat up wood. I walked closer to the house with Buddy by my side. My phone went off it was from Niall:

N-where are you?!
I stopped.
N-i went to find Liam in the woods... there is a big mansion is here!! You should come see it!
N-me and boys on the way.

I waited for the boys to get there. It took them like 6 minutes.
"Whoa...." they all said as they looked at the house.... or the hotel....
"I know..." I whispered to them. Buddy barked and started backing away from the house.
"What is it boy?" Louis asked still looking at the house. I walked closer to the house. Zayn grabbed my arm.
"No..." He whispered.
"Liam could be in there....." I walked closer to the house with Harry and Niall following me. Zayn slowly coming and Louis behind him.

"Liam?" I yelled a little scared.
"I don't think anyone is here." Louis said walking into the house with the open. 'Slam!' I turned around and saw the door shut.
"Did you shut that?" they all shook their head no, but Niall.
"Niall did you?" His face was ghost white. He's mouth was open and he was putting his finger up pointing to the stairs. A person was standing there. It was dark so I couldn't see who. A girl? It had a knife in it's hand and then it walked off into a room. I slowly followed her and so did the boys. I walked in to the room and the person wasn't in there all that was there was a note. I ran over to it and picked it up.

"Tee-hee Looking for someone?"

I looked on the back and there was a picture of Liam.
"Where are you?" I whispered to myself. I gave the boys the note as I looked around to find anything else.
"We need to get out of here...." Niall said taking my hand and walking out of the room.
"Okay..." I said under my breath. We started for the door. I almost fell but Niall caught me. We left the mansion and went back to the house. I took out my phone and looked at the picture of me and Liam at the coffee shop where we meet.

"We will find him...." Niall said handing me a cup of coffee.
"I know but I.....I...I don't know what that person we saw could do to him.... I just want him here where he is safe and with me...." I felt a tear go down my face as I looked back at the picture and note "I miss him...."
"We all do and we are all worried...... Nicole look at me." I looked up at him "We will find him!" I swallowed hard and felt another tear coming down. I quickly whipped it off.
"It's okay. I understand....." He came over and took my phone away so I couldn't look at the picture. He wrapped his arm around me and I put my face in his chest and cried as he rocked me back and fourth.

Niall POV:

I rocked her in my arms and she cried getting my shirt all wet but I didn't mind. I like her a lot... not like a bf, gf way but as close friends kinda way. We sat like that for a few minutes then we both fell asleep.

Nicole POV:

I felt safe and warm in Niall's arms like I wasn't alone. He was the one I would lean on when I need help. He was like the brother I never had. I liked him a lot he was like my best friend out of the group, but Harry was my bestest friend out of the group. I fell asleep with him humming to me. When I woke up he was still sound asleep. I scooted out of his arms trying to not to wake them. I went into the kitchen and poured me a HUGE class of milk, Sometimes when I am nerves of something I drink a lot of milk. When my mom told me we can't go back home because she was pregnant I drank three gallons of milk.

"Whoa there America..." Louis said laughing grabbing a carrot. He jumped onto the counter.
"I like milk more then you like carrots!" I joked.
"Is that a challenge America?" For some odd reason he calls me America sometimes.
"Oh it is!" I had a smirk on my face.
"Okay your on.....for now on..." He said taking a bit out of a carrot.
"You have to eat nothing but carrots for lunch and dinner and I have to only drink milk!"
"Deal!" We shook hands and it took me 46 seconds to jug down the milk. I looked at Louis and his eyes where wide open.
"Whoa!" I laughed and but the cup in the sink.
"My says if I keep drinking milk like I do I will become lac-toes-and-talerinte!" We both laughed and walked into the living room.
"Morning sleeping beauty!" Louis said looking at a just-woke-up-but-not-really-awake face on, Niall.
"What time is it?" Niall said whipping his eyes and yawning.
"About 11 a.m..." I said sitting on the red bean bag chair.
"Did Liam ever come home?" He asked with a little smile on his face. I shook my head no and looked at the ground. His face dropped and he fell off the couch landing on the wooden ground. I giggled a little until I started thinking about Liam again. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. Louis patted my head like a dog messy up the ponytail.
"Thanks?" I said smiling at him. I was about to doze off again when my phone rang. It was from Liam:

L-Sweety I sorry but I have to wefvbvehnbn

That was it like someone messed it up or something. I didn't want to text back because I was scared and was about to start crying again but I held them back because I knew what this meant....

Liam was alive....