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i really wanna meet the one dircetion guys really badly  laurentta 1 62 7 days ago
MARRY, FUCK OR KISS. 1D members  MafaldaPM 29 5166 14 days ago
One Direction Chat Room  Luna_Elvy 6 2361 1 month ago
Directioners Chat  PinkyParis 26 2873 1 month ago
One Direction Fan's Forum Chat! :)  CullenSisters-X 68 23831 9 months ago
Upcoming game : Piano Tail (Tiles) for fans of One Direction [Android]  Pickko 6 1831 over a year ago
Need Some New Pop Rock Music? Italian Band The General Brothers Release New Music Video on Youtube  EveLangdon 0 1407 over a year ago
Niall and Louis <3  sowmiya20 2 1651 over a year ago
Who is your favourite One Direction guy? put them in order from fave to least fave.  tiara_xx 94 24313 over a year ago
PLEASE can you complete this questionnaire for my university dissertation! Thank you x  SianBarrett 0 1410 over a year ago
YOU KNOW YOUR A DIRECTIONER WHEN.............  JinelleS 33 9040 over a year ago
esult in supply restrictions.  alokozayy5 0 1529 over a year ago
Who wants Harry's kik because I have it?  Sparksfly9851 2 13899 over a year ago
Which member of One Direction would you want to marry & where would you want to live with him?  Frozengirl11 6 1990 over a year ago
Band Member Elimination Game  AoifeF1 69 5784 over a year ago
You can discover here  joseha 0 1041 over a year ago
CALLING ALL DIRECTIONERS!!!  ginasegall 0 1163 over a year ago
Hey 1D fans  lool45 0 798 over a year ago
ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!  Misshoran16 3 2350 over a year ago
the difference between a one directioner and a one directionater  maddiesyd9 1 2787 over a year ago
Attn : 1D fans... I need your help  ajdari 0 1933 over a year ago
What quality do u like the most in each member  xoxopopgirl 1 987 over a year ago
Which qualities do you like the most in each member (mention everybody please)  Kevin0983 5 1737 over a year ago
What is it you love about 1D?  thegrobson 2 1206 over a year ago
List all the Boys according to your favorite =) ♥  Luna-san 8 2138 over a year ago
Which is your favourite One Direction song?  imacrazychicxo 11 1343 over a year ago
Who do you want each member to be? Your Husband, Your Boyfriend, Your Best Friend, Your Soulmate and your brother  LiamLover2176 48 5061 over a year ago
Who would you want to date in One Direction?  Frozengirl11 3 1259 over a year ago
Favourite 1D member  phoebe_horan 27 5735 over a year ago
What member of 1D is your soul mate?  keninv 14 3348 over a year ago
Niall Horan  lois4 12 3700 over a year ago
LOVE ONE DIRECTION ?  onesparke 1 1114 over a year ago
who likes Niall  kl11111 1 1314 over a year ago
CALLING ALL BAY AREA DIRECTIONERS!!  stephanie_ap 0 927 over a year ago
✰ One Direction Contest ✰ {Round 30 is OPEN}  Miraaa 404 32730 over a year ago
Time and color game!  averielise 103 9071 over a year ago
all by myself drc  R5lovee 0 1101 over a year ago
ONE DIRECTION - FOUR ALBUM DOWNLOAD  KlaraPom 0 2976 over a year ago
Hunt for the Biggest Directioner!  gemmastyles 18 2391 over a year ago
'The Colour And Time Game' <3  Lois_Styles 0 1026 over a year ago
One Direction Written Preferences!  lovee_liamm_ 2 1568 over a year ago
A NEW CONTEST  dqwert 1 1936 over a year ago
(◠‿◠)One Direction Photo Contest(◠‿◠) Canceled  Imyselfandme 62 6476 over a year ago
One Direction contest=Props  sshannahmontana 52 4691 over a year ago
Boys are messing again  allaboutniall 0 1528 over a year ago
Guess the lyric game xxx :)  Lois_Styles 55 3677 over a year ago
Make a sentence Gamee!  Raeneloves1D 11 2382 over a year ago
