Hi! Well, I wanted to let all my fanz and other peepz know wats goin on. SO.... Basicly. My mom broke her femer and she cant really do anything so I help. School started and I am having some troubles, but its getting bettter. NO I DID NOT STOP MY FANFICS! If I did I wouldve said so or left a comment or something. I WILL continue with them bcuz I have some AWESOME PLANS FOR DEMM!! BUT! I have a bit of writers block :/ I have plans for the future and stuffz but, I need help with stuffz for like, now. Also, Liam needs a girlfriendddd!!! AND I NEED MO CHARCTERSSSS!!!so send me this info
Hair Color:_______
Fave Member (bcuz I might have some breakups or add some mo bffz):______
Eye Color:_______
Facial Details (freckles, glasses, braces, etc):______
Race/Accent/other language:______

And I also need help with some scenarios or drama or events and stuff tht can happen!!! so msg me ppl!!!! thnx! Luff uuu!! kisses :*