You had known one direction for a while and they invited you to a meal. You said yes while you where sat down Harry was staring at you with his sparkly green eyes ang georgeous smile you smiled back. Then Harry texted you to say ' toilets 15 mins' you replied saying ok. Zayn whispered to you saying get with haz he likes you and I think you would look good together. You giggled and left to meet Harry in the toilets. He kissed you. You kissed him back he pushed you into the baby changing room with him and locked the door. You started pasionatley kissing. Harry started to unzip your blue dress while he was kissing you and you un buttoned his shirt you carried on getting undressed and then you heard a knock on the door with a crying baby outside. You and Harry got dressed really quickly and left but the woman outside the room age you a funny look all you and Harry could do is laugh. When you got back to your table everyone stated at you and Louis said " you enjoyed that didn't you" you didn't know what he meant then he smirked. You replied yes yes I did x