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Fan fiction by shockdrop posted 6 days ago
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Make a devill fruit thats interesting and creative and strong.i know this has been posted before but its fun seeing peoples ideas
Write its name, class,abilities,what it looks like, strengths weaknesses. And if u want describe its user.
Ex. god god fruit (model Titan)

Class: mythical zoan.

Looks like an apple kiwi.

It will allow u to supersize to the size of hardjun the giant and expand to make it larger. It can partially expand body parts to.
Hybrid form will coat u in red energy and give u super strength and let u fly and its invincible armore is up pierce able for guns swords and other powerful weapons. U can fire red energy in beams.like kisuke uruhara in bleach he can control crimson energy. He can also move at super speed. He can also creat massive shocke waves .full form is a giant body coated with red and black energy he is also super size to the the point where his feet touch the bottom of the ocean and his body expands to the size of shikis island.one punch can destroy pirate fleets. Weaknes if u get pass the armore the damage he takes is multiplied . Seawater and sea prison stine. Yami...
Article by Tailedfox66 posted 3 months ago
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I came up with this when thinking about what it would be like to be a pirate captain like Luffy, Shanks and the best of them all Gold Roger.

So basically follow the example below to let everyone here know about your greatest fantasy.

Pirate Crew Name: The Bounty Pirates

Captains Nickname: Tsunami Luke <-- (not my actual name)

Captain's Powers: Mizu-Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit) which is a logia type devil fruit that basically allows him to control water (which is ironic since he's also weak against it)

Flag Description: A skull with the sign of the berry currency for their eye and two broad swords in a cross position behind the skull.
Fan fiction by silverexorcist posted 9 months ago
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Cade Locksley loved to brag and he was certainly known for exaggerating things at times. But one thing he didn’t lie about was his skill at shooting.

He really was the best gunslinger in the world.

Sniping was a different story. He was certainly one of the best, but he’d never competed with the others, since the only two other experts he knew were both extraordinarily eccentric (one being an assassin who’s face he’d never seen before and the other being a cheater who didn’t understand the concept of fair play). Since sniping wasn’t his preferred way of fighting to begin with, he didn’t really care about not having the title as best so long as he was definitely one of the best.

Plus, he still had the undisputed title of best gunslinger.

“Come on, Bluebell, what’s the matter?! Still can’t handle my haki?! If you don’t find a way to strike back, you’ll end up losing to yourself before you even put a scratch on me!”