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This RP is based around the sucessful retrieval of One Piece by Straw Hat Luffy and his pirate gang. Pirates have begun to take over the world, starting with the dangerous line of ocean, known as the Grand Line. The Marines and the World Government declare war on the pirates and swear to wipe them out completely, by relying on the CP9 and Shichibukai... The original Shichibukai were wiped out by Luffy and a series of unfortunate events, but a couple of less known pirates have had enough of Luffy and his gang and want to destroy him. Steel Club Alvida, Pirate Buggy, Captain Kuro and a couple of others have congregated with World Government and the Marines have a plan - one that could destroy Monkey D. Luffy, the Pirate King, for good.

Character Format







Special ability:

Other abilities:

My pirate crew is called, the Dragonlance Pirates and the Captain is Rakki Tenshoku.


1. No god-modding. I want to promote fairness and equality on this forum.

2. No straight kills in battles, unless you are fighting Marine soldiers.

3. Please don't abuse others.

4. If you want to join, please ask first, then post a character.

5. If you are posting Devil's Fruits, then put them on Jstar's 'Make Your Own Devil's Fruit' and I will review them.

Shichibukai List:


Admiral List:

Namikiji (Cipher Pol Admiral)

N.b: This RP takes place 10 years after Luffy retrieves One Piece.

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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
[The Ship's Doctor - The Stench of Sweat]

Rakki: I'm Rakki, and I think I would like to buy you a drink.

(Rakki continued to stare at the man - Simiao, who raised his eyebrows)

Simiao: You know, there's nothing to drink here... Perhaps we should find another place to buy some rum.

Rakki: An excellent suggestion, friend... One I would certainly welcome. There is one place down the road, it looked even more unfriendly than this place, though.

Simiao: I'm sure you have the temerity to handle such... I know I do.

Rakki: Indeed. Your feat here certainly proved that to me.

Simiao: Shall we?

Rakki: Aye. (Both stand up, letting their seats drop to the floor, then amble past the frightened customers - at least, the ones that didn't have enough balls to shift their legs)

(They came to a stop outside the next one, which was called the Rum Drum. Rakki smiled in anticipation, realising that they would find their rum here. They swung open the saloon-style doors, striding past the muscled bounty hunters and sailors.)

Rakki: (Taking a place at the bar, then signals to the bartender) Hey, I'll have two rums please!

Bartender: (Looks around, and eyes Rakki out) Aye, got beli?

Rakki: Of course. How much for the bottle?

Bartender: 250 beli.

Rakki: I'll take it. To your good health (Nods to Simiao, then takes the glasses off the bartender and pours one each)

Simiao: Indeed. Thank you.

Bartender: What 'bout my beli?

Rakki: Here. (Hands him a wad of notes) So, Simiao, what do you do? I assume you ate a Fruit?

Simiao: Yes, I certainly did. The Ase-Ase No Mi. And you?

Rakki: Butsuri-Butsuri No Mi, the Physics fruit. I'm sure you'll see it one of these days - I'll be incredibly famous one day. I'll be a Yonkou, just need to defeat one of them.

(Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by the yelling of several men - some of the bounty hunters had surrounded their table were drawing their weapons.)

Rakki: Don't you know that it is rude to interrupt a conversation? Hey, Simiao, do you know anyone who would be our crew's doctor? We've been trying to find someone like that.

Simiao: Do I know a doctor? I am a doctor... I'll join your crew.

Rakki: Great! Now take that bottle of rum and hold it tightly, I'm going to deal with these fools.

Bounty hunter: Rakki Tenshoku, Captain of the Dragonlance Pirates... Also known as Shapeshifter Rakki. Your bounty is 35,000,000. We could certainly use that money.

Rakki: Oh, really? Well, it's too bad that you won't be getting it. Butsuri No Kaze! (A wind suddenly roars in to the building, blowing everything around and pushing the bounty hunters backwards. They let loose their weapons, some attacking with swords, the others with guns. However, when they hit Rakki, they travel right through him, leaving trails of water behind him)

Bounty hunter: What the hell is he?! (Begin shooting again, but are then kicked through the wall of the bar, leaving a loud crash)

Rakki: That was too easy... Honestly, bounter hunters are getting pitiful these days (Spits on the ground, then motions to Simiao) I'll show you our ship, the Buster Blade.

Simiao: You seem strong, very much so. I'm glad to have this opportunity with you.

Rakki: The pleasure is mine, my friend. I have been trying to find a suitable doctor for years...

over a year ago NateBind said…
[World Government HQ]

Asuka: So for how long will we just stay here and do nothing? I have more important things to do..

Hope: We we're ordered to depart after Shichibukai's meeting, though im pretty sure that one of us is missing.

Asuka: Huh? Missing? Who would that be?

Hope: Our leader, Nejireta .D Doukeshi, he left the holy land a while ago.

(Suddenly both of them looked to the right, noticing that one of the Royal Shichibukai had already arrived to be exact it was Basil Hawkins himself who slowly walked past those two, not even looking at them.)

Asuka: Hmph.. it's been a while since i've seen someone from the "Worst Generation" but still where the hell did that idiot go.. he cant miss the meeting.

Hope: There is no need to worry, as a "World Noble" he cannot do such thing, that would affect his pride too much.

Asuka: I hope you're right...

(Meanwhile somewhere in Grand Line, on the Spring Island where two powerful swordsmen kept clashing together thus creating a large mess, Doukeshi stood for about two hundred meters away, observing the fight between Mihawk and Karasu. Having no intention nor orders to dispose of both instead of what he aimed for the black sword "Yoru", he awaited for the victor who would claim or remain the title of "The Greatest Swordsman in The World".)

Doukeshi, while observing their fight: Hmph, that other guy is not bad at all but its a shame that Mihawk is not the same swordsman he was during his prime. Now i realise why he made such move as it is time to let "New Generation" to take over.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Remember when I said I’d only have two characters? Good times, good times.

Name: Lotus “Red Dawn” Everly

Affiliation: World Government, Rear Admiral

Age: 23

Appearance: His red hair is long and wavy, coming down to her hips, but often tied into a tight bun with a single long strand brushing down over her face. She’s an even six feet tall with piercing dark red eyes and a spray of freckles. A busty woman, she wears her rear admiral cloak over a number of intricate and stylized dresses of all sorts, often cut in highly revealing fashions, but always parted in the right places to allow free motion while fighting.

Personality: Lotus wears many masks. Most often, it’s the mask of the debutante, a well bred young lady capable of showcasing an incredible amount of class and refinement. In battle or on a mission, she becomes a deadly weapon, though one with a soul that often compromises the very missions she’s sent on. She occasionally showcases a raucous side, one fully capable of drinking with men multiple times her size and enjoying bawdy jokes. Many have tried to discern which of these, if any, the actual Lotus is. The truth is, even she doesn’t know any longer.

History: Her history has been a mixed bag. She grew up in Loguetown, the daughter of a very wealthy family. After a number of years, she was submitted to the Marines for training. Expectations were set low, but she quickly managed to defy the odds, surpassing everyone’s beliefs in her. After a number of years in service of the marines, she was placed under the care of Vice Admiral Tsuru, who took a deep interest in the now Lieutenant rank Marine. It was under the Tsuru’s tutelage that she flourished, finding both of her blades within the span of a year. Since her promotion to Rear Admiral, she has worked in close association with the higher ups among the Marines, who have entrusted a long term mission of grave importance to her.

Special abilities: She is one of the very few people capable of using Haoshoku Haki, something she has become incredibly proficient in, along with other types of Haki. She shows incredible skill with assassination, made all the more effective by her dagger. Her hand-to-hand fighting capabilities are effective, though she is most effective with her staff in combat.

Weapons wielded: Sasayaku (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath hidden within a pocket inside the right side of her vest), Kyūshutsu (Unknown grade, lashed straight up and down on her back)

Sasayaku [Whisper] (O Wazamono) – A kris with a twisting, thin blade 5 inches long, a half inch across and nearly paper thin, Sasayaku has an interesting appearance. The blade appears to be made of glass with a storm of clouds inside of it, with an opaque hilt made entirely of smooth rosewood and worked with twisting patterns. It includes only a thin metal guard that extends out to a point about an inch off of one side of the hilt. The wavy blade has unique properties, as it will cause no injury upon cut. However, blood will still pour out around the blade as though the blood vessels it passes through were actually severed. This causes no pain, and the recipient of the injury feels nothing aside from the blood loss. This effect only lasts so long as the blade remains within the opponent. Only against other steel will the weapon showcase an actual physical presence.

Kyūshutsu [Deliverance] (Unknown) – A staff with two, foot long curved blades at its ends. It’s 7 and a half feet long in total, and contains four handholds along its length (each 6 inches long), each made of leather. The staff itself is entirely made with metal, including two, inch-thick bars connecting the curved blades to two of the handholds (each another foot in length). Between each of the grips is a length of blade (each 6 inches long).
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Nice character, dude. So, what is a Rear Admiral in relation to Marine Hierarchy?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Above Commander, below Vice Admiral.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Ah, I see. I understand now. XD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
[The Deadly Race, Sergei vs. Red Dawn, Part 1]

Sergei stood at the prow of the ship, the sun setting before him. The wind brushed his hair lightly, and a small pray of water leapt to meet him. He looked distant. In truth, he was practically green. Normally, he had no problems whatsoever on the ocean, but he’d recently had to draw upon one of his golden bracers to heal a menacing wound. He would have been sick anywhere, but the effects of sea sickness made it all the worse. He’d lost much of his previous meals over the side of the ship.

Sergei had spent the last several days down in the hold of the ship, trying his best to ignore his roiling stomach. It was difficult. Ever since Ryla had left the ship, deposited on a friendly island, his distractions had gotten fewer and fewer. Of course, it had been what she’d left behind that had been most important.

He took out a sheaf of copper sheets. Little Ryla had awoken when they had gotten back to the ship, demanding only that he return for that possession. He’d found it lying close to his body, many of the pages turned crimson by the blood that pooled around him. It wasn’t much, mostly gibberish scribbled in a hasty hand. But it wasn’t the pages that mattered. He had given her back the book after transcribing the words, hoping to divine some meaning out of them. It was the copper sheets, hidden behind the covers and between several of the pages that mattered most for the moment.