Which 1D song you can listen over and over and never get tired?  Blacklillium 4 1007 over a year ago
1D STUFF! - post ur fav song, band member and much more  1Dfan4 7 3155 over a year ago
What is the best 1D dream you have ever had?  amy-x-x 3 1199 over a year ago
Who wants a One Direction Imagine? (Long & Short)  lovee_liamm_ 3 1584 over a year ago
Whats ur fave one direction song <3  Lois_Styles 5 1191 over a year ago
GAME: Best Friend, Boyfriend, Bad Friend?  alisonfaith297 3 1526 over a year ago
Who is the funniest, sweetest, and hottest??  emilypotato 7 1531 over a year ago
The colour and time game enjoy :)  Lois_Styles 11 1135 over a year ago
Who is your favourite one direction but from the top favourite to the least favourite enjoy :D  Lois_Styles 5 861 over a year ago
Wrong Answer Game ♥♥  Vamp_Fan_25 155 9914 over a year ago
One Direction : MIDNIGHT MEMORIES MUSIC VIDEO!  Niall__Horan 3 1269 over a year ago
Christmas Album?  Niall__Horan 1 836 over a year ago
guess the lyrics game :D  bubbletl 583 31800 over a year ago
1D Rant / Discussion  x-Yumi-x3 2 893 over a year ago
Found a picture today (question)  LeoDiCaptured 1 2009 over a year ago
One Direction Quiz!!  superDivya 3 887 over a year ago
Guess the favourite signer/band game (please dont ignore play)  Lois_Styles 3 1165 over a year ago
Band Elimination Game  Lois_Styles 11 969 over a year ago
Guess Who?  CupcakeBubbles_ 13 2154 over a year ago
one direction sexy??  chloelouise12 4 1427 over a year ago
Their Names!!!  woodenpulltoys9 3 1670 over a year ago
Why don't some people like Niall?  cookienerd101x 4 2022 over a year ago
What would you do?  LiamLover2176 1 1062 over a year ago
Who would u save in 1D  karenboateng 4 2322 over a year ago
kiss,date,marry  pupall 28 3827 over a year ago
Marry, sleep with, and kiss  angelwings123_1 7 1128 over a year ago
who has the best hair?  doglover300 1 1061 over a year ago
Guess the quote game!  241098 11 979 over a year ago
Zayn Malik Reveals What Liam Payne Wanted to Name One Direction!  tweedybird025 1 1520 over a year ago
Guess that song...  0neDirecti0n 231 10142 over a year ago
add some fun c'mon  pop-directioner 0 727 over a year ago
DIRECTIONERS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DeniseH50 0 927 over a year ago
how is cutter  niamhtobin 3 1374 over a year ago
Interview  PurpleStar17 2 1301 over a year ago
Lets remember...  bowchicawowwow 0 1395 over a year ago
Do you think this video makes fun of 1D??  JR1414 10 1635 over a year ago
Zayn look alike or Zayn? :O  ZoeyMalik28 12 7174 over a year ago
kristal navarro  beba352 0 1035 over a year ago
Zayn Malik  fernanda15 2 1443 over a year ago
ZAYN MALIK'S REAL SKYPEE!  emmaz2089 1 1048 over a year ago
Guess Which One Direction Member Is This? (Part 1)  Big_1DFan 10 1624 over a year ago
cute boys  emmayork 2 721 over a year ago
1D WORLD TOUR! (Experiences)  balletlighter 2 1115 over a year ago
cuttest guy  love1D999999 2 807 over a year ago
If You Got Married To One Of The Boys And Had Children, Who Would You Marry And What Would The Kids Be Called?  MissMuffin38 72 26137 over a year ago
One Direction Contest <3  Lois_Styles 0 1098 over a year ago
One Direction  kendallkight45 0 814 over a year ago
~ Rate the Photo Above You ~  Vamp_Fan_25 127 7127 over a year ago
One Direction This Is Us Movie Review  ShipperWar 1 845 over a year ago
One Direction, Somebody, Please read this!  jdrroyal 1 902 over a year ago
"That's What Makes You Beautiful" Free Guitar Tab!!!  jtlessons 0 2897 over a year ago
You can bid for 1D's WORN TEES, Harry's bowtie, photos and signed shirts on eBay for Charity  jwaite 0 878 over a year ago