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blackpanther666 posted on Jul 18, 2012 at 07:40AM
This RP is based around the sucessful retrieval of One Piece by Straw Hat Luffy and his pirate gang. Pirates have begun to take over the world, starting with the dangerous line of ocean, known as the Grand Line. The Marines and the World Government declare war on the pirates and swear to wipe them out completely, by relying on the CP9 and Shichibukai... The original Shichibukai were wiped out by Luffy and a series of unfortunate events, but a couple of less known pirates have had enough of Luffy and his gang and want to destroy him. Steel Club Alvida, Pirate Buggy, Captain Kuro and a couple of others have congregated with World Government and the Marines have a plan - one that could destroy Monkey D. Luffy, the Pirate King, for good.

Character Format







Special ability:

Other abilities:

My pirate crew is called, the Dragonlance Pirates and the Captain is Rakki Tenshoku.


1. No god-modding. I want to promote fairness and equality on this forum.

2. No straight kills in battles, unless you are fighting Marine soldiers.

3. Please don't abuse others.

4. If you want to join, please ask first, then post a character.

5. If you are posting Devil's Fruits, then put them on Jstar's 'Make Your Own Devil's Fruit' and I will review them.

Shichibukai List:


Admiral List:

Namikiji (Cipher Pol Admiral)

N.b: This RP takes place 10 years after Luffy retrieves One Piece.

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over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Really? Great--I was beginning to have second thoughts, since I'd guess that Vergo's position is open as you're getting rid of Doflamingo/"Joker". With Smoker as admiral,I have an excuse to give the position to Tashigi! :D
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
[Kuma Vs. Long John] - Part Two

(As the massive paw swept closer and closer to him, Long John suddenly dodged, moving backwards, as he deigned to keep away from the massive fists. He already knew what Kuma's ability was, a Paramecia-type fruit, it was quite an odd one - it would send an opponent flying for 2-3 days on end and they would end up somewhere they probably didn't want to be. Long John surmised that maybe Kuma could send people straight to Impel Down, though, it was merely a guess and probably incorrect.)

Kuma: You seem to understand about my fruit abilities, little man.

Long John: I told you, I know who you are and what your powers are. But, you don't know mine. A principle of battle... It is prudent to understand the abilities of an opponent, but not knowing your opponent's abilities gives you a serious disadvantage. I'll show you, and make you understand.

(Long John abruptly moved backwards, fuelled by a need to keep as far away from the great paws as possible. When he had created enough distance, Long John began his transformation, becoming a dragon and man hybrid, as his Zoan-type abilities granted him. He grew and grew, until he almost matched Kuma for height, while his wings spread out two meters either side of him and his claws were massive.)

Kuma: Impressive. A Zoan-type, I assume?

Long John: Correct. Dragon's fire! (Long John leaps forwards, breathing a large blast of fire at Kuma, who is too big and slow to avoid it. He appears again, his face and clothing burnt, but he still looks relatively unharmed)

Kuma: Strong. I'll have to do my be- (Is cut by another blast of fire)

(Not bothering to wait for the lumbersome man, Long John simply sprung forwards, raising both his hands and cuts into each shoulder of Kuma. The large man now looks somewhat in pain and glared daggers at Long John. Long John drew his sword, Tsumeoni ('Devil's Claw) and stabbed the Shichibukai in the heart. Kuma looked down, his eyes widened and blood pumping out from his chest, then his eyes fluttered and he collapsed to the ground, creating a massive indentation and earthquake. A large man indeed.)

Long John: You were worth 290,000,000? Seems a bit much, considering how easily you died. I guess shouldn't speak ill of the dead, though. I always regret having to take a life, but we pirates and you Warlords, we are common enemies. I won't afford you any mercy.

Mihawk: A devastating defeat... And what do you plan for me, young fool?

Long John: You'll have to be taken down as well!

Bug-eye: He's mine. You got the large guys, so I get this guy.

Mihawk: The day has not come, where I will allow myself to be captured or killed by tramps like you... If you don't allow me to leave, then I will open you up.

Bug-eye: Nah uh, you ain't going anywhere, Warlord!

Mihawk: I beg to differ. (Draws his massive sword and cuts a line into the ground. Bug-eye makes to use his Soru, but is surprised when the ground cracks and he has to avoid them. When both he and Long John look up, Mihawk is gone)

Long John: Dammit! We let him get away.

Bug-eye: Oh well, you still got the other guy.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Exorcist. Heh, fair enough, dude. XD. Vice-Admiral Tashigi... That should be pretty interesting.
over a year ago NateBind said…
[ The richest man in the world! Meeting of five. Part 1 ]

- Two days ago -

Doukeshi, slowly opened the door infront of him before walking inside the room where his father was a bit of busy with his journal. Approaching the old man, Doukeshi sat down next to him, awaiting for his response.

Father, after noticing Doukeshi's presence: Hm? Oh, son! I was so worried about you, the knights said that you went after that witch who took your friend! Is everything alright!?!

Doukeshi turned his head to the right, looking out of the window: Father, i am fine but i was too late as they had already sold her somewhere else.

Father who appeared to be rather surprised and well... sad: Oh, that is so awful to hear.. my child.. but there is something else... you did not come here to inform me of that, did you?

Doukeshi: Yeah, you're right. The World Government requested a meeting with me. I assume that they wish to lend my capabilities for their new group called CK-5. I have no idea nor information about it, so i came here to seek your guidance.