He didn’t have to touch them anymore; there were no longer any memories left there. The Synod had long since discovered a method to implant memories into copper the same way he could, though they could not store many such memories in this way, and they couldn’t be returned once drawn out.

All of the other metals in the apartment had been taken or destroyed, as with all of the other members of the Synod whom he’d discovered. This was the first trove he’d found, and Sazed had hidden these pages with incredible care for a reason.

He closed his eyes.

He was in Sazed’s room once again, sitting at his chair and writing in that small book. He scribbled a note or two, and then rose. He walked toward the doorway, carrying it with him. He walked over to the room down the hallway, glancing in on the sleeping Ryla and checking over the remainder of the apartment. He turned and walked back towards his room, glancing down at the tome in his hand.

Sergei was seeing through the eyes of his departed friend. It was a strange sensation, since the man had been over a hand taller than him. The book disappeared in his large hands as he walked back into his room.

The window was open. Had it been open when he’d left? It was hard to say. Sazed only paused a moment, not seeming to notice the oddity. He sat down on the bed, reaching over to place the book down on the corner next to him. Sazed frowned, seeing bright red liquid dripping from his outstretched hand onto the pages below. He began to feel woozy, the image in his memory swimming as he lost more blood. He turned around, trying to see what was behind him, but all Sergei could make out was a black smudge. Then he fell, and the book fell out of his grip.

Sazed had kept many such memories of his last few days on each of the sheets, probably replacing old days as new ones came. He wanted whoever found him to know how he’d died.

Sergei opened his eyes again, the world rotating as he did so. He dry heaved over the rails, wiping his mouth with the back of a hand. There was little he could do about the mystery killer now, excepting, of course, finding the other Synod. And he knew where another one was. They would soon dock at St. Poplar, risking the proximity to Enies Lobby on his orders. Dragon wouldn’t be pleased, but he couldn’t worry about that now. Time was of the essence.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
[The Travelling Circus] - Part One

(Rakki and Simiao sat with Long John at the bow, their usual place. Simiao and Long John seemed to get on quite well, talking up a storm. Rakki relaxed backwards, listening to their blather and hoping that it didn't put him to sleep.)

Rakki: Guys, guys... I'm bored. I need entertainment. A pirate ship needs some form of entertainment - anyone got any ideas.

Simiao: I'm a doctor... I'm not going to be any use there.

Johnny: I can sing terribly...?

Rakki: Ye gods, Johnny, I said entertainment, not my crew jumping off the boat to get away from your caterwauling!

Johnny: (Grins toothily) Are ye sure 'bout that, Captain?

Rakki: Very sure. HEY, BUGEYE?!

Bug-eye: YO!


Bug-eye: NO!

Rakki: USELESS! Well, that dashes that theory then. (Glances at his men, who are all working hard, while they slack off at the bow)

(The pirate crew glower in his direction, but pretend not to care and continue working on cleaning the deck of the Buster Blade. The Buster Blade was his pride and joy. He had seen the Thousand Sunny once, ship of the Pirate-King and it was tiny compared to the Blade, but it had something that his ship didn't and that was technology. One day he would use money to upgrade the Blade and add some modifications to it. He also needed a shipwright. Perhaps Water 7 would be the perfect place to find one.)

Rakki: Johnny... we will set our course for Water 7. Tell Kev.

Johnny: Right. (Long John leaves the bow and heads off the where the helm is located)

Simiao: Water 7? Why there?

Rakki: Because... I want to spend some money on this boat. I have a few million beli sitting in our safe, I would like to spend it on upgrading this boat. You see, a couple of years ago, I saw the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Pirate-King... It was brilliantly made, designed by their shipwright, the notorious Franky. I want our boat to more like that one.

Simiao: A notable way to spend the money... At least you aren't wasting it. So, do you honestly expect to be a Yonkou one day?

Rakki: I won't rest until I achieve it! I will defeat one of them in order to become one.

Simiao: What if it is Red-hair Shanks?

Rakki: That is a completely different story... Shanks is not someone to be messed with or taken lightly. He is probably the strongest man in the world, along with our current Pirate-King... The two people I will never mess with.

Simiao: I see. Well, you'll have your work cutr out for you, then, won't you? You'll have to become a Supernova first, then gain an even more massive bounty. Plus, I believe you'll have to cause a lot of havoc among the Marines.

Rakki: Then we'd better get to Water 7, so we can get started!

(Presently, they saw another ship on the horizon, noted by Bug-eye. They headed towards it, everyone ready, in case it was to turn into a battle. Instead, they saw a bunch of animals in cages on deck and a whole crew of funny looking guys, who resembled clowns, acrobats and other such professions. Rakki stood at the port-side of the boat and yelled to the man who lloked like the Captain.)

Rakki: Hey, you guys look funny...

????: And, you are?

Rakki: Captain of this boat. And you?

????: The Captain of the Travelling Ocean Circus... I am Devak Hotspur.

Rakki: Rakki Tenshoku, Captain of the Dragonlance pirates. Are you guys pirates as well as a circus?

????: Yes. Perhaps your crew would appreciate a demonstration?

Rakki: I think they would.

-To Be Continued-
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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Alright so I hope you've all been enjoying my posts with Mihawk and Karasu. I hope that it was a satisfying and intense battle I know most of you are probably routing for Mihawk witch is why I am proud to announce have written and done this fight. Now it's time we into the Ending of the Legendary Swordsman and see who is the world's strongest.

-Invitation to a duel final part-

-A shift in power the will of Mihawk lives on-

-Mihawk stood there panting with exhaustion his right eye gone Mihawk started to smile than the sound of laughter escaped his mouth than it became a full blown chuckle that became cackling- "heh heh heh ha ha ha AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHHH HA HA HA HA!." -Mihawk kept his grin on his face- "do you like him Yoru ? do you want him to suceed me ?" -Karasu smirked spoke himself- "is this what you want Kuchibashi ? is this the duel you've been longing for were only mere moment away from becoming the strongest. NI ho ho ho ho, Let's end this Sensi!"

-Mihawk kept his grin as he lifted up Yoru over his head Karasu doing the same with his own blade-

-Mihawk and Karasu both strike there blades into the ground-

Mihawk : "Can you fair Agaisnt this I wonder my very young apprentince ekai Ichi no Zangek!"

-Karasu only smirked with cockiness behind his grin- "of course I can Single sword Style "Hishou Ryu no Mori !." (Soaring Dragon Lance) A Large blast of Red energy Launched from Karasu's blade it formed what looked like a dragon soaring through the sky it collided with Mihawks Large green blast that tore through everything in it's path a Violent explosion was heard and seen the wind became Violent from the collsion of these fearsome attack destorying and blowing away anything from it's path Trees and ground shattered and flew every where the ocean surrounding the island became rest less waves crashed agaisnt the ship that was Karasu's causing Mitsukai to grip onto the edge as he winced at the explosion that was had formed a huge cylinder of energy in the center of the island. Mouintains crumbled beneath the might of the seemingly two titants.-

-Finally everything seemed to calm down only smoke now filled the island and the outer reaches of it the forest had been destoryed nothing butt rubble was seen a Large creator was formed in the middle of the island. Mihawk stood just at the edge his hat gone to show his hair. his eyes could not be seen blood running down both sides of his lips Large slashes and gashes all over his body his coat blown from the explosion he was panting. his pants and leg's were also torn up it was amazing he was still standing- "impressive.........Karasu"

-Mihawk put Yoru at a laxed stance holding it with one hand- "your the only to of injured this bad in such a long time." -Mihawk coughed up blood after he spoke- "But even so it's a decade to soon for you to beat me. now" -he was than cut off the by the sound of rubble moving around Mihawks eye went wide- "Impossable !" -he shouted as loud his voice could go-

-Sure enough Karasu emeraged his body covered in cuts and scrapes his arms both now shreded from the impact of the blasts his cloak and coat also gone he was shirt less with a Large X shaped slashes across his chest his left eye forced closed to blood his hair ran down to his lower back it was no longer in it's pony tail Kuchibashi in his right hand and the runic pattern on his blade glowing- "I ....Am....Not...Dead"

-Mihawk gave bitter grin and brought Yoru back up- "than this will determine who is strong you've fought well but it's over for you" -Mihawk sprinted forward swinging Yoru in a Diagonal strike Karasu brought up his sheath blocking the strike his bangs covering his eyes. "you're right Mihawk it is over. For you" -Mihawks eye went wide as he let out a loud heave of pain no blood sprayed from his mouth he looked down to see Kuchibashi had been stabbed into his chest but it was odd no blood only pain shot through Mihawks body he smiled panting- "I heard rumors....about this's the....ssslasshh tttthat cannnot bbbbeeee sssseeen." -Mihawk fell forward causing the blade to go deeper but Yoru fell into the ground Mihawk collasped into Karasu's chest his body slowly turning gray like his soul was being drained from his body- "how long until I get to see the embrace of death."

-Karasu bit his bottom lip Tears falling from his eyes- "60 seconds Mihawk Sensi you have one minute left of life."

-Mihawk smiled- "don't cry you won fair and square once I am dead you are my sucessor I raised you since you were a boy so I am proud to not only call you my Student but My Son the will of Yoru is yours now. My son" -Mihawk took his last breath and passed on peacefull Karasu withdrew his blade from his Master chest tears falling down his face as he pivoted to where Yoru stood he resheathed his blade and picked up Yoru resting it on his shoulder.- "Rest in peace Mihawk Sensi."

-Karasu walked off boarding his ship he put down Yoru and his other blade and smiled at Mitsukai- "I Won......." -Karasu passed out due to his injuries. Mitsukai only smiled- "your will amazes me"

-Off in the distance a man with three swords is standing behind one of the trees one of his eye has a scar over it and his other one is closed a smile on his face as he walked off- "Impressive so I now have a new target it would seem. Eh Luffy we can set sail now some guy beat me to it however I am looking forward to our duel in the future."

-A man with a selvless long red coat can be seen standing on a ship with a STRAW HAT on his back a smile on his face- "Hey ZORO why didn't you just kill him now ?"

-Zoro chuckled- "you idoit that would be dishonorable ! sheesh now set sail would ya."

