Around 6:30 p.m.
Harry: (sitting on a couch) Tracy?
Tracy: (making a new design for the maid of honor) Yeah? (looks up to Harry)
Harry: You can stay here. We have two more bedrooms upstairs.
Via: (beside Harry) Exactly, how many rooms are in this villa?
Harry: 1 room for Louis and Niall, 1 room for Zayn, Liam, and me. 1 bedroom for you. 1 bedroom for El. 2 vacant bedrooms. (smiles)
Via: Woah...
Tracy: Thanks. (smiles)
Niall: (sits beside her)
Tracy: (sees Niall) Hi. (smiles and continues to draw)
Niall: (gets shy and gives Harry the what-am-i-gonna-do look)
Harry: (mouths to him) Ask her out.
Niall: (mouths back) What?

Tracy finishes her design and went upstairs.
Niall: (buries his head on his hands) I'm so sheepish!
Harry: I told you to ask her out.
Niall: But I'm... shy.
Via and Harry chuckles.
The next 2 weeks... [sorry for skipping]

The three girls and five boys at the pool: link.
Harry, Niall, and Louis are having a contest in swimming. Zayn and Liam are just sitting on a garden bench watching the three while the three girls are drinking shakes at the table across the pool..
Zayn: (holding his phone sitting beside Liam)
Via: (drinking strawberry shake. she grabs her phone and texts Zayn)
Zayn: (phone vibrates and sees...)
One new message from Perfect_Girl

[A/N: yeah that Via's name on Zayn's phone)
Zayn: (smiles and looks at Via who is across the pool)
Via: (smiles)
Zayn: (reads the text message)

From: Perfect_Girl

Hey, Zayn. Why don't you join the three hyperactive boys at the pool?

Zayn: (smiles and sends a text message to Via)

Via: (phone vibrates and reads the text message)
From: x-Zayn

Haha. Remember, I'm afraid of the water.
Via: (smiling while reading the text message. she looks at Zayn and smiles. She continues to talk to Tracy and Eleanor.

With the girls...
Eleanor is drinking cookies and cream shake. Tracy, vanilla shake. Via, strawberry shake.

Tracy: Your first anniversary with Louis is next week, El.
El: Yeah! I'm so excited. And eh invited celebs!
Via: (takes a sip on her shake) Really? Like who?
El: Cody Simpson. Greyson Chance and more.
Via: Woah. Those guys are famous.
Tracy: (smiles)
a few hours later...

Liam: guys, next week is El and Louis' party. Let's go shopping tomorrow.
Via: That's a great idea Liam.

The eight teens agreed and went upstairs and went to sleep except for Liam and Via. Via went to the entertainment room because she left her phone there while Liam went to the music room and records the song he composed. link [a/n: just pretend that he composed that song. haha]

Liam: (starts to sing)