Father suddenly stood up, placing his right hand on Doukeshi's shoulder: CK-5, hmmm.. yes i've heard of it. Gorosei are planning to create such group, which means that CK-5 will be reciving orders, directly from the five. If the Gorosei themselves ask for your aid, then you should accept it.

Doukeshi stood up and turned around, walking towards the door: I thought so too. This "Golden Age" will be cleansed by justice.

He walked outside of his family's mansion and turned to the right, heading towards the palace where the meeting was about to be held. On his way there, he accidently bumped into someone who seemed to be in hurry, both of them fell on the ground, quietly cursing eachother while doing so. As he stood up, noticing that the one who bumped into him had a rather familiar face, he extended his right hand towards the man, who chuckled lightly before grabbing by it, pulling himself up.

Doukeshi: Hmph~ Well, well.. aint a surprise to see you around here... Alejandro, or should i call you "The richest man in the world" ?

Alejandro chuckled loudly, enough for his jewels to drop from his pockets: Haha~ Long time no see my friend! I was just summoned by the World Governemnt.. something about joining somekind of a group...

Doukeshi, appeared to be rather surprised: Oh? So you too huh... i wonder who else... i mean i was invited too.

Alejandro: Well then.. shall we?

Doukeshi smiled before answering: Yeah~ Let us see what the Wolrd Government is up to..

- Current time -

Doukeshi and Alejandro walked out of the palace as the meeting had finally ended. Both of them seemed rather tired and annoyed by the fact that they had to sit there for two days straight, listening about the reports and facts.

Doukeshi, after exhaling: Man~ this was boring..

Alejandro, repeating after him: Yeah... but... those three girls we're pretty... teehee~

Doukeshi slammed his palm at Alejandro's head: Idiot! We are all a team now. Dont even think about charming anyone, we have to act cool and do as World Government says. Though even i was not aware that there we're so many powerful pirates out there.

Alejandro, appeared more serious: You're right, from this day on.. life will be more dangerous, but i doubt that we will have any problems.. well i mean.. have you heard rumors about yourself?

Doukeshi: Rumors... me? No.

Alejandro, chuckled lightly meanwhile observing his golden rings: They say that you're one of the most feared persons under World Government's affliation, a copy of "Red Hair" himself.

Doukeshi: Hmph, funny. I've met him once and he was not looking like a bad guy, though his power was indeed devastating. If the pirates think of me as such big threat then it is good indeed. All we need now, is to wait for orders.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Glad you liked the post BP. Got one more in that line to do for her, then onto my other two characters.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
okay final character my sea king pirates still need everything my all merman crew.

Name: Mistsukai

Affiliation: doctor of the black bird pirates, head of medical divison (4th fleet ), Doctor of the roger pirates (former ), white beard pirates (former), Doctor on the revoluntary army (former )

Age: 90 (chronologically ) 19 ( appearance )

Appearance: picture

Personality: Mistukai is a very laid back and calm person. Considering he is "dead" he has an up beat attitude about his life. at times he acts like he enjoys immortality other times he acts like he loathes it. As he is "90" he is also proven to be senile and isn't scared to go that extra mile to get a result he is a dedicated scientist. he is also seen as very smart and insightful when it comes to medicine as he does anything he can to save his patients however if he feels the patient is going to die even if he works hard he seems to not try to save that person.

History: Mitsukai became a part of the roger pirates and was trained under there head doctor in the art of medicine at a young age. during a battle Mitsukai was on the brink of death and found and ate the chi chi no mi though the fuirt's power seemed to of not kicked in Mitsukai "died" due to injury and left on the battle field. Mitsukai came to life 6 hours later and spent the next few months looking for the roger pirates having heard about his captains capture and execution. Mitsukai was without purporse until about 40 years later when he joined the revoulintary army. and aided them as a doctor. it is unknown how close he was to the higher ups but he did gain some information about certain things that most people didn't. again during a invasion he was presumed dead due being stabbed through the stomach when really he was just knocked out. Mitsukai than spent the next 5 or so years learning how to use his power. at some point he joined the white beard pirates as a much needed doctor to help take care of the dieing captain. up until the battle of marine ford at that point Mitsukai left and wondered aimlessly around. until he met his current captain a spry young man Named Karasu who needed a doctor with Mitsukai's knowledge Karasu didn't refuse his newly accuired friends knowledge. and has been sailing with him ever since.

Devil fuirt : chi chi no mi

Other abilities:

Haki ( mastered )


Weapon(s) : he doesn't have a weapon but he does carry flasks of blood in his lab coat 4 on each side and has two blood packs at all times attached to the back part of his pants hidden by his coat.

Bounty : 350,000,000
okay final character my sea king pirates still need everything my all merman crew. 
<br />

<br />

over a year ago silverexorcist said…
[In a town somewhere along the Red Line]

The sound of the music and people pounded against the huge steel metal door that had been placed underground, at the end of a flight of stairs heading into a cellar. The sound became even louder as the steel door was pushed open and a drunken pirate stepped out, snickering as the door slammed shut behind him. The man blinked through his stupor as he began up the stairs and was cut off by an arm that extended out in front of him, stopping his progress.

“Who’re you?” George Linus demanded dizzily as he tried to focus on the figure in front of him. The bright sunlight gave him a headache that made it difficult for him to keep his balance and he rubbed his eyes a few times to try and clear his vision.

“Wow, you’re stoned. In broad daylight, too.” The voice snickered. “It must be a pretty great party down there. Can I get in on it?”