-Zoro boards his ship and Luffy smiles as the all sunny sets sail-

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
[A Tense Meeting – The Royal Shichibukai, Part 1]

By the time the ship docked at Marineford, her other weapons had been returned to her. She nervously checked the hilts under each of her wrists as the Marines around her scurried to tie it to the dock. Most of her wounds had closed, though Lucia was still in pain as she disembarked. Not that she noticed. Her last visit to Marineford had been memorable, but nonetheless she was captivated by the gigantic structure before her with the massive Kaigun written in kanji standing out like an incredible mural before her. Despite being nearly destroyed in previous wars, it had been rebuilt quickly, and now the place looked pristine. It was the pinnacle of excellence for them for a reason.

???: If you mean to impress, you’re doing a poor job of it.

The words barely shook her out of her stupor, but she did close her mouth, which had been gaping open at the sight. The man who strode toward her was a legend. Known as the White Hunter, Admiral Smoker had worked his way up through the ranks without kowtowing to authority, by his strength and determination alone. His characteristic coat draped from his shoulders, and a pair of cigars dangled from his mouth. The smoke made her eyes water. Still, Lucia was more captivated by the sights than star struck.

Lucia: Impress…

Smoker raised an eyebrow: Yes… that’s a word I said. Pull yourself together!

Lucia shook her head, refocusing her attention. Still, every few seconds during the conversation, even while she was speaking, she would glance at the wonders around her.

Lucia: I’m fine!

Smoker: Good, because we aren’t inducting just anyone into the Shichibukai, and I still have some say in these things.

Lucia: Wasn’t I already accepted?

Smoker eyed her: Indeed you did. And then you vanished. Do you really think we’d trust you after pulling that kind of stunt? You ready to play with the big boys?

Lucia turned her gaze downward, on the verge of tears. She wanted dearly to tell him everything that had happened, to explain, but if she did, she’d never be a Shichibukai. No matter how bad he had been, Doflamingo was a Shichibukai. And he’d died in that role.

Lucia: I’ll prove myself, to you and everyone else!

Smoker’s gaze turned domineering for a moment, but then he smiled.

Smoker: Maybe you’ve got what it takes, kid. Just don’t run to me when you want someone to pull your ass out of the fire.

That was… incredibly easy. Smoker turned and walked away, Lucia rubbing the back of her head in confusion. He took a few steps, and then stopped, but he didn’t turn around.

Smoker: Did he really die by your hands?

Lucia gaped in shock. How did he know!?

Smoker: Hmph. I wanted to kill that prick myself. Go join the others in the main building. You have a meeting.

Then he kept on walking, leaving Lucia standing where she was, confused and concerned. If Admiral Smoker knew, who else did?

Still, she couldn’t bother with that at the moment. The conversation had taken her mind off of her surroundings, so the walk to the central building was spent in silent contemplation.

When she entered the large chamber, it was filled with a long table piled high with food. Around it sat the Shichibukai.

Kuro of the Black Cat pirates sat at the right end of the table. His green-and-black hair and glasses made him easy to pick out. He wore his usual black suit with two golden ornaments over a white shirt with an extended, curled collar and a standard black tie. He greedily attacked a plate of gigantic fish.

Cade “Long-Shot” Locksley sat next to him. He lay back lazily in his chair, casually sipping wine and avoiding conversation; he didn’t much like any of the company surrounding him. A black hat dipped down over his eyes with a wide golden brim. Lucia could hardly see his clothing at all under that monstrosity, save for a long sleeved coat with wide shoulders.

Gin the “Man-Demon” sat to his left. A small-ish man by the standards of those around him, his short brown hair was cropped close. He wore dark colored, tight clothing, and a bandana about his forehead. He was not what anyone would call handsome, but the look in his eyes spoke of a seriousness that few could match, even as he tore into the leg of some cooked animal.

Next to him was Trafalgar Law of the Heart Pirates. How he’d managed to stay in the Shichibukai, Lucia did not know, though his abilities were more than powerful enough to warrant his presence, even if his loyalty was not. He wore his usual northern-style white fur hat with black spots, along with similar fur leggings under a deep black coat that covered his tall but thin frame, the coat emblazoned with his laughing symbol. He was the only one armed in the room, his long sword lightly resting against the back of his chair. He was taking small bites of a piece of cake.

Basil Hawkins had taken position next to him, apparently finding some comfort in being near one of the original 11 Supernovas, even if they couldn’t trust one another. Long flowing blonde locks flowed down from above his high forehead, which was marked by three vertical lines above each red eye. He wore a long black overcoat with a ruffled fringe, open all the way down to his plaid trousers. Dark gloves covered his hands and an armor-like armlet extended across his left arm and biceps. She couldn’t see the black cross tattooed at the base of his throat since he was bent forward, looking over a number of cards suspended in the air before him with dispassion. He was the only one who hadn’t touched his food.

An empty space was open next to him, probably open for Mihawk should he arrive. That just left Karasu Konjou of the Black Bird Pirates. He was in a depressing mood, glowering at the room from his chair. He wore his usual black feather cloak over a black vest clasped in gold and white billowing leggings. He was the only other one beyond Lucia who was wrapped in bandages, which bulged on his arms beneath his feathered cloak and covered his neck.

Law, Gin and Kuro were the only ones who noticed her arrival, and Kuro was the only one who cared enough to mention it. He smiled.

Kuro: Now, now girlie. Who died and made you Royal?

She ignored him, striding over to the empty chairs. Three sets of eyes watched her, joined by two more as she moved, Cade first, who looked bemused, and then Hawkins, who quickly dismissed her as unimportant, calling up another card to take his attention. Only Karasu remained ignorant of her presence, even as she sat in the open chair.

Kuro shouted at her: Hey now, I asked you a question gi-

Law: Shut your trap. She’s a Shichibukai now, show some respect.

Kuro: Oh? Since when did I have to show respect to the new meat?

Cade: Since we received this summons. Whatever’s happening, we’re going to have to trust one another. We can’t do that if you keep calling her “girlie.” Besides, I don’t think those blades will remain sheathed if you keep on blathering.

Kuro snarled: If she wants to fight, bring it the fuck-

Hawkins: Quiet already. You’re annoying.

Kuro glared at him, but said nothing. Gin burst out laughing, spitting up chunks of meat.

Cade: We need our strength back if what they’ve told us is correct.

Law: Kuma malfunctioning and dying in battle. Mihawk resigning. Do any of you really believe that crap?

Lucia’s eyes widened. WHAT?

Gin: I don’t know, maybe they told it true. The only other possibility is that the Marines are trying to kill us all off one by one.

The room fell silent at that. While no one wanted to validate the half joke, it had crossed each of their minds. It was a terrifying thought, especially here under the roof of the very Marines they suspected.

Lucia: So why are we here?

Law smiled: She speaks! I wish we could answer that for you, but it appears we’re all in the dark on this one.

???: Allow me to elaborate, then.

Everyone in the room showed surprise when they saw the man striding through the door. Even Karasu woke from his stupor. The fact that the World Government Commander-in-Chief had arrived at this meeting was beyond any of their expectations. It didn’t help that the man who stood before them was a legend in his own right, as well as the father and grandfather of other legends. After Kong had died, it was only right that someone of his wisdom and strength had taken over, though the man who now held the role had taken his sweet time accepting it. Monkey D. Garp, a man who had refused so many advancements to the role of Admiral, had chosen to accept the prestigious promotion to Commander-in-Chief shortly after Aokiji’s return. He had been the one to accept the former Admiral’s apologies and return him to the Marines as Fleet Admiral.

Garp smiled: You’re here to wreak havoc.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
whose doing the next part ? BP throw my Admiral there Kiya she's on one of these pages
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over a year ago silverexorcist said…
I'll do the next part. I'm already writing a post, so i can just merge them. And a question: Yonkou. Are they going to be involved? I'm guessing Luffy's going to be one, but the other three spots are open. It's funny how One Piece has so many spots for different kinds of characters XD
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
I don't Luffy would Qualify IDK, but I do have one posted up Akario a few pages back I was hoping he'd be in Antagonist at some point & be refered to in this meeting as well as Luffy
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
[Clashing Personality- The Royal Shichibukai Part 2]

“Well, if it isn’t the big guy himself!” Cade cackled as he sat forward suddenly. The front feet of his chair returned to the ground with a loud crack. “I’m glad I showed up after all! How’ve ya’ been?”

“Retirement isn’t as permanent as people pretend it is.” Garp gave a wide grin as he took a seat at the circular table. It was large enough to fit several more people, but still compact enough to have everyone in full view of each other and hear every word said. Supposedly, this set up gave the impression that everyone was equal. “That aside, how is everyone enjoying the food? It looks pretty good!”

“Quite with the formalities.” Trafalgar Law sighed as he folded his arms across his chest, sitting back in his chair. “Get on to why we’re here. What did you mean by ‘wreak havoc’?”

Neither Garp nor Cade was listening. To the surprise of the others, both were slamming their fists against the table as they chugged down massive barrels of wine as fast as they could, racing despite there not having been a challenge verbally issued.

“If you two are just going to play around, I see no reason for me to remain here…” Kuro murmured as he made every sign of standing out of his seat. He winced as Garp slammed his empty barrel on the table as Cade hid his face in his hands in distress, having only finished roughly 96% of his own alcohol.

[Play Music and repeat as necessary]
“Now, now.” Garp said as he wiped his mouth clean with one sleeve. “No need to be so impatient. I was talking about how things are nowadays on the sea. Back when Gol D. Roger was executed, people around the world set out to find one piece—including many of you here now. When One Piece was found, well…things got a little more rambunctious. Instead of trying to find One Piece, people have being playing with the idea of stealing it, like a stereotypical pirate. Well, it’s not like just anyone can beat my grandson! But still, I’m sure you guys already know that things are starting to get out of hand. Raiding islands, pillaging merchant ships, terrorizing civilians—all the traditional pirate stuff is being done everywhere. Honestly, it’s like these new age brats are becoming stupider with every passing year.”

“In other words,” Kuro propped up his glasses with the palm of his hand. “You want us to, pirates, to help put an end to these amateur raids? Seems to be asking for a bit much, don’t you think? If we were ordered to by the World Government, we may have little choice, but our purpose is to keep the balance of powers along with the marines and Yonkou. If we went around punishing pirates everywhere, wouldn’t that belittle our worth?”

