"Babe,what's wrong?" Harry asked as you sat on the other couch,staring at the tellie. You shook your head,"Nothing" "You never act like this,babe. What's wrong?" Harry asked again. You faced him,"You won't want to be with me if I tell you"
"What is it?" Harry asked. You sighed,"I'm pregnant,Harry. I'm pregnant" You roll your eyes,staring at the tellie again. Harry stood up,"Why are you so moody about it!? IT'S GREAT!" You stared into his green eyes,"Really? I thought you would be mad!" "Of course not!" Harry bent down to your stomach,kissing it lightly

You waited in the restroom,waiting for the test to determine whether you're pregnant or not. "Is it done yet?" Liam asked,a bit eager. You sighed,"A few more minutes..I promise" Liam sighed,"Okay,tell me when it's done" You stared at the test,taking deep breaths. There was a positive sign on the test. You released a sigh,opening the door from the loo,"Liam..I'm pregnant!" Liam threw his arms around you,spinning you around,"Oh! Thank you!" He bent down to your stomach,"Hey,you wanna watch Toy Story?" You giggled,kissing Liam's lips lightly as he came back to your height

You stood there,on the floor,crying and whimpering,"Zayn,stop! Please!" You whispered. He became more angry as your failed attempts to calm him down made him even more angry. You tried standing up,"Zayn..I have to tell you something" "YOU WERE CHEATING,WEREN'T YOU?!" He screamed. You winced at the loudness of his voice,"No..I wasn't,Zayn" He slapped you across the face,but not hard enough to knock you down. You whimpered,covering your face with your hands,"ZAYN,I'M PREGNANT!" His eyes instantly softened as you said those words,"Bebz,I'm sorry..." You whimpered,"...Zayn,it's yours.." Zayn smiled widely,wrapping his arms around you,kissing your neck lightly. You closed your eyes,holding onto Zayn

"I have to go on tour,babe. I'm sorry.." Louis said,getting all his striped shirts. You smiled,folding a few for him,"By the time you're back..you'll be able to see a newborn baby.." "What do you mean?" Louis asked,looking up from his suitcase. You let out a sigh,"I'm pregnant" "OH,MY SWEET BABY!" He screamed,wrapping his arms around you,"If it's a boy in there...HI,KEVIN!" He chuckled at the smile on your face. "I don't know yet..but there's a chance it can be a boy" You smirked at his reaction. He kissed your lips multiple times,"OH! I can't wait for the tour to end,love!" He smiled,holding you closely to his warmth

"Niall! Do we have to go to Nandos again?" You groaned,still checking the test. Niall burst in giggles,from behind the door,"Of course we do,babe! What's taking you so loooong?!" You shuttered,"Nothing! Just..uhh...fixing my hair!" You grabbed the brush from the sink then dropped it on the floor on purpose. He chuckled,"You're insecure..aren't you?" "Nooo!" You checked the test as it came out positive,"Uh..Ni?" "Yeah,babe?" He asked. "Niall..don't freak out,please." You said carefully. He coughed slightly,"Okay.." "I'm pregnant" You said the words slowly. You opened the door,staring at Niall. He had a huge smile on his face,"That's...amazing" He crashed his lips onto yours as he wrapped his arms around you protectively