Lillian P.O.V

Once I dropped Semra back at her place I decided to get changed into some comfy clothes and put on Harry potter. I made myself some put and had lots of chocolate around me. I like my body because I can eat lots of junk food and I don't put on any weight! I was eating a Crunchie when I recived a text from Louis.

Lou: hey. What u doing?
L: watching HP. U? :)
Lou: same. But watching Battleship.
L: coolies!
Lou: hey I wanna talk to u, can we meet up? :)
L: sure! Where?
Lou: um.... The cafe down the road (near our house). C u in 10.
L: ok. ;D

I changed into some other clothes then went to meet Louis.

Louis's P.O.V

I was meeting up with Lillian because I wanted to tell her something. I knew she liked Harry so I was going to give her afew tips. And I need to know who to choose for the Ball. I would of gladly gone with her, but I knew Harry wanted to. But if anything happens with them, I'll be there.
She arrived not long after me.

"hi Louis!" she said while giving me a friendly hug.
"hey!" I replied
"soo, you wanted to talk to me?"
"yeah. Lillian, I know you like Harry." I said. She stopped for a second but then continued.
"how.. How did you know? Did Erica tell you?!" she said
"no. I can see it in your eyes."
"who else knows?"
"well from what I've heard, the whole school." I joked.
"WHAT!? The whole school knows that I like HARRY! Does Pat know?! He might g-" She started.
"LILLIAN! I'm just joking!! Stop worrying." I told her. She had a quick smile on her face then held my hands. She had cold hands.

"Your hands are freezing!" I said while rubbing them.
"Louis! Stop it!" she laughed. I stopped.
"please don't tell Harry." she said
"I promise"
"thanks Louis. You're a great friend."
After that moment I knew that I will be her best friend and nothing else. I hope that Harry always looks after her and never ever hurts her in any way, and if he does or any boy hurts her will hurt them. I will made her laugh when shes going through a tough time, and made her smile. I loved her as a very special best friend.

"and there's this other thing that I want your advice on."
"of course, what is it.". She said
"I need to ask somebody to the dance with me. And I need your help to tell me who to go for and not who to go for."
"ok. We better get down to business!" she replied.

After about an hour of talking about girls, we decided to go back home. I had a great time with my best friend.

Lillian's P.O.V

Once I walked back to my place I watch the end of my Harry Potter movie and then went to my bedroom to get ready to go to Erica place for a sleepover tomorrow night. I packed all the stuff I needed then I went to bed.

Author notes: hi! When Louis said that I love her, I meen in a best friend way. Thanks for reading PLEASE leave a comment!!! :)