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TheAnimeQueen said …
Yay, I just joined this club and I'm fan No.#5000!!! ^-^ Just started watching One Piece. I only just finished the Baratie Arc! Posted 5 months ago
AquaMarine6663 said …
Okay, I look over at the related clubs, and it has this; Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, Ace D. Portgas, Nico Robin, Zoro & Robin, and...Chocolate Cake? How the hell is cake related to One Piece?! Posted 9 months ago
pumpkinqueen commented…
Because you want one piece of it. XD 9 months ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
One piece? Hell, I want the whole damn cake! XD 9 months ago
shamha said …
does luffy really dies Posted 9 months ago
Lulu50000 commented…
Not as of yet, and I'm fully up to date (chapter 825). Also, I don't think there'd be much of a story left if he died. Although you never know, he may die at the very end. 8 months ago