“It’s not for anyone to just walk in.” George muttered. “If you don’t know the password—”

“Come on now, don’t be like that. How about this; if you tell me the password, I won’t hand you in for your measly 5,000 belli reward.”

“Wha—“ George stumbled back in surprise. “Who’re you?!”

“Hey now, I asked you for something first, didn’t I?”

[Inside the cellar/tavern]

The music playing was loud enough that the men playing pull and those laughing by the bar were talking at the top of their voices, thoroughly enjoying themselves. The smell of booze was thick and the corners of the bar were caked in a thick smoke from people with pipes and cigars. No one paid any mind to the steel door opening and shutting as a newcomer walked in and headed straight for the bar.

“Hey, Mr. Bartender!” The newcomer called with a grin. “Send me some of your finest wine and leave the bottle! I want to be able to feel the mucus back up in my throat!”

“You might want to try something a little stronger than wine if that’s what you want.” The bartender advised as he tossed the bottle over to the newcomer, who caught it easily.

“No thanks—I don’t do anything but wine. Everything else tastes worse than the sewers.” The newcomer chuckled as he flicked the cork out of the bottle and tipped the bottom up, chugging at a rapid pace.

“Wow~” A voice came from beside the newcomer. “It’s not even noon yet and you’re already drinking that much?”

“My personal clock is different than others.” The newcomer grinned at the young lady sitting on the stool beside him. She had strange eyes, but was clearly appealing to any man, especially with an inviting smile like that. “It’s practically evening to me!”

“You must be a hard worker, then.”

“You bet your ass I am.” The newcomer hooted as he wrapped an arm around the woman, pulling her close. She giggled at his brashness. “What’s your name, little lady?”

“I’m Erika.” Her eyes flared with curiosity. “Just what do you do? You dress a bit like a pirate. You aren’t a real one, are you? Pirates don’t normally come around here.”

“I’m the scum of this earth, just like the rest of these guys here!” The newcomer waved an arm toward everyone around them. “Except I’m honest about it!”

“But what do you do? Hunting, maybe?”

“You could say that.” The newcomer chuckled. “But enough about my, sweetie. Tell me a bit more about this place. You say pirates don’t normally come here? I’m a traveler, so I don’t know much.”

“Uh, uh.” Erika smirked as she wagged a finger at him, backing away slightly as he moved closer. “I asked first.”

“Come on, cut me some slack, sweetie.” The newcomer sighed. “I don’t like talking about my work.”

“Really? Then let me ask you something else.”

She raised her voice as she asked the next question.

“Just what is a Shichibukai interested in coming here for?”

There was a stunned silence that pervaded the entire bar as the music cut off abruptly. The newcomer’s strangely made hat shadowed his eyes as he grinned wryly.

“You shouldn’t have raised your voice, sweetie.” He murmured a moment before everything was a blur of movement. Left and right, guns were being drawn from behind backs and under tables, all pointed directly at the strange man. The newcomer had hopped up swiftly, drawing two hand gun that looked small and obsolete against the big guns being pointed at him. Nevertheless, he continued to smirk at everyone around him.

“Come on guys,” He said calmly. “Can’t a fellow just have a drink every once in a while? What does it matter what my profession is?”

“We don’t accept your kind.” The bartender informed him as he pointed his large rifle directly at the newcomer’s head. “You ain’t wanted ‘ere.”

“And by ‘my kind’, you mean…?”

“Dogs! Two-faced scum! Shichibukai! You pathetic pirates who once had all kinds of fame before ya’ threw it away to work for those damn marines!”

“Ah, I see.” The new comer grinned. “And do you know just which of the ‘two-faced scum’ I happen to be?”

“You ain’t Hawk-eye!” One of the men called. “And ya’ ain’t that Tyran, Kuma!”

“Nope.” Another guy agreed. “If ya’ ask me…he’s dead.”

Gun shots filled the room instantly as the newcomer ducked suddenly, moving swiftly as he fired his guns out quickly. The men were surprised as he continued to move, apparently dodging their bullets. Two of the men dropped with a yelp suddenly, blood spreading from their thighs. In this small distraction, four more dropped as well with similar wounds. The men continued to drop like flies as they attempted to shoot down the single man, but the guy seemed to be able to see their bullets coming and dodging it with ease.

“Damn it!” One of the men yelled as two guys beside him fell. “Is this that freaking haki I heard about?!”

“Please.” The newcomer snorted as he suddenly stepped directly up to this man. A stray bullet flew out of nowhere and knocked into the gun in his hands, tossing it to the ground. All the other men were on the floor, groaning as they held their wounded legs painfully. “You guys are just firing at me randomly. Believe it or not, there is some skill in using guns. I don’t need haki to dodge bullets that aren’t aimed at me, but just toward me. I am “Longshot” Locksley, the best marksmen you’ll ever see.”

The man couldn’t stand looking into the Shichibukai’s eyes for long. The intimidation made him collapsed to his knees, panting heavily before passing out. The Shichibukai sighed then, moaning.

“There goes my vacation.” He moaned. “I can’t even go into a tavern outside of the Grand Line without people getting excited.”

He turned his attention to Erika, who was still sitting by the bar, staring at the unconscious men with surprise.

“It’s all thanks to you, sweetie. There was no need to give me away like that.”

Erika just stared at him with wide, fearful eyes on the verge of panic. This made the Shichibukai roll his eyes.

“Quit the act. I know you’re not some helpless dame—you’d be unconscious already if you were. I may be a sucker for the pretty gals, but I’m far from stupid.”

