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Guide by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted 9 months ago
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"Devil Fruit" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest.

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found in the world that can give the eater many different and varying kinds of strange and interesting abilities, depending on the type and variation of the fruit itself.

There are some seen only in the anime and different ones seen only in the manga. However, most of them appear in both and are crucial in the storyline where many main characters possess their powers.

According to Oda, a "certain professor" will explain the complex mechanisms behind all of the Devil Fruits in the series in the near future.


“    I once heard that all the Devil Fruits are the Sea Devil's incarnations. If you eat one you'll gain a special ability, but you won't be able to swim.    ”
— Shanks speaks to Buggy on Devil Fruits

The Devil Fruits as described by Morgan
Fan fiction by Lulunopia posted 10 months ago
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Mizu’s POV

I sat there in a damp dark cell thinking, thinking of how to escape. Finally coming to a decision I transformed in to a mouse. Crawling between a crack in the door I made my way to the stairs but, of course I got lost a few times. Don’t blame me this place is more maze like then anything. When I finally got to the stairs I heard a whoosh and some screaming. My best guess is straw hat and rat face but, I have no time for this. Running as fast as I can I come to a stop in front of a door with a fresh air smell to it. Again crawling through a crack I found myself outside. I could see Axe man a few feet away.

"Surround the base! Don't let that straw hat escape!" Shit straw hats in there. That must have been the whoosh I heard earlier.

"Roronoa Zoro…I've heard of your name from a long time ago, but do not underestimate me. Before my great strength…you're just garbage! READY!" The guards raised the guns ready to fire and in the instant it was as if time slowed. Zoro can't die I need him he's all I have left.
Fan fiction by Lulunopia posted 11 months ago
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Zoro - 18 Mizu - 14

Mizu's POV

I sat there watching my brother my brother talking to a boy in a straw hat. I couldn't hear them from the distance

I'm at but, I know Nii-san was asking to be untied. He's been tied up for 9 days with no food. I'm worried he's going to die from hunger but, then again we have gone a bit longer with no food so I'm sure he's fine. I hope. I watched a little girl climb up a latter next to straw hat and pinky. She hopped over the wall and held out some rice ball. She was wherein a huge small that it made me smile. She's so cute!

Seeing Helmeppo in the distance in jumped down and walked over to Zoro and stood behind him to listen in.

Entering the clearing he announced, "Don't pick on little kids Roronoa Zoro or else I'll have to report to my father about in." Damn the man gets on mine nerves.

Just cause his "daddy's" in charge he thinks he's all that.