You remember the day very well, when you first met Niall Horan. The day you fell for him. The smile, his laugh, the conversations you both had and the Horan hug. All this started since you met him backstage.


You and your friend started jumping in the middle of the street because you got your backstage passes to the Up All Night Tour in Paris, France.

That was your first time meeting One Direction.

Very excited, you and your friend go out for shopping and get one of the best outfits.
You were very early to the backstage. The screams, the crowd made you to shiver. You started getting tensed.

The boys came one by one and the bodyguards didn’t allow all the fans to get autographs or a picture.

You and your friend went backstage and you could smell the presence of the boys.

All of a sudden everything started to become blurry. You started to sweat very badly as you neared them.

The first person you saw, who you guessed to be was Niall Horan.

He brings his hands to greet you. You shook it and then blacked out.

You woke up to Niall and your friend sprinkling water on you. You drank some water and sat up normally.

“Are you okay?” you heard the boy with an Irish accent ask you.

“Yeah… I think…” you replied.

“Okay… We’ll meet the doctor after the concert. Don’t leave!” he told very concerned.

“No thanks. I can go all by myself you told him.

“We are always cared about our fans than anything else!” Zayn joined.

“Oh, but still-“ you were cut off by Harry this time.

“You heard him…” he said “And no excuses!”
You and your friend agreed to them.

Obviously, you had a great time at the concert.
“I think it’s too late” you said “I'm leaving home…”

“You have to come!” Niall said with a sad face.

“Okay!” you accepted. “But my friend??” you asked.

“I asked Louis to drop her at home…” he replied.

You nodded. You both went and met the doctor. He checked your pulse.

After listening to everything you told, he thought deeply and said “You’ve had a panic attack! Nothing to worry… Just try out some breathing exercises when you feel so.”

It was nearly midnight by then. You both left the hospital.

“Aaah! My stomach is groaning” he said patting his belly.

“Join me? To have dinner?”. You slowly nodded.

You both went searching for a restaurant. You went closer to one and they put the ‘CLOSED’ sign on the door.

He was just staring at the closed door which showed the tables inside.

He kicked the door and came back.
By now he looked so pale.

You just went near him and said, “Well, I'm leaving. My house is just a few blocks away.”

“Do you have food at your house?” he asked.
“Yes…I hope-“ he cut you off.

“Then what are you waiting for? C'mon let’s go! I'm starving!!” he said eagerly.

He was the first to reach your house.

He opened the door for you and you both entered the kitchen.

You got him some Oreos and made a nutella sandwich for him.

When he was eating, you noticed that, your mom was standing with her arms crossed above her chest.

You grinned at her sheepishly.

She mouthed ‘I want you to explain this tomorrow morning’ and left.

Okay, you are in a problem now!.

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