Via runs to the shore and cries her heart out... She shouts while crying...
Via: "Why are you doing this to me!"

More tears are now streaming down her face..

Via: I don't deserve this!!!

She stayed at the shore for a long time .... she cried for hours.. She's been at the shore for almost five hours...

The next day, Harry saw Via sitting on a hammock. Her eyes are red and puffy because of hours of crying.. Harry was about to approach her when Liam stopped him and said..
Liam: Don't, Harry..
Harry: Why do you care? (mad)
Liam: Because she's not okay.. Her heart was broken three times throughout her life...
Harry: (leaves mad)
Liam: (watches Via)
A few hours later, Via went back to the villa. When she got to the living room, all of them are there including the man he hates the most...Harry... She just stood there..
Zayn: How are you feeling now?
Via: (mad but does not show it to them) Fine. (walks away)
Louis: No, you're not..
Via: (stops walking and faces them) I'll be packing my things.
Liam: What?
Via: I'll be going back to London.
Liam: I'll come with you...

Well, Harry gets mad again.. He wants to punch Liam..

Via: No. (goes upstairs)
At her bedroom, she cries hard again. She can't believe that Harry did this to her.. She trusted him. She thought he's not like Zayn.

A few minutes later she packs her things. She goes to the shower and changes her clothes into this: link

She went downstairs and sees them all again at the living room..

Tracy: Are you sure about leaving, Via?
Via; yes, I'm sure.. And I don't really want to stay at places where there know beaches.. beaches have so many painful memories for me.. (to all) Bye, guys.. hope to see you soon..

Her driver arrives and she heads to the airport. While at the car, she said to her self, "Goodbye, bad memories." She looks at her ticket.

Driver: what terminal are you, ma'am?
Via: terminal 3.
Driver: I thought you're heading back to London, ma'am..
Via: No. I'm heading to Paris.
Driver: (keeps on driving)
Via: Don't tell them i'm in Paris. just tell them i'm in London..
Driver: yes, ma'am.
Via: Thank you...
At Paris-Orly Airport... link

Via can speak French.. When she was in her freshman to Senior year, she studied at . British School of Paris...
When she got out of the airport, a sedan car is already waiting for her.

Driver: Bonsoir, madam. My name is Fabrizio and I will be your driver. (he speaks in a French accent)
Via: You can speak English?
Fabrizio: Your parents sent me here..
Via: How did they know?
Fabrizio: I don't know.
Via; Never mind. Let's go..
Fabrizio; (opens the car door at the back)

Fabrizio wears black slacks, and white polo. That's his uniform. Haha...
Fabrizio: (drives)
Via: Where are we heading?
Fabrizio: At your house, madam.
Via: My house? You mean.. we have a house here..
Fabrizio: Yes, madam.. (continues driving)
Via: (mumbles) Brilliant.

While they're on their way, they passed here: link [A/n: It's 7:30 in the morning since Via had a long flight from Los Angeles to France]

Via: Fabrizio?
Fabrizio: oui, madame? [yes, madame?]
Via: Can you park the car?
Fabrizio: Sure, madame. (parks the car)
Via: Just wait here.. (gets out of the car and went near the tower) I miss this.. (sits on the grass and gets this inside her bag: link .. she takes a picture of the eiffel tower)

A few minutes later, she walks away and gets inside the car. They head to her home...