Erika blinked at him for a moment before a grin spread across her face. She crossed her legs as she leaned back, grinning at him.

“You really are worthy of your title, Longshot.” She said easily without a trace of fear in her voice. “Not a scratch on you, despite being outnumbered thirty-three to one. Kudos.”

“Right…” The Shichibuki scratched his head awkwardly. What was with this girl? “That’s just my formal title—I prefer to be called Cade. If I had to guess, you’re a Cipher Pol, right? I bet ‘Erika’s not even your real name.”

“I’m just here for my own leisure as well.” She assured. “There’s quite a few bounties here, albeit small compared to the Grand Line.”

“No thanks.” Cade shrugged as he stuck his guns into the belts around his hip. “I don’t like to accept bounties for jobs I didn’t originally take. You can have ‘em if you want. I’m heading back to the Grand Line before word gets out I’m here and people start freaking out. See ya.”

Erika watched as the Shichibukai exited the room, the steel door slamming behind him. She sighed in exasperation. What an unpredictable fellow. She hadn’t expected him to suddenly act so good-natured after she provoked the men to attack her like that. Well, at least he’d completed her job of dealing with this underground meeting place for criminals. The marines were already on their way, so she’d be on her way soon as well.

“Bibibi. Bibibi. Bibibi.”

“Hello, hello~?” She sang into the Den Den Mushi.

“Ran, it’s about time you’ve picked up!” An annoyed voice growled at her. “I’ve been calling you for ages!”

“I know. I was ignoring it since I was in the middle of working.”

“‘Working’ or flirting with another guy?!”

“Both. So what’s on your mind, boss?”

“Head over to Enies Lobby, Ran. Now. I don’t care if your mission’s incomplete. I’ll take responsibility.”

“Oh, you’d do that for me? How sweet, my dear Spandack!”


Ran laughed at the threatening tone her boss used. “Alright, alright, cool down. I’m done anyways, so no worries. I’ll be over there on the first marine ship I see. Bye ya!”

[Enies Lobby; Tower of Justice Director’s Office]

Spandack, chief of CP9, sighed in exasperation as he placed the Den Den Mushi back down on the desk in front of him. He pinched his pencil thin nose as he imagined just what he was doing. Having the entire 9th Cipher Pol back in one room…the last time that had happened, all of Enies Lobby ended up being bombarded by the navy indiscriminately thanks to his idiot brother’s screw up. But Spandack wasn’t like his brother. He was going to uphold the justice of the World Government properly, as instructed to him by the Gorosei. He’d be able to control the CP9 as he has for so long, as he made sure that this group was more competent than the last.

“You seem a bit distracted, Director.” One of the two men sitting on the couch in front of the desk, arms and legs folded tightly with his cap tilted over his eyes, though it could not hope to hide the Pinocchio nose the man had. “Nervous, are you?”

“Of course. Anyone would be nervous to have a group like you around to screw things up.” Spandack calmly scratched the ferret sitting on his desk quietly behind the ears, and the little animal rubbed its face against his palm. “Kaku, as a veteran, I’m hoping that you’ll keep things orderly?”

“Of course.” Kaku replied firmly. “It’s not as if any of us are anything like the last generation of CP9, especially with Jabra gone.”

“That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?” The figure beside Kaku raised an eyebrow at him. “After all, I heard that you were the one who split the entire building in half on his own.”

“That was because Jabra provoke me!”

“Only an idiot lets themselves be provoked by their ally. Right guys?”

Several figure standing in the shadows behind the couch, at least a dozen in number, murmured their agreement, nodding with enthusiasm. The man beside Kaku grinned.

“You see? You’re outnumbered.”

“As if that counts!” Kaku snorted in disbelief.

“Quiet, you guys.” Spandack pinched his nose once more, closing his eyes. “Don’t argue over something so stupid.”

The two CP9 gave each other one last look before turning away haughtily.

Yep, Spandack thought. This was going to be fun.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Name: Ran Fall

Affiliation: CP9

Age: 22

Appearance: Ran is a young, pretty girl with short black hair and crimson eyes that have an air of intimidation to them. She appears to wear casual clothes, usually a sweater that accentuates her sizable chest. She wears a long lime green skirt that reaches past her knees and a pair of flat jade sandals. From her back, a pair of small black wings protrude, resembling an angel’s, save the color.

Personality: Ran has a light teasing personality and enjoys flirting with people, mostly out of habit. She has a tendency to make men around her blush a lot as feel absolute no shame in her actions, even when reprimanded. Despite her actions, however, she doesn’t feel any attachment to any men and usually thinks of them much differently than she lets on, though she never lets anyone learn just what she really thinks. She has a powerful mental barrier set up that prevents anyone from being able to guess what she really thinks, being force to take her word when she gives her opinions. However, she is a talented liar and has no tells, due to not feeling bothersome emotions like ‘guilt’ or ‘regret’.

History: Ran Fall was born in Skypeia as the granddaughter of Gan Fall, god of Skypeia. When he was thrown from his throne by Enel, she was confused about as to why he didn’t try to fight back with a rebel group of any sorts. She had viewed her grandfather truly as a god, and couldn’t not understand why a god could be defeated. Was it because her grandfather was a fraud and Enel was the true god? She could not accept this possibility and insisted that the old man ceased his pointless vigilante missions and fought for his throne. But Gan refused his granddaughter time and time again, until he eventually admitted to being afraid. Struck by this, Ran Fall fled from Skypeia, unable to stand being near the man any longer. She wandered for ages, unsure of what to believe until she eventually came to meet Spandack, a man who intended to turn the Cipher Pols into something more than his useless brother was in charge of. By this point, Ran had lost all faith in any ideals such as ‘justice’ or what was ‘right’, so she decided to see someone else’s ideals instead. It is unknown what she thinks of Monkey D. Luffy for defeating Enel and returning her grandfather to his throne, as she refuses to speak about it. Ran currently acts as an undercover agent, using her powers of seduction to collect information and become a double agent to destroy underground organizations from the inside without the use of force.