“Really? As expected from the second smartest man in East Blue. Then how about just suppressing them?”

“It’s the same thing!”

“I see. Well then, negotiations failed, I guess.”

“Don’t just give up like that!” Both Law and Kuro screeched in exasperation as Garp simply stared at them both blankly. Cade laughed openly, holding his sides as he gasped; “My sides…I can’t…!”

“What a waste of time.” Gin muttered scathingly as he stood up suddenly.

“Where are you going?” Karasu asked with a raised eyebrow as Gin strutted by his seat.

“There’s no point in staying. I’m not interested in starting war with the Stawhats.”

“Who said anything about that?”

“No said it yet, but it’s obvious that that is where it’s heading.”

Karasu didn’t object further as Gin continued walking. Cade, however, didn’t let it go so easily.

“Hey now, don’t tell me you’re bowing out just because of something like that?” Cade snorted as he hopped onto the table and jumped across its length easily, landing on the floor right behind the exiting Gin. “If you planned to leave, why did you bother coming?”

“Because they told me I had no choice.” Gin sighed. He wasn’t going to let himself be provoked so easily. “Do whatever you like—without me.”

“Is it because one you’re in debt to one of the Stawhats?”

Whether the gaze of the other Shichibukai was disinterested or curious, a silence echoed through the chamber as the two pirates glared at each other. Gin turned his torso as he shot a deadly look at Cade that would have made most people cower.

“You became enemies the moment you became a Shichibukai, Demon-boy. That’s pretty weak, to uphold such an old, petty debt.”

“Like you would understand.” Gin spat angrily. “Their cook saved my life! I’ve been through more hardships than a nomad like you could understand!”

“Good thing to. I would hate it if I grew into such a coward!”

Their weapons were instantly in their previously empty hands. Gin had his massive tonfa/mace hybrid weapons in his hand instantly, swinging them like a pendulum as he took a low stance. Cade drew his rapier and took a mock formal stance as he grinned heinously with ferocity to match Gin’s glare.

“I’d be damned if I lose to a drunken idiot like you!” Gin warned as he crouched before shooting forward.

“You're already damned, demon-boy!” Cade retorted as he shot forward to meet Gin halfway, the distance closing between them almost in an instant.


The entire room shook violently as both Gin and Cade were intercepted abruptly by a lariat that wrapped around their necks and threw them to the ground with intense force. Both of them had the wind knocked out of them instantly as Garp wrapped his big, muscular arms around their heads in headlocks.

“I’m not done talking yet, you two.” Garp chastised as he flexed his arms and both of them scratched uselessly at his biceps as they were strangled. “Wait until I finish!”

Most of the other Shichibukai observed this with in awe. It was small wonder that Garp “the Hero” had been the only marine sitting within the room during the meeting. He alone had managed to subdue two Shichibukai easily, albeit one drunk and the other in a rage. Only Hawkins remained composed as he plucked a card out of the air and observed it closely.

“You wanted to speak about something regarding the revolutionary army, correct?”

The entire room stiffened at that. Only Cade, this time, didn’t react, due to him smacking Garp’s arm frantically, murmuring, “not…in front…of the…pretty girl!”

“You’re exactly right.” Garp nodded as he released the two in his grip. Gin fell on all fours to catch his breath as Cade shot to his feet immediately, trying to regain his composure. He winked in Lucia’s direction, but she paid him no mind, completely focused on Garp like the rest.

“As you know,” Garp sat back at his seat with a heavy thud. “My son, Dragon, is the man who began to revolutionary army. It is pretty uncommon for any idiot to directly oppose the government like they do. But well, my family…”

“Rebellion is in your genes.” Law nodded in agreement. “They’ve been gaining power for a while. It’s about time you’ve shown any real initiative against them.”

“You want the Shichibukai to assist with dealing with the Revolutionaries?” Kuro blinked in surprised. “Something like that…I’m guessing you have some sort of plan?”

“More than a plan.” Karasu added in as he leaned forward, his eyes alight with interest. “Nowadays, this world is split up between those who agree with the revolutionaries and those who oppose them. Not necessarily either ‘marines or revolutionaries’. It puts you at a disadvantage, doesn’t it?”

“Exactly why something needs to be done.” Garp nodded solemnly. “If things get any worse, the World Government won’t be able to remain as just that. We need to do something soon, or else all the hundreds of nations united under one umbrella will begin to break apart. Only chaos and war lies waiting at the end of that path.”

“But…what exactly is the reason Dragon opposes the world government so much?” Lucia asked tentatively. “There must be some goal that he has in mind.”

“I’ve been asking the same thing for a long time now.” Law said with a scathing tone. “These guys won’t budge an inch on keeping quiet about it and telling us to go along with them anyways.”

“Hehe…” Garp smiled awkwardly. “I don’t really understand it myself, either…My son probably gets his brains from his mother. Regardless, we need your cooperation on this. For the sake of keeping the world safe for people and even pirates to live in, we need 100% cooperation.”

[Somewhere outside of Enies Lobby]

“I can’t believe she kicked me out…literally!”

“I know! God, can’t I just cuddle with her a little bit? But noooo, she goes and uses her sexy legs to kick me out the window!”

“Although I did enjoy the brief moment of contact.”

“Yeah…all twelve of them.”

Vincent “Manifold” Drake hopped through the air in perfect unison. A dozen similar looking people all easily kept up with one another, despite one being clearly overweight, another being thin as a bone. They complained in unison, though there was no one around to hear them as they cleared the abysmal waterfall lying beneath the Tower of Justice. After some incessant flirting, the others had decided that having all of the members of CP9 in a single room didn’t help things. The others had been brooding over what their chief, Spandack, had told them, but he didn’t care in the least. It wasn’t like it changed anything, after all.


“It’s a ship!

“What’s an uncleared ship doing around here?”

All of the Vinces fell silent for a brief moment. Dear god, he was sure he just annoyed himself for a moment.

Shaking off the thought, he focused on the ship in the distance. With his goggle-like glasses to make up for his bad eyesight, he could easily see one sailing by. It wasn’t necessarily with Enies Lobby’s territory, but it was still unauthorized. To kill time, he decided to go after the ship. If it turned out to be a bunch of uninteresting jerks, he’d sink the ship. But he was lucky—he’d gotten tired and needed to find somewhere to rest. He was already getting tired from using geppou for so long, so needlessly. God forbid he fell into the water or something.

With that grim thought in mind, Vince (all of them) began shooting swiftly in several different directions, smoothly flying right over the sea water to approached the boat indiscreetly from different angles. There was nothing he liked more than messing with people, after all.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Interesting stuff, Whiteflame and Exorcist. Really awesome posts, I really enjoyed reading them.

@Wolf. If you looked on the forum outline, you'd see that Naraku is already just below Namikiji.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Well, think we should decide if the Pirate King takes on the role of a Yonko or is something separate entirely. I'd like if Shanks remained a Yonko, personally, and it would benefit me to keep Kaido on (and, since we know so little about him, he's basically a blank slate anyway). If we don't keep Kaido, I would like the Yonko that takes his place to be a higher up in his crew. That leaves the remaining two, one of whom would be Akario. We can leave the last slot open for now, or fill it with Luffy.

@BP - Thanks! It was a fun one to write, always like this sort of mass character interaction.

@exorcist - I'll echo BP in saying it's a great post man, well done.
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over a year ago silverexorcist said…
I had always imagined the the pirate king would be considered a yonkou, since "Yonkou" means "Four Kings", according to my extremely limited japanese. But since Roger's dead in the anime/manga, we have nothing canon to go on, I'd say the spot should remain open. That being said, assuming no one else wants to make one, I already have an idea for a Yonkou rotting somewhere in my documents that I can use.

And thanks for the praise. I enjoyed writing about the meeting more than I thought I would, honestly. And that's saying something.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Heh, indeed guys. Well, personally, I think Luffy being Pirate-King Is enough, ya know? I don't think the Pirate King should be a Yonkou, that's way too much power for someone like Luffy, who is typically dense, slow and immature, awesome as he is.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
True enough, BP Naraku is the first mate to Karasu. Kiya is my admiral xD :P. well IDC who is Yonko honestly just as long as Akario keeps his spot. I do agree with flame until we find out who and what Kaido is / can do I think we keep him on for now and having shanks around isn't a bad thing xD. well those posts are going to be tuff to follow i'm feeling the pressure -grab collar- well I guess I'll use my post to Make teams of the seven warlords with our corsponding Admirals if you have any character impactulair you wish to be paired with tell me now. the teams will be a team going after Dragon. A team going after Luffy and a Team going after my Yonkou Akario witch will also be explained in my post.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
[Dawn's Rise, A New Target, Part 1]

Lotus sighed lightly to herself. It was difficult holding herself to the highest standards of propriety when it was so hot. Her dress clung to her everywhere due to the sweat, even as she quietly sipped iced tea on the balcony of a wealthy establishment. She was no fan of her mission, but she wasn’t going to question the nearly endless budget they gave her. That was one of the few reasons she abided it without question.

Another was that she liked assassin work.

It wasn’t that she liked killing so much, but rather the opportunity to hone her skills by tracking targets, remaining stealthy and producing kills without her target even being aware of her presence was thrilling. That didn’t mean she didn’t question it, though. Sometimes, she wondered whether any threat was worth all of this murder.

And it was murder. She knew that all too well.

Her eye twitched as the man across the table from her tapped his foot impatiently. She glared at him. Shu played an integral part in her mission, or at least his role was necessary insofar as producing the results her superiors demanded. He was an effective fighter, no doubt about that, but his failure at Enies Lobby to stop a single swordsman. Even if that swordsman happened to be Roronoa Zoro. He was a commander among the Marines, though given his experience and fighting capability, he should easily have been a Rear Admiral like herself. At first, she had thought his failure had been the sole reason. Now she knew better.

Lotus: Would you mind terribly stopping that infernal racket?

She said it politely, but Shu’s eyes went wide and he stopped. Still, frustration showed in his face. He took these missions too seriously, pressuring her to pick up the pace. She saw no need. Their hits had not been interfered with, and they had all gone smoothly. Lotus had taken scant few breaks, and her throat was parched. As she saw it, they were making good time. But then, Shu didn’t trust her. Shu didn’t trust anyone.

