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Fan fiction by Lulunopia posted 7 days ago
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Zoro - 18 Mizu - 14

Mizu's POV

I sat there watching my brother my brother talking to a boy in a straw hat. I couldn't hear them from the distance

I'm at but, I know Nii-san was asking to be untied. He's been tied up for 9 days with no food. I'm worried he's going to die from hunger but, then again we have gone a bit longer with no food so I'm sure he's fine. I hope. I watched a little girl climb up a latter next to straw hat and pinky. She hopped over the wall and held out some rice ball. She was wherein a huge small that it made me smile. She's so cute!

Seeing Helmeppo in the distance in jumped down and walked over to Zoro and stood behind him to listen in.

Entering the clearing he announced, "Don't pick on little kids Roronoa Zoro or else I'll have to report to my father about in." Damn the man gets on mine nerves.

Just cause his "daddy's" in charge he thinks he's all that.
Fan fiction by Lulunopia posted 7 days ago
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Oc's info

Name: Roanoa Mizu

Age: 14

Birthday: June 26th

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128

Hair: Waist length green hair usually in a ponytail, with black dog ears on top.

Eyes: Brown, change with devil fruit.

Body type: Shorter than most her age, slim, muscular, black dog tail, with a small chest.

Clothes: Black hoodie over white tank-top with bleeding heart design. Dark blue shorts with black belt with a sword on the right hip and twin daggers strapped to the back. Dark blue gloves with white straps.

Devil Fruit: Kemono - Kemono Fruit (Beast-Beast fruit). Allows her to change into any animal and can swim for 5 minutes (only if the animal is a reptile of fish) before drowning.
Weapons: Twin daggers, Pure white bladed sword, throwing knives.

Strengths: Speed, Close combat skills, Anger.

Weaknesses: Short stature, slightly weaker due to age and height, Anger.
Fan fiction by shockdrop posted 1 month ago
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Make a devill fruit thats interesting and creative and strong.i know this has been posted before but its fun seeing peoples ideas
Write its name, class,abilities,what it looks like, strengths weaknesses. And if u want describe its user.
Ex. god god fruit (model Titan)

Class: mythical zoan.

Looks like an apple kiwi.

It will allow u to supersize to the size of hardjun the giant and expand to make it larger. It can partially expand body parts to.
Hybrid form will coat u in red energy and give u super strength and let u fly and its invincible armore is up pierce able for guns swords and other powerful weapons. U can fire red energy in beams.like kisuke uruhara in bleach he can control crimson energy. He can also move at super speed. He can also creat massive shocke waves .full form is a giant body coated with red and black energy he is also super size to the the point where his feet touch the bottom of the ocean and his body expands to the size of shikis island.one punch can destroy pirate fleets. Weaknes if u get pass the armore the damage he takes is multiplied . Seawater and sea prison stine. Yami...