Special Abilities: “Kuiki Kuiki no Mi”

Other Abilities: She is a practitioner of the rokushiki, but uses them mostly for convenience, rather than actual combat. Ran carries several dials with her and uses them for her covert missions.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
alright time for my next installment ;P

-The black bird of the sea final part-

-the Vampire and the demon vs the Acrobat and the tamer-

-Naraku had made it to the ship while his captain the two captains busy he looked at the ship and scratched his head- "really it's unguarded how unusual for captain to recklessly leave there ship unguarded like this." -just as Naraku went to go and destory the ship something caught him on his left shoulder a large gash appeared as he flew through the air landing on the ground bouncing up and down until finally he arched his arm in a way he could flip upright onto his feet- "what the hell was that ?" he noticed the gash on his shoulder and a man on a tricycle with a sword smiling-

-Naruku's face became that of slight shock- "who the hell are you ?"

-the man smirked- "I am the great Acrobat Cabji the guard of this ship and second mate to Captain Buggy and Alvida"

-Naraku let ou a huff- "Hmph you don't look all that threatening don't let this one cut get to your head you caught me off guard" -Naraku unsheathed his spear from his back- "I am first mate Naraku don't expect to live through this conflict" -Cabaji cycled forward with great speed to Naraku's surprise but he was able to parry the strike and smirked- "Heru hi Hou (hell flame cannon )" Naraku brought his hand back as black flames swirled around his palm he thrusted his arm forward and a large blast of black flames came speeding toward cabaji's exposed- " Kyokugi! Yama Noboro" Cabaji leaped into the air and rose rather high going above Naraku's head aiming his blade downward- "Ichirin Zashi" Naraku only smirked as he parried the rapidly descending acrobat and took hold of the tricycle wheel pulling it out from under him he than through it off in the distance Cabaji's eye's widend with anger as he ran fourth trying to plunge his blade into Naraku's exposed stomach. Naraku brought up his knee witch connected with Cabaji's chin the overwhelming force and strength of Naraku sent Cabaji sky rocketing into the air and causing him hit the ground with a loud smack that echoed throughout the island the ground tremored beneath causing a Crater where Cabaji had landed-

-Cabaji stood up in the crater witch he had created his had blood coming from his arm and mouth he staggered to stand up- "you are strong i'll give you that scum. but don't think you've won just yet were not through, Mohji care to join me we can share the reward for killing this loser." -a main withe what looked like white fur and a mane around his head came fourth he was also riding on a Lion, Naraku only laughed- "oh this is priceless you guys actually think you're pirates ? that's funny"

-Mohji snarled- "I won't need you for this fight Ritchie after all I consumed a Devil fuirt known as the cat cat fuirt Model Lion"

-Naraku only smiled- "you're a Zoan type ? so am I only differance is our power" -Mohji snarled as he became a Lion human hybird- "I couldn't agree more" -he ran fourth as did Cabaji who leaped into the air above Naraku and in haled- "Kyokugi! Kaji Oyaji" -Mohji ran fourth as the flames seemed to of hit Naraku- "Sliver slasher" -the sound scratches could be heard- "that was easy" Mohji went back to his normal form and turned as his eye's went wide with shock so did Cabaji- "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT !" -the pointed to a thing that stood where Naraku was. a tail was flickering wings that were like that of a bats were seen on the creatures back. black skin creeped up to the elbow of the creature horns were extended from it's forhead the creature smiled to reval sharp teeth-

Naraku : "I told you I ate a Zoan type Devil fuirt you never let me finish explaining I ate the God god fuirt Model Demon"

-Mohji instantly went into his hybrid form- "So what !, it won't garuntee victory !" -Mhoji ran fourth as something stopped him dead in his tracks - "what is this ?" -Mhoji looked down to see blood wrapped around his ankles like that of a whip it had snared him- "what the hell ?" he looked over to Cabaji who looked like he was in great pain as the seemingly strings of blood were coming from his open wounds- "ahh the pain it hurts it hurts it hurts!" Cabaji was clearly in aganoy another man stepped fourth his hair was white and muffled like that of a mad scientist- "you know I was in the middle of napping when I heard two loud mouth bafoons knocking on my front door. Names Mitsukai. to think our dear first mate needed to transform to deal with you loud mouths."

-Naraku smiled- "took you a while Mitsukai"

-Misukai sighed- "you know these guys are a real pain in the ass when your trying to sleep"

-End- hope it's not too long

over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Exorcist. Why do you call him 'Spandack'? Lol. By the way, exclude Jyabura from CP9, he seceded from them long ago. Interestingly enough, Bug-eye is his grandson. XD
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
The first known director was Spandine. The second is that jerk, Spandam. So I decided to keep the unnofficial name cycle going with Spandack. As for Jyabura, I sort of implied he was no longer a part of CP9. I don't know if I'm going to involve any other former CP9 agents, since most were jerks.
over a year ago NateBind said…
Name: Asuka, known as "Lady in the dark."