Despite the oppressive heat, the man still wore that white, opaque veil across his face and a Newsboy cap-like marine uniform cap. He also had on the usual white marine uniform, and he hadn’t dispensed with the commander cloak, and as such, he was sweating far more profusely than her. She was wearing her best dress for this kind of weather, a slim, light purple Egyptian cotton gown with a plunging neckline and slits far down the sides almost up to her hips. That got her a lot of gapes and stares from passersby, but she hardly cared.

Still, when Shu started tapping his finger against the table, she sighed with exasperation, downed the remainder of her drink, wiped her mouth carefully with a napkin and stood.

Lotus: Fine, let’s go then, if you’re going to be a baby about it.

Shu didn’t say anything, but looked pleased to be on the move. The man was far too silent for her liking, hardly the type of gentleman she would have liked to travel with. She brushed some sweat off of her freckled forehead with the flick of a wrist, striding down a main street. Within the hour, another target would be dead. That’s all that mattered.
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Alrighty time for my installment in this part I will be closing up the meeting & well no one has messaged so hope you all like random pairings.

-The Admirals appear[ The Royal Shichibukai final part]-

-The Shichibukai looked at each other all but Karasu , Hawkins and Lucia who seemed to unphased by cooperation Law finally spoke out agaisnt the Vice Admiral even after his display of strength just moments ago- "And why should we you haven't even told us what were doing yet all we know is were going to was with the revlouintary army."

-Garp laughed- "yes War I guess is what it could be called however for us to gain one tactical advantage over my son I need to fourm a team. a Special Team err umm -he coughs- Teams I should say A team to go after my son. A team to go to Fishman island and A Team to go after my Grandson."

-Everyone perked up at the thought of fishman island but what could be there ? why would they go ? Cade's voice jumped out first- "Other than the pretty mermaids that dwell there what could we possably need to go to Fishman Island for ?"

-Garps seemingly became Angry at this topic- "for two very imporant reasons let me start from the begining. Two years ago Admiral Kizararu was on A mission involving A merman pirate about a week into his mission he disappeared we sent out searches immedaitly -Garps hands became fists and his gritted his teeth in anger- The Shichibukai Doflamingo kept miss leading us as to wear Kizaru really was for two years we knew nothing up until one month ago his body appeared and afer careful exmaintion we found out that the Yonkou Sea King Akario was the man who not just killed but tortured Kizaru into revealing very imporant information about us Marines." -Garps chair handles had shattered even Kuro who had been putting on a fearless act broke into a sweat the mention of a Yonkou he knew that Akario was best known for his Curelity-

-Garp exhaled- "as such we premoted a student of mine a girl I raised to become Admiral her name is Kiya. She's a strong and noble young woman. At any rate in seazing Fishman island from Akario it provides us with huge advantage inthe plaing feild no pirates will be able to set foot in the new world."

-Kuro smirked- " I see sezing controls over the seas with Marine ford blocking the new world directly the army already has to play it safe but by taking fishman island over they can barely move we'll have them traped like rats."

-Garp nodded-

-Karasu didn't like the idea of going After Akario he had barely escaped with his life years ago involving a encounter with the merman, he finally spoke up- "going after him is dangerous as is going after the straw hats how are you appraching this manner Garp ?"

-Law smiled- "A Yonkou huh things should be interesting."

-Hawkins too he trembled the Yonkou were the four strongest pirates inthe world and Garp expected them just to barge in and take over this was clearly sucide who would be stupid enough to go. Hawkins felt a lump fourm in his throat- "I predict Survail of invoking a Yonkou's wrath will cause many casualties."

-Garps eyes went wide with Wrath and hate- "YOU want to talk about WRATH THAT MAN ENVOKED MY WRATH ! THE MOMENT HE KIDNAPED KIZARU !" -Haki formed around Garp and shattered his end of the table everyone remained silent even Cade knew when not to cross Garp.-

-Garp coughed- "now This is going to be three or fourmen cells each of you is to be teamed up with a Admiral as the leader of the Team. Now to get on with it the Leader for the Fishman Island team is nun other than White hunter Admiral Smoker along with Shichibukai Lucia and Shichibukai Karasu."

-Lucia looked at Karasu and smiled Karasu didn't say or do anything back to Lucia merely looked in her direction and nodded- "very well Admiral Garp" -Karasu stood up along with Lucia-

-Garp snorted- "Egaer are we Karasu I take it you want Revenge for your last enounter with him ?. Smoker is waiting with a ship out side at the harbour becareful you too." -Karasu froze for a moment and only smiled- "No old man I just want the Mission to be done and over with Come Lucia we have much to disscuss with the Admiral." -Lucia didn't really speak but only nodded-

-Garp coughed- "now This team is the team going After the straw hats. The commander and cheif of this squad is a eager and fine young lady Namikiji Cipher Pol Admiral along with Shichibukai Hawkins and Shichibukai Kuro."

-Kuro smirked putting up his glasses- "My chance for revenge is finally at Hand now I can destory the straw hats and Himuliate them just as they did me. Watch out Usopp The black cat of the sea is coming for you. I promise I will bring the head of Straw hat Luffy to you on a silver platter."

-garp smiled- "don't under estimate them."

-Hawkins merely snorted- "I perdict we will fail the Straw hats are the strongest crew on the sea right now." -Hawkins and Kuro both got up and left to meet with the Admiral-

-Garp sighed- "Now you next three are indeed the ones I trsut most as you are going After My son Monkey D. Dragon the Admiral in charge is new but has been sucessful at most of her mission and my personal appretince and some one I call my daughter. Admiral Kiya will be in charge of this Along with Shichibukai Law, Shichibukai Cade and Shichibukai Gin all three of you go to the harbour and set sail rember you are pretty well starting a war with the revltionary army."

-the remaing three Shichibukai got up and departed Law grabbed his sword and smirked Gin had a slight grin on his face holding up to his nickname. Cade's walk was odd it was almost like he was dancing up the hallway-

Cade -Smiling- "I wonder what kind of Admiral this Kiya person is. I bet she's a real cutie."

-Gin snorted he was still angry at Cade's out burst towards his feelings about the straw hats. Law shrugged- " Don't know and i don't really care All I know is I am about to opperate." -A wide grin formed on laws face-

so there off Team Fishman island, Team Straw hat and Team Dragon. who will be sucessful who will fail ? you guess chat that up and let me know xD in case it wasn't clear Teams are listed below

Team Fishmanisland :

Lucia (whiteflame)
Karasu (me)

Team Straw hat:

Namikiji (Excorsist )

Team Dragon :

Cade (Exorcist )

Kiya (me)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Just a couple problems with the post, though it is a good one:

Garp is now Commander in Cheif of the Marines, and yet I see him listed as both a Vice Admiral and Admiral.
Some of the pirates would probably not be all that happy with the idea of shutting off the New World from the Old World. This'll likely come out in later posts, but I could see plenty of reason to want to allow Old World pirates into the new world, often for recruiting to pirate crews that some of the Shichibukai are creating. They also would know that this is going to make Fishman Island a target for any of the top tier pirates in the Old World, since it cuts off transit for them as well. Many of the Shichibukai would be incredibly averse to the idea for these two reasons. I know, I hadn't thought about this when we talked, but thankfully you can still do it, it's just going to change the response pretty heavily (though perhaps, not immediately).
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
I see what your saying I think what we will do is just show there reactions and take on this in the up coming posts. I didn't protray him wrong did I ? But yeah we can deff Adress these issues in up coming posts.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
[Dawn's Rise, A New Target, Part 2]

She felt warm blood gust between her fingers, taking special care to ensure none of it splattered on her dress. The woman fell, her only sound as she did so being the small splash she made as she hit the puddle of blood that continued to spread around the floor.

It was dark in the apartment, and her entry had been simple. She carpet had muffled the noise of her footsteps, and with only one room, it hadn’t been hard to find her target. She turned on a light to examine the corpse. She had been a tall woman with coppery skin, Tindwyl was one of the more important names on her list, and therefore she had analyzed her profile carefully. She used a bit of cloth from the bedspread nearby, wiping off her blade before sheathing it.

Lotus shouted: You can come in now!

Shu leapt through the second story window, landing heavily on the floor. He may have been a worthy fighter, but he was horrible at sneaking quietly.

Shu: Any complications?

Lotus: None.

He glanced around: Where’s the metal?

Lotus frowned: I don’t see it either. Most of our other targets have done all they could to hide it, but in this case, there’s really no options of hiding places besides under the bed and in dresser. Neither contain any metal.

Shu frowned as well, striding over to the dresser and throwing open the drawers. He found as much as she did. Perhaps she had abandoned them for some reason, though the others had gone to great lengths to bring large amounts of metal with them. It was deeply disconcerting.

Shu: Nothing.

Lotus sighed: We’ll have to include this in our report. The old man won’t be happy with this.

Shu grunted, jumping back out the way he’d come. Lotus moved to the window herself, turning back only briefly to look again at the corpse of the woman she’d come to kill. Despite the dark meaning behind her being nicknamed “Red Dawn,” Lotus had memorized the face of every person she had killed. She saw it as her sole source of penance for the deaths she had caused.

“Don't avert your eyes away from death. Look forward. Look at the people you're killing in the face.
And don't forget them. Don't forget. Don't forget. They won't forget you either.”

Those words still lingered in her head, even after all these years. It was hard to believe. Of course, most of her victims never saw her face, so they had nothing to never forget. The irony of her conviction to those words and that particular fact never failed to escape her. She realized she’d been staring at the corpse for over a minute now, softly cursed at herself and tore her gaze away. The words may linger, but she could not.

She couldn’t know that, five minutes later, that face would dissolve into the features of a pale man of the same height, one who looked nothing like her target.
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over a year ago silverexorcist said…
No one has said otherwise nor put up their own Yonkou, so my own pirate shall be born!