Affiliation: World Government, CK-5 (member)

Age: 23

Appearance: Asuka is a pretty young woman with brown eyes and long, straight dark brown hair which she lets it fall over her shoulders. She usually wears a long, light red kimono, a pair of wooden sandals. During her duty as amember of CK-5, she wears group's uniform.

Personality: Asuka is shown as a shy, quiet and kind woman who is also often shown to be quite naive but behind that thick mask lies a true cold hearted killer who wont pity anyone though it takes some guts and time to break that mask.

History: Born in New World, Wano Country. Asuka was raised by the traditions but she did not accept the fact of being so modest and graceful as she wanted to become a samurai which was not allowed in her village. She fled from her homeland and joined up with marines, there we're only few that knew about her existence as she was assigned under "Assassins", therefore her identity was covered. She was later assigned to CK-5.

Special abilities: Moya-Moya No Mi (Smog-Smog Fruit)

Other abilities:

Asuka has mastered the art of stealth, she is a capable close-combat fighter, prefering light- weapons such as daggers not to mention her deadly speed. Thanks to her devil fruit ability she became a notorious assassin who is feared through the world.

* And now two more.... hmm.. nah actually im taking "Captain Hina" also into CK-5 if no1 has anything against that xD*
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Name: Vincent “Manifold” Drake

Affiliation: CP9

Age: 28

Appearance: Vince wears an impeccable tailored outfit with creased black pants, wingtips, a white collared shirt, a maroon vest, and a black jacket. Vince has short reddish hair that he gels back to keep all his hair flat and straight and wears prescription goggles due to his terrible eyesight, made to remain on his face with a strap during combat.

Personality: Vince has a slightly coy personality and prefers to take the initiative on his own, acting as an individual. At the same time, he acts as the leader of his own private army, choosing to do all of his actions without the aid of others while only utilizing him and his numbers. Vince enjoys jokes and puns, and often makes jokes regarding his ability, confusing people. Vince takes pride in his self-efficiency nonetheless and while he doesn’t mind most of his fellow CP9 agents, he dislikes having to share the glory of his victories with others.

History: Vince was raised and trained as a CP9 to develop his superhuman combat abilities. He had always struggled at the physical side, such as performing rankyaku or shigan, while everything else came easily to him. He had always been a slightly undisciplined person, developing more of a ‘personality’, so to speak, while many of his colleagues remained rather cold. Vince has no qualms in killing for the sake of ‘justice’, but he does not believe that he’s really acting in its name. He’s just an assassin of the world government who kills in the name of a concept, which he finds pretty amusing. He stole the Hitode Hitode no Mi after boarding a rookie pirate ship that was heading down to Fishman Island. Once he realized that he could not swim out after tossing all them men out of the coating, he used his new found power in a masochistic fashion in order to create enough copies to control the whole ship and direct it back up to the surface.

Special Abilities: Hitode Hitode no Mi

Other abilities: As a CP9 agent, Vince has access to all six of the rokushiki, but specializes in Kami-e, able to alter his body(ies) to take on different physiques for different purposes. This is especially easy, as he’s a starfish man with a simply structure and soft body, so he takes much less energy than the others.

So, the CP9 so far: Waver (no last name), Vincent, Ran, and Kaku. People are welcome to create their own CP9 agent if they like.
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
On another note, I'd assume that a meeting of the Shichibukai will take place in Mariejois in response to the death of multiple members? (Bo-kun!!!! T.T) And I think I read somewhere that Akainu is still fleet admiral? Correct me if I'm wrong. I just want to get a bearing of which cannon characters have changed rank and who may have replaced them.

Exorcist: You're killing of Bo-kun?!

BP: Who?

Exorcist: Bo-kun! The tyrannical bear of awesomeness! He's the guy who's got the devil fruit I wish I could eat!

BP: Tyrannical...oh, you mean Kuma!

Exorcist: WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL?!?!

BP: We need to replace the old with the new, you know. He wasn't going to last forever.


Whiteflame: *holding a blow dart* When he goes hysterical, he really goes mad, huh?

BP: ....Can I borrow one of those?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
[A Warm Welcome for a Turncoat, Final Part!]

Lucia opened her eyes. The room around her was dimly lit, a single large candle in the middle of it casting large shadows across the walls from the furniture littered about it. It was a large room, easily capable of housing a number of the guards. It was an orderly and lightly cooled without a hint of the searing heat of Level 4.

She tried to rise, but was immediately wracked with pain and lay back down. All she could do was twist her head to see what was about her. She was lying on a bed that was much too large for her. To her left was only a wall, and to her right a table with a pair of chairs. In one of those chairs was her sword, latched tightly into its scabbard.

Yoruchi: I knew you’d wake up. He didn’t believe me, but I knew you would.

Lucia: Where are we?

Yoruchi: All I know is that I was underwater and now I’m dry. It was nice of him to dry me off. I hate being wet. Did we destroy evil?

Lucia spoke out loud: You’ll have to tell me that.

???: He won’t, but I will.

A gruff voice spoke from the corner. Lucia jumped, pain searing through her body as she angled herself to see the speaker. The man was gigantic, with large wings growing out of his back and horns upon his head, though one appeared to be made of metal, a synthetic replica of one he lost. He sat at another sat at another table, the height and size of it and his chair made to accommodate his much more substantial frame. Vice Warden Magellan sat before a plate of food that was so poisonous she could smell the distinct odor of putrefaction from where she lay.

Lucia frowned: You talked to him?