Martel Every “Sea King Tamer”

Affiliation: Yonkou; Azure Pirates

Age: 39

Appearance: Martel is an older woman with thick mauve hair that is tied tightly with several metal bands, giving it a heavy cylinder shape as it hangs to reach her calves. She has bright lilac colored eyes and is taller than most people, standing at the same height as the pirate empress, Boa Hancock. Martel normally wears a green t-shirt under a pair of long overalls, as well as ankle high fishing boots. She can be seen with a reed sticking from her mouth on a regular basis. When officially acting as captain, she puts on her lavender captain’s coat, sticking her hands through the sleeves to actually wear it as more than a symbolic cape. Martel’s appearance is not entirely indicative of her age.

Personality: All her life, Martel has only eaten sea food, due to living on the sea all of her life. She now stubbornly refuses to eat anything that doesn’t come from the sea. First impressions of Martel when she’s alone wouldn’t tell you that she’s a pirate captain, let alone a Yonkou. She likes to spend all day fishing with her favorite fishing pole, Ume no Tsubasa, and has incredible luck when it comes to catching the biggest fish, and even Sea Kings. She’s good-natured and relaxed, taking good or bad news with a mellow retort. She enjoys sea tales, no matter how truthful or unlikely they may be and is always happy to hear something surprising, as no matter how much of the sea you explore, there is always something new to hear. Due to her mellow nature and her special ‘ability’, she’s the only Yonkou to have every claimed the calm belt as her domain to any extent. But her demeanor changes drastically when she hears someone claim the sea as ‘theirs’, or insult it in anyway. For a multitude of reasons, she is very protective of the ocean and will crush marines and pirates alike if they hurt the pride of the vast ocean in anyway. She throws huge tantrums abruptly, similar to how a calm sea in the Grand Line can shift to a raging storm in moments. Martel has a penchant for fish men and mermen, having gone out of her way to recruit two powerful ones as commanders of her fleet. She may just love any non-human creatures with intelligence, as she has several Shandians and Skypeians that sail under her flag. Even her first unit commander and first mate is a giant.

History: Martel is a strange girl. When young, she spent most of her time drifting along the West Blue on a raft, eating whatever fish she could find with her pole. She doesn’t remember where in the West Blue she was born, nor does she honestly care. The first thing she legitimately remembers is the vastly expansive ocean around. She was still within her early teens when she accidently drifted into the Grand Line across the Calm Belt. It wasn’t until much later that people began to believe her, but she always explained how she survived by saying that the Sea Kings didn’t attack her, since she asked them not to. Frustrated that no one believed her, she began to gather people in order to create her own pirate crew. Despite her young age, she was extraordinarily charismatic. It was Sengoku who was the first high ranking marine she ran into, and due to undisclosed events that occurred in the encounter, she made it her personal goal in life to give him all hell. Even when he was promoted to higher status, the “Azure” pirates seemed to do everything within their power to make things the most inconvenient for the man. Upon crossing the Red Line into the New World, the “Sea King” pirates were already more than simple rookies. Martel herself was nicknamed all sorts of things, one of the most prominent being “Pirate Empress”, a title she later relinquished, and was expected to be one of the top pirates. Some even say that she was born late and showed the same prowess as famous pirates from older generations, such as Shiki, Edward Newgate, and even Gol D. Roger.
What happened later on is uncertain. Many people say that Martel had fought to reach the end of the world (Raftel) first against the Strawhats before being defeated. Others say that she had traveled into the calm belt in order to conquer it. Whatever happened, she and her crew were assumed dead as her face vanished for several years. Much later, she returned to take the open spot of a Yonkou, much to the dismay of the retired fleet admiral and a shock to the world. What was really surprising, however, was the fact that she had somehow retained most of her youthful appearance. Many questioned her return to supremacy, and she simply claimed that she was interested in what was going on now in the new era.

Special Abilities: Martel is a highly unorthodox fighter, due to her unique adaptation of weapons. The first weapon is her personal tool and favorite companion, Ume no Tsubasa. At first glance, it’s a normal lime green fishing pole with a single hook and no weights attached, a fishing line extending from the hook all the way to wind up on the wheel. Martel generally uses this to fish, but can use it as a weapon almost immediately. The hook alone weighs enough to leave a crater in the ground when it lands. The fishing pole weighs slightly more than that, making it lethal if simply tossed to a weakling. Martel can use Ume no Tsubasa as a sort of flail/spear hybrid. When reeled in, she can jab and pierce with the fishing pole expertly. When it unwinds, the hook flails out dangerously to slam into its targets and dig into their skin. The hook on the end is made of kairouseki so its potency is applicable even to devil’s fruit users. The fishing line is tougher than any normal fishing line, supposedly impossible to be cut or broken, which gives it the ability to catch Sea Kings along with Martel’s strength.

Her secondary weapon is something she normally only uses when fighting on her fleet of ships. She can fight using any of the massive anchors there, though she prefers the one on her main ship, the “Sea God’s Angler”. She normally holds the anchor by the extensive chain and swings it around furiously to destroy whatever may be near her all at once, reducing buildings and trees on the terrain to rubble. Those who had seen Martel during her younger days using this technique are the ones who started the claim that there was nowhere but the sea big enough to hold her.

Other abilities: Besides her incredibly overwhelming physical strength, Martel has the ability to ‘communicate’ with Sea Kings, a rare ability seen only twice before. Martel commands a large fleet of pirates with a total of thirty ships officially under her command. There is no current count for the amount of Sea Kings she has befriended as well.
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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
So what's her affliction to Akario ? I stated that Akario HATES HUMANS and views them as Trash. so what reason would he have to be allied with one ? as he is strongly independent.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Oh, she couldn't care less about what people think of her personally. If he hates her, so be it. So long as he doesn't do anything to threaten the sea or her crew, she could care less. After all, she's pretty easy going.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
again though He wouldn't agree to her terms of agreement or anything he hates Humans him teaming up with a Human is like a God teaming up with a Rat in his eye's.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
She's not particularly interested in amassing an army or anything, so she wouldn't bother trying to recruit him for anything, especially if he has that attitude. What gave you the impression that she'd ask for an alliance of any sort?
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
in her afflictions it said the Sea king pirates. so I thought i'd Elberate. Also mind if I submit some Skypeains i've thought up into her crew ?
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Go ahead. I don't mind, though their relatively minor members. And when I said Sea Kings, I meant the giant, monstrous beasts that live in the calm belt.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Oh god, I see your confusion. You called Akario's pirates "Sea King" pirates, and I did the same with mine >.< My mistake, can't believe I missed that. I'll change the name of Martel's pirate crew.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
yeah lol xD. well they may not be skypeains but I'll submit something I was wondering if one could be a Divison Commander from skypea I don't feel like making another pirate crew.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
I don't mind, but it will have to be either fourth division or lower, since first, second, and third are already taken by three of my yet-to-be-revealed-pirates loyal to Martel.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Oki Doki 5 sounds good to me I think i'll just submit the one he'll be a Skypeain i'm pactualirly like this one than the other two so :P
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
So, it seems that no-one else is planning to do anything with the Strawhats, so I'll just make them NPCs and everyone can use them how they like. XD. I do actually have plans for them, and I'm sure everyone else will need to have them appear in their posts at some point or another.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Everyone. In regards to Garp's position in the navy, he can be an Admiral, because I think the position would suit him, given that he was a Vice-Admiral in One Piece.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
I think him being fleet admiral wouldn't be too drastic I mean he is the Legendary Garp the Fist. and is quite Suitable for the role.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
True, but Aokiji is already Fleet Admiral... I guess he could be an Admiral and Garp could be Fleet Admiral. Whta does everyone think? We'll have a vote and see who gets the position. XD
over a year ago NateBind said…
I think that it would be better for someone... younger perhaps? To take over position of fleet admiral. If this RP is like, ten years after Luffy found One Piece then Garp must be pretty old by now. Taking by his personality, he wouldnt even accept going that far when having Aokiji by his side.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Nate, that's actually a good point. I agree we can just leave it the way it is... Garp can stay as Vice-Admiral and evntually he'll probably retire from the Navy. XD
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
[The Travelling Circus and Water 7] – Part Two

(Rakki looked over at the curious Captain, he seemed to be rather an odd sort, one of those people that always left an impression on those around him, whether it was a bad impression or a good one, Rakki wasn't sure, but figured he would find out nonetheless.)

Rakki: My men and I... We shall watch your performance. Thank you for the offer.

Devak: Well met, Dragonlance Captain. Watch and allow your mind to be blown!

Rakki: Watch the performers, crew! They are gonna put a show on for us.

(The sounds of cheering echo through the Buster Blade and everyone crowds around the ship's rail, as the performers begin setting up their equipment and start to get ready. Rakki watched with anticipation and awe, as some of the acrobats tighten the ropes of their acrobat equipment and begin to swing round and round. They continue to do this, occasionally swapping positions and twisting their bodies into ridiculous positions. His pirate crew cheered loudly when the acrobats pulled off a difficult move and Rakki grinned at their reaction to the performance.)

Rakki: This is why we need more nakama, someone who can entertain us...

Johnny: Yeah, I know what you mean.

(Once the acrobats had finished, an older-looking man led a lion over the deck and into a cage. Once they were in the cage, he let the lion open its mouth, then he stuck his head inside and left it in there. The lion held its mouth open for ages, then, when it began to seem annoyed at this, the man whipped his head back out and left the cage without the lion.)

Rakki: Interesting guy. He's pretty brave to do that – for a normal human without powers, anyway.

Johnny: …........

Rakki: Intrigued, are we?

Johnny: It was kinda lame...

Rakki: Why don't you try it?

Johnny: I'll pass, I think.

Rakki: Shithead!

Johnny: Bastard!

Rakki: Touche...

(Devak grinned at them, amused by their bantering. After this, another man strode across the deck and then looked right at them.)

????: I am the strongest man in the world... I can lift the most weight of anybody in the world.

Rakki: Bullshit! How you gonna prove that to us?

????: I'll lift this whole ship up. Just watch me!

(The so-called World's Strongest Man jumped into the water and began to lift the ship up, his huge muscles rippling and straining, as veins popped out of his arms and his forehead. The circus' ship slowly started to pull out of the water, wrenching away with a massive creaking, groaning sound.)

Rakki: Holy shit! This guy is amazing.

Johnny: I bet I could do that with my fruit power.