Yoruchi: I still am. I like him.

Magellan: As well you should. It was no easy task to fish you out of all that salt water.

Lucia: Yoruchi doesn’t like most people. Does that mean I can trust you?

Magellan grunted: You would be a fool to trust me for something like that. Perhaps for the fact that I’ve left you your sword, or that I took the time to bind up your wounds. Those are more substantial.

Lucia’s frowned deepened. She eyed the Vice Warden critically, wondering what gain there could be in his actions.

Magellan: In the end, you have little choice but to trust me. Sadi-chan couldn’t have smuggled you out, and no one else knows the circumstances by which you arrived here. If you want to make it back to Marineford, you’ll have to see me as an ally. Or else, I can always leave you here to rot.

Lucia nodded, lying back. She had trust issues with most people, but this wasn’t one of the times she had the luxury of exercising them.

Lucia: Doflamingo?

Magellan: Dead. We found his corpse full of holes and impaled with your sword. He’s lucky that’s all he got. The damage he did to Level 4 will take months to fix, and the incoming seawater will make the floor practically unusable during that time. We’ve had to transfer the surviving prisoners to Level 3.

Lucia: And how do you plan to keep his death concealed?

Magellan: We won’t. The official story is that Doflamingo forged the signatures of the Gorosei, entered Impel Down under false auspices, and was put down after going wild on Level 4. The courageous efforts of our staff managed to defeat him, and he was killed before his purpose could be discovered.

Lucia: And my disappearance?

Magellan paused: The prisoner Lucia Lawson was never here. As I recall, she became a Shichibukai at a very opportune time. Your week at Impel Down will never have existed.

So that’s how long she’d been out. Five days…

Lucia was silent. The only people who might know differently would keep their mouths shut. The Gorosei would keep silent, and anyone who worked with Doflamingo to get her imprisoned would either have been bribed or threatened. None of them would come forward. Only the staff of Impel Down would know the truth, and few of them even knew she had come.

She sat up, groaning against the pain, and met Magellan’s eyes. The former Warden had been in charge of Impel Down until Strawhat Luffy and the Blackbeard pirates had wreaked their havoc here, and yet she got the feeling he was still very much in charge. All the reports she had heard of Hannyabal placed him as a bumbling and inept leader, though Impel Down still ran like clockwork. Now she knew why.

Lucia: Why do all this for me?

Magellan sighed, a cloud of poison coming out of his mouth as he did. Lucia raised her hands to her nose and mouth, holding her breath to prevent it from taking effect.

Magellan: With your strength, you probably could have simply evaded his attacks and made your way out of the prison. If you had, you would have dragged him through the rest of Impel Down, putting a great deal of our guards and the physical integrity of this prison at great risk. You faced him down instead. I don’t pretend to know your reasons, but considering it was Doflamingo, you prevented more damage than you could know.

Lucia’s eyes became downcast. Why did she fight him? He was easily the most dangerous opponent she had ever faced, and yet she never sought escape. Why?

Lucia: He came here for me. I put your prison at risk.

Magellan: Perhaps so, though if he was this focused on killing you, it likely would have ended poorly no matter the location of your confrontation. It wasn’t your choice where you were sent.

His statement was followed by a long silence. Each of them met the others’ gaze, and though she agreed with what he said, she couldn’t shake herself of the feeling that she had caused this. Doflamingo had been right – what did she stand for; what were her goals; why had she become a Shichibukai?

Yoruchi: You still haven’t said what you thought of it. Aren’t you proud of me?

Such a simple desire, pride. Yoruchi was like a child, desiring his parent’s pride in some feat. It was strange to think of such an aged blade in that way, though to a blade that never aged, time was a difficult thing to grasp. Would that she could define her desires so simply. Pride wasn’t her goal. Still, she couldn’t continue to brood on it, not now. Not here.

Lucia smiled: You performed wonderfully.

A feeling of contentment radiated off the blade. She had wielded it for over a decade now, and still she hardly understood him.

Magellan rose: Well, we can keep you here until your wounds heal. We don’t want any undue ques-

Lucia stood, gritting her teeth against the pain. She was only lightly clothed, bandages covering much of her torso and arms. Most of her clothing was carefully folded and laid beside the bed, apparently having been stitched up rather hastily. She could hardly imagine Magellan managing such a feat with those huge hands of his. She shrugged on the clothing, gingerly trying to avoid the worst of her wounds, though a couple began to bleed through the bandages.

Magellan: You’re going to waste such fine bandaging? With wounds that deep, you’ll need to stay here at least another week.

Lucia grimaced: I’ve been here too long already, though I appreciate the sentiment.

Magellan shrugged: Fine. If you want to kill yourself, so be it. I’ll arrange a ship to take you to Marineford immediately.

Lucia nodded, pulling the turtleneck over her head. She told herself that her desire to leave came from wanting to put this all behind her, to move on. But she knew that what she sought wasn’t distraction, but answers. Answers she wouldn’t find here. She felt a hand fall lightly on her shoulder, and glanced up at the imposing figure behind her.

Magellan: Don’t be so quick to die, Lucia. You won’t find any answers in death.

Lucia: It’s not death I seek.

Magellan frowned: Do you? I wonder.

With that, he left her side, pushing his way out the door.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Exorcist. I'm sure you'll survive. Lol. Like I said at an earlier date, there needs to be new characters in this RP. XD.

Exorcist: New? As in, people who haven't been on OP previously?

Bp: Yes... I'm surprised that you ask such a question.