Rakki: Yeah, but you can't do it when that ship is in the water. Try it at Water 7...

Johnny: A good point you make, Captain. Have you been to Water 7 before?

Rakki: Nope. I guess we have to keep following the Log Pose. Hey, I know, I'll ask Devak if he has been there before and if he knows a good way to get there.

Yakama: (Butting in) Wouldn't you ask your navigator, rather than an opposing pirate?

Rakki: Oh yeah... Sorry, Yakama, I completely forgot about you. You should speak up more, otherwise I'll keep forgetting to ask you things. You know how bad my memory is...

Yakama: You're annoying. We can make it to Water 7 in a couple of days... However, we do need to keep following the Log Pose. This stretch of water is most illogical... Even the best navigator cannot navigate this ocean without one.

Rakki: We'll leave at once! Hey, Devak Hotspur! Thank you for performing for us. We'll meet again, one day.

Devak: You're leaving? We hadn't finished yet...

Rakki: We have to get to Water 7 as soon as possible. I apologise.

Devak: Accepted. I wish you luck, Rakki Tenshoku, Captain of the Dragonlance pirates. I bet you'll be famous one day.

Rakki: I'm going to be a Yonkou! The Pirate-King achieved his dreams and I'll do the same. Good luck, Devak Hotspur!

-4 Days Later-


Rakki: Finally there... I'm glad. I can't wait to have this ship looking spick and span.

Johnny: I need to buy a better sword.

Simiao: I wonder what kinds of medicine and other items I can get here...

-To Be Continued-
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So I woke up this morning realizing I'd named my own character wrong in both posts. So for everyone's reference, her name is Lotus, not Lily. For some reason, I confused the very flower I'd chosen for her name with another. Silly me.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
With that, post time! I haven't managed to confuse any of my own names or anyone else's (hopefully) should make this a good one. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

[Revolutionary Encounter! CP9’s Drake versus Sergei!]

Sergei stood at the helm, ensuring that the directions of the ship’s captain were correct. When he’d escaped Terris all those years ago, Sergei had taken several small troves of copper with him. Though he had had to leave many behind in a series of hasty retreats, he still had 3 of them on hand.

One was a series of star and navigational maps, which had been so detailed and effective that he hardly ever had to use a log pose. The second was an extensive list of lost religions, with intricate details that few people could possibly know; it was precious, but rarely used. The third was, perhaps, the most important. Much as Sazed had taken many of the translation copper storage pieces with him, which were now lost completely, Sergei had taken one particular trove of extreme importance. Not only did it contain all of the necessary information for him to translate Poneglyphs, but it contained the text of many of them. Next to, perhaps, only Nico Robin, he had access to more archaeological information than anyone. It was the main reason he was hunted, the most dangerous thing he carried.

He gave one last nudge to the wheel, nodded and took one step away before 13 figures hit the ship. He looked up in shock as they split up, one heading straight for him. He quickly drew from one of his zinc bracelets, mind becoming incredibly quick as he narrowly ducked a Rankyaku, which split the wheel next to him in half, along with the man piloting the ship. He grimaced, drawing his metallic canes from behind his belt. The man before him made to strike with another Rankyaku, but tapping one of his zinc bracers made it simple to see what was coming, and he met the kick with a horizontal swing, feeling the knee shatter as the unfortunate man careened off the boat.

Another of the men quickly approached, and Sergei rushed to meet him. The smiling man disappeared a short distance away, though Sergei’s mental agility helped him detect where he’d reappear, and he swung a cane to connect. The smiling man disappeared again, reappearing on his other on his other side with his hand outstretched.

Vincent: Shigan “Oren” (Yellow Lotus)!

His finger seemed to be everywhere at once, and though Sergei had swung again almost immediately, several of the strikes pierced his body. He coughed up blood as the other man disappeared again, resolving again a short distance away. It was Sergei’s first solid look at him, and his eyes went wide.

Sergei: The same…!

Vincent smirked: Mostly, anyway. You know what they say about a guy with 13 arms?

Sergei’s eyebrow arched in confusion.

Vincent: They say that two breasts aren’t enough!

Sergei’s frowned. What a pointless joke. Still, the man seemed to be having a hearty time of it. Sergei stuck his canes back into his belt, drawing the two pistols instead.

Vincent: Oh well, I guess you had to be there. Anyways, you’ve shown me your arms, now let me show you…

Three other versions of the same man appeared behind him. Sergei grimaced, thinking of the lost crewmates that they must have killed, and for once noticing the clashes he could hear around the ship. He couldn’t run this ship by himself, but he had to get to the next target. He couldn’t afford to let this hold him back. He exhaled slowly, feeling the zinc bracer drain of its remaining mental alacrity. The two men used Soru to surround him, then each tore off an arm and threw it towards him. Each regrew into another Vincent, smiling down at him from just above him.

Vincents: Rankyaku “Ibara No Kanmuri” (Crown of Thorns)!

All of their attacks descended like spikes down towards him. Sergei lightly tapped his pewter, strengthening his muscles, and then focused on activating his Busoshoku Haki in his arms. The attacks came down, some cutting into his arms through the metal that encased them, though none cut down to the bone. He gritted his teeth, and then flung his arms out, shattering the lot. The Vincents around him didn’t even have time to be shocked as dipped heavily into a steel bracer, a single shot ringing out in the air. A bullet hole appeared between all 6 pairs of eyes, and the Vincents dropped to the ground.

Sergei tsked, releasing his pewter and steel storages, placing the pistols back in their holsters. Moving that fast would have been dangerous if he hadn’t strengthened his muscles with pewter, but as it was his muscles felt strained. He would tire quickly doing that, not to mention run out of his stored physical speed far too quickly. The bracer he had tapped was already half drained in that instant burst.

Vincent: Boys! It looks like we do get to have some fun!

Vincent: He looks like a pain to fight, but at least it’s one against…

The second Vincent began counting off on his fingers, and the first put a hand over his face.

Vincent: Ten of us. One against ten.

Vincent: Make that eleven.

Sergei raised his eyebrows as he glanced over at the side of the ship, where a drenched Vincent dragged himself up the side of the ship. His formerly shattered knee was now healed, presumably the result of him having torn it off and regrown it.

Vincent: Well, that’s for the best anyway. Eleven’s company, but thirteen is a crowd.

Vincent: I’ve never heard that saying anywhere.

Vincent: You have now!

They were all silent for a moment before the one in the middle spoke up, a smile on his face.

Vincent: Yo! My name’s Vincent! As you can see, I’ve never been that great to get along with, but then, I’m not trying to make a good impression today. Most people wouldn’t have recognized this as a Revolutionary Army ship, but then, I’m not most people. Just some people. And you must be Sergei.

Sergei: You know of me?

A different Vincent responded to him each time.

Vincent smirked: You’re one of the more famous names among the Revolutionaries. Not as famous as Dragon or Ivankov, but you’ve got some notoriety under you.

Sergei: Is that why you slaughtered my men?

Vincent: Oh, that? Most of them are just unconscious, though we’re afraid we’ve never been great at holding back.

Sergei: You’re CP9?

Vincent: A smart one. Why, yes, we are. Our numbers have sort of dwindled, but I’m enough for anyone.

Sergei: You came alone?

Vincent: If this can be called “alone,” yes.

Sergei: Then you can’t stop me. I won’t be defeated by one man, no matter how many copies he has.

Vincent’s smile broadened on all eleven faces. When they spoke again, they all spoke as one.

Vincent: I’ve always liked a challenge.

The central Vincent reached out, hands splayed wide. The others gathered around him, each reaching to grab hold of a single finger. As they did, he pulled back his arm, and their bodies seemed to warp, forming into elongated shapes that stretched with his pulling. By the time, he had reached fully behind him, they had become like ropes trailing off his fingers.

Vincent: Shinaru Shigan “Full Body Whip”!

The hands rocketed forward, and with them came the whips formed of his allies. Sergei cursed, drawing heavily on his iron. His weight became enormous, and even the well-built planks of the ship beneath him gave way under his weight. As soon as the boards broke, he dropped like a stone, stopping his draw on the iron bracelet and instead putting weight into it, causing him to fall softly to the inside of the ship far below. He didn’t make a sound as he did, and kept his weight low as he ran, making the sound of his footsteps practically imperceptible.

His timing had proven necessary. Overhead, the mast, wheel and forecastle snapped like twigs under the force of the powerful attack. Vincent considered striking downward, but then thought better of it, uncertain of whether he could manage to use Geppo enough to reach shore again. He released his allies, and they all stared down a port into the bottom of the ship.

Vincent: This guy seems like fun!

Vincent: It’s about time we had a challenge.

Vincent: He isn’t going anywhere. We might have trouble fighting him in the bowels of a ship, gives us less room to work with.

Vincent: Don’t be a big baby. We’ve got this.

Vincent: Whatever you say.

They jumped in together, eager to continue the fight.

- To be continued -
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…

Name: War Bringer Musha Kousen/ Son-Musha Kousen

Affiliation: Azure Pirates/ Skypeia (former)/5th Divison commander

Age: 20

Appearance: Picture provided below

Personality: Musha is a very cruel hearted person when it comes to enemies of the Azure pirates or marines he enjoys killing by the dozens and loves battle. as such he is oftein seen as a ruthless and uncaring person. But among his crew he seems to be kind and caring for some reason he hates his old country of Skypeia and dislikes the peace it has been brought to. He enjoys picking fights when they don't need to be picked and is a rather energetic and outgoing person. He also shows much love and care to a Gaint wolf that seems to be his pet named Kenji. he also doesn't let the fact that he can't swim effect him much.

History: In the years to come Skypeia entered the era of piece. Musha was a mer baby during enel's rule and attempted desteruction he was raised with care and love by the shadorain tribe. He showed great Love and care toward wiper during his junior years once Musha started to enter his teenage years at around age 13 he consumed the Chiri Chiri No Mi and begun to practice with it he also learned how to use Mantara. by the time he was 14 he hated and loathed the times of peace and begun to murder innocent skypeains with his devil fruit powers it was nearly impossable to subdue him as he had control over vereth. he fled from upper yard and when he was 16 heard about a Pirate crew that had entered Skypeia by this time he had a handful of followers that believed that only shandorains belonged on the vereth. The captain of the Azure pirates said that Musha and his men could join as long as they proved there worth and detached them selves from Skypeia so in the following Musha Slaughtered 200 skypeians and shandorains and presented there heads to the Captain of the Azure pirates upon joining the Captain knew that He was too powerful to be a mere Pirate and so he became commander of the 5th Divison. in the years to come he sailed the white white sea and white sea recuirting Skypeains and Shandorains who became most of his Divison as well as some mermen from the blue sea world. in so upon entering the blue sea world Musha destoryed Villages killed other pirates.He has proven his loyalty to his Captain and cew time and Time again.

Devil fruit : Chiri Chiri No Mi

Bounty : 440,000,000

Other abilities:

Mantara like most people of Skypeia he has the ability of Mantara and has Mastered it with ease.

Busoshoku Haki Unknown wear or how he but he has Aquired Busoshou Haki and is able to use effciently.

Haoshoku Haki he is one of very few people who has Awakened his Haoshoku Haki he isn't aware of the Influence this Haki holds nor is he aware when he's using it but it seems to be used when he get's really angry or feels threatend.

Kenji-Kenji is a gaint Wolf from Skypeia that proves to Mushas pet and companion as Musha much like Ohm is a Skypeain breeder and Trained Kenji to fight and walk up right. Kenji himself has also consumed a unknown devil fruit that allows him to talk.

Martail Arts-Musha seems to be a master hand to hand combant in addition to other things.

Staff he carried around a staff oftein slung on his back that he uses for combat. this Staff is known as the Monkey Kings Staff and has the ability to extend and retract.

small note he has an X shaped scar on his chest and a Scar going across his right eye and a Red tribal tattoo on his right arm.

Name: War Bringer Musha Kousen/ Son-Musha Kousen 

Affiliation: Azure Pirates/ Skypeia (former)/5
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Mostly an introduction for Martel and the Azure pirates, and it's going to tie in for when Namikiji and the Shichibukai arrive. I doubt she'll get much face time after this.

[Fishing for Idiots]

Martel yawned widely as she sat on the rail of the ship, right over the sea. Her lime green fishing pole was in her hands with the hook cast out to sea. The sky was clear and the sea breeze was fresh. Honestly, the woman would completely at peace if she wasn’t starving. She groaned slightly as her stomach rumbled as a hunger pang shot through her. It was a familiar and unwelcome sensation, one she’d been enduring for the past eleven hours. But unlike most hunger pangs, Martel’s stomach ‘rumbling’ was on par with a monster’s roar. The entire boat was woken by the sound as it shook violently in the water. Martel could only murmur a half-hearted apology under her breath as she continued to suffer silently, waiting for something to bite her hook.

“Captain,” The exasperated voice of Martel’s first division commander, Björn, came from behind her. “If you’re this hungry, we’ve got a lot of food in storage for you to have, you know.”

“No way!” Martel moaned without turning around. “You already know how I feel about eating anything but seafood!”

“We have seafood as well.” Björn pointed out. Martel snorted. He was just worried about her health, if he was actually suggesting that.

“I’d clean out the storeroom in minutes with my appetite. I’ll just sit here and wait for something big to bite. It’s not like I’ll die from waiting a bit.”

Björn sighed reluctantly, knowing that he couldn’t do anything to convince his captain otherwise. The entire boat shifted slightly as the first division commander sat down behind Martel and the woman blinked as she slid to the side slightly.

“By the way, how are things lately? Anything new going on?”

The giant stroked his long black beard for a moment with one thick hand as he thought for a moment. Björn Reykjavík, a giant well over ten times the size of a normal human, commander of the first division of the Azure pirates, and first mate of Martel Every took responsibility for giving Martel any relevant information going on in the world, or even any rumors that she might enjoy. Martel joked that with ears as big as his, hearing what was going on in Mariejois must have been a ‘breeze’ for him.

“Well,” Björn said as he shifted his weight and set his massive double headed axe on the ship’s deck. The first division ship was the second biggest in the fleet in order to compensate for the commander’s size, so there was room for the big weapon. “It seems that the Shichibukai have rotated. Older members such as Mihawk, Kuma, and Doflamingo have all retired, malfunctioned, or died respectively. Although I’m not sure how credible the reports are.”

“Mihawk wouldn’t ‘retire’.” Martel agreed absently. “In fact, I don’t think the government would even allow that. He was definitely killed. As for Kuma…well, Bo-kun has been dead to me for years. Doflamingo was a jerk. Hilarious, but a jerk.”

“It also seems that some of the Shichibukai are mobilizing into the New World. An Admiral’s fleet has been seen heading in this general direction, but I doubt they’re after us.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, there are two Shichibukai and Cipher Pol Admiral Namikiji.”

“Sakuya is coming into the New World?” Martel chuckled. “Those Gorosei must be up to something. They wouldn’t send someone as loyal as her over here otherwise.”

Just then, Martel’s pole dipped downward and her grin widened as she yanked on it hard without even standing. The fish on the other end was overpowered instantly, breaking through the surface of the water and sailing into the air over the boat. It was a massive carp nearly two thirds the size of the boat, flailing through the air with Martel’s hook lodged in its mouth. Sanity left Martel’s eyes briefly as she nearly cried at the sight of it. Finally, she’d be able to break her fasting and take a nap while basking in the sunlight light! Praise the sea god!

Then a strange figure sailed through the air toward where the carp was and in a single movement, massive, rubber lips wrapped around the entire thing and the carp disappeared, bones and all. Only a fat blimp was left hovering in the air. Martel and Björn could only stare in stunned silence as Martel felt despair clench in her gut, making her hunger all the worse.

“GET DOWN HERE, YOU THEIF!” Martel roared furiously as she reeled her line at a furious pace. The hook was now in the blimps mouth and when the line was reeled in, Martel was able to slam the fat balloon into the desk with enough force to cause a shockwave.

“Captain, try to be gentle.” Björn said, though he knew he could only pray for the soul of who ever had shamelessly eaten Martel’s food. The boat shook violently with ever stomp as Martel stalked over to the balloon/blimp now lying dizzily on the deck, apparently completely oblivious to the murderous aura radiating from Martel. Angering a Yonkou was never a sane thing to do.

“Luffy?” Martel blinked as she referred to the blimp in a familiar way, which surprised Björn. Monkey D. Luffy, a.k.a. the “Pirate King”, was the one now stuffed with food, eyes spinning dizzily from the rough landing. Apparently, thanks to his rubber body, he hadn’t broken anything from the force. “Why are you here?!”

“H-Hey Martel…” Luffy said as he attempt to stand. “Aye…I need the barf. I thank I ate too much…”

“That was my lunch!” Martel mercilessly beat Luffy over the head, recovered from her shock as another hunger pang went through her stomach. Even though she acted roughly, she was still gentle when removing the hook from Luffy’s mouth.

“Straw Hat, why are you here?” Björn asked, clearly stunned. He knew that his captain and the Pirate King were on relatively good terms, Luffy had never flown out of nowhere like this before.

“I was on my special seat on Sunny when I saw a tasty looking fish jumping out of the water.” Luffy replied with a wide grin. “So I ate it.”

“I was going to eat it!”

Björn quickly lifted Martel high off the ground to prevent her from attacking Luffy anymore. The other pirates on the ship were now watching with amusement and awe, but neither of the two seemed to mind in the least.

It was rare for two Yonkou to come in such close proximity of each other, let alone a Yonkou and the Pirate King. Come to think of it, the marines were headed in their direction, weren’t they? Wouldn’t that mean…?

“Luffy, the marines are coming after you.” Martel said before Björn could. Apparently his captain was quicker than he was, and she said it with far more certainty. “You may want to get back to your crew before they arrive.”

“The marines?”

“Yeah. Two Shichibukai and an admiral. I think you’ve met two of them. Kuro and Hawkins?”

“Oh, those guys are coming? It’s been a while!”

“If you want, we can lend you a hand.” Martel offered. “We’ve got free time, after all.”

Björn snorted at that. Only someone like Martel would talk about facing two Shichibukai and an Admiral on their ‘free’ time. Luffy didn’t find it strange at all, though.

“No thanks.” Luffy shook his head as he sat up. His body had returned to normal proportions instantly. His metabolism must have been stronger than Martel’s. Björn couldn’t imagine what it was like for the Straw Hat’s cook. Luffy set his signature straw hat over his head as he grinned up at Martel. “If they’re coming for us, then we’ll deal with them. No need to get my friends involved without any reason.”

“Really?” Martel sighed indifferently. “Well, if you change your mind, feel free to drop by. Actually, scratch that. Don’t come by unless you’ve got a cooked Sea King. You are now several tons of seafood in debt to me.”

“Aw come on, it was just one fish.”

“My fish!”

“Hey, Giant-ossan, can you help me get back to my ship?” Luffy ignored Martel’s griping as he turned his attention to Björn. “It’s that way.”

“Sure thing.” Björn held a hand out for Luffy to climb into. With a single toss, Luffy was sent rocketing in the direction he pointed.

“You owe me, Luffy!” Martel yelled after him, though Luffy was long gone. Martel climbed into Björn’s shoulder with a sigh as she cast her line out again into the sea. The two remained quiet for a long minute of silence.

“We always have the meat stores.”

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I forgot to vote on the Garp situation >.<

My feeling is that he would have to be either Fleet Admiral or Commander-in-Chief, for two reasons. One, he resigned his seat as Vice Admiral. The only way he's coming back from that is not to retake the very seat he resigned, it's just not that likely. I don't think they'd put him in a lower seat, they would likely improve it. The second reason is that he's never accepted the Admiral position, despite multiple attempts to promote him. We're not certain why that is, but I don't think he's likely to break character on that one. Since we've already established that Aokiji has taken on the Fleet Admiral position, I think it's only reasonable to think that Garp, who is likely younger than Kong (the current Commander-in-Chief) would take over that seat, especially after seeing the way that Akainu abused his power (which, let's face it, he likely will).
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Okay, then we'll have Garp as Commander-in-Chief, unless anyone has any objections. XD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Won't get any from me :P
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Heh, fair enough, dude. XD. I think I'll write up my Water 7 post today and do some ship engineering. I plan to have an epic ship created from what the Buster Blade is at the moment.