Exorcist: Yes, well, I must be making sure. It is an interesting topic.

Bp: Yeah, yeah - take it easy, buddy.

Exorcist: I remember a day, where I first began to watch it and I was entranced by the raw beauty of it and the intriguing characters that I met. It was magical, like when I first played with Yugioh cards, or the first PS3 game. I fell in love with it and it was simply- (Is cut off)

Bp: My god... Again? (Fires the dart at Exorcist, the one he borrowed from Whiteflame) Thanks, Whiteflame, it really came in handy.

Exorcist: (About to become unconscious from the dart's tranquiliser) Damn you, both!!!
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
why do we keep hitting exorcist with darts ?

-All out war Buggy pirates vs The Black Bird Pirates-

-Mohji was shocked in his hybrid lion form the blood that snared his feet like a net he growled silently- "so you also have devil fuirt powers." -Mitsukai nodded- "Yup that I do but it doesn't matter as your going to die anyway." -Mohji went to try and attack but the net of blood tightened and small spikes appeared on the snare of blood Mohji winced in pain and fell down to the ground- "you both have been caught by my chi chi no mi's entanglement it's over"

-Cabaji managed to murmur some words- " Kyokugi! Kaji Oyaji" -the words were faint but flames shot from his mouth and hit Mohji who yelled at the fact his team mate just burned him but it caused the blood to boil and loosen allowing him to escape and Launch toward Mitsukai- "Silver Slasher" Two large scratch marks appeared on Mistukai's chest blood spraying from his wounds as he flew through the air landing on his back, Mhoji smirked as he licked the blood from his hand- "now that he's dead your time Demon-chan" -Naraku chuckled- "I'd pay more attention to the "dead" guy than me" -Mitsukai stood up his wounds healing as he put his hand behind his neck- "you know your a real pain in the ass Cat."

-Mhoji's eyes became filled with Rage he ran toward Mitsukai entering his full lion form- "I'll end you with one strike !"

-Mitsukai smiled- "You can't well witch has already been killed" -Lifted up his leg- "Suffer greatly Stupid Cat Rankyaku Yari ( stromg leg spear) -A large blast of wind launched fourth in the form of a spear the fast and powerful strike of wind smacked and shot through Mhoji casuing him to turn back into his normal form as blood sprayed from his mouth- "What are these guys ?" Mhoji hit the ground and lost conciseness-

-Naraku looked at Cabaji- "it's me and you now little acrobat" -Cabaji gulped- "I'll win agaisnt a weakling like you" -Naraku was already in front of Cabaji and upper cut him in the chin launching Cabaji into the air once Cabaji smacked into the ground he also became unconcisen-

-near the dock Buggy and Alvida had been trying to hit there target even with the power of Buggy's chop chop fuirt it seemed in vain Karasu had only been evading when finally the two stopped there onslaught of useless attacks- " ..he ..made ..of" -Buggy was tired and frustrated it showed on his face, Karasu smirked- "Do you wish for me to end this ?" -Buggy and Alvida laughed- "the only one who will be ending anything will be us" -Alvida gestured to her self as she spoke-

-Karasu lifted up his blade and brought it into him bending his arm that held the blade around him- "one sword style : Hitoe Surasshu ( Single Slash ) " -what looked like a fast strike of wind blast fourth Alvida's hat blew off her head she started to laugh but than blood sprayed from her body a large cut formed Diagonlly across she managed to get the words out before she hit the ground- "how?" -Karasu looked at Buggy who had a look on his face that was beyond anger- "Swords are useless Against me Pirate You can't win!"

-Karasu only smiled- "I don't believe I told you my devil fruit power " -Karasu held out his hand turning it in a upward fashion as his fingers turned into that of a breeze- "I control the wind and air such is the power of the Wind Wind Fuirt. I could easyily incerease the pressure around you with the wind making it impossable for you to seperate your self than I could easily cut you"

-Buggy begun to sweat as he was stuck now he had no idea his opponent had such a strong power- "S-So WHAT! I am THE GREAT CAPTAIN BUGGY I WILL NEVER LOOSE !" -His body disesemabled and Rushed toward Karasu who held out his palm- " Kaze Kiatsu Bakuha (wind Pressure blast )" -A large blast of wind launched from his palm and smacked into Buggy causing him and the knocked out Alvida to crash into there ship- "Leave this island and never come back Scum" -Buggy didn't even grab Mhoji or Cabaji who both leaped onto the ship as it took off in a hurry-

-Kiya came walking down- "what the hell pirate where have you been all this time !?" -she looked angery, Karasu sighed- "forgive me admiral some riff raff appeared I delt with them." -Kiya shrugged- "well Head quarters called it would seem that the Joker Doflamingo has been killed at impel down after unauthorized access and destroyed most of the fourth level. also a meeting of the Shichibukai should be happening soon take care Pirate" -Karasu smirked at the name of Lucia- "I see" -Karasu turned and walked off as the marine ship departed and the sun set- "well well quite the turn of events a meeting of the Shichibukai should be interesting."

End now to begun my next installment ;P
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over a year ago NateBind said…
Name: Hope (GX-0)

Affiliation: World Government, Vegapunk's creations, CK-5 (member)

Age: Spent time to create, 10 years. Looks like 20.

Appearance: Hope appears to be a very attractive young girl with dark blue hair, dark blue colored eyes and rather tan skin. She is not very tall, somewhere around 165cm and her body build is rather limy. Under the attractive young girl's skin, lies one of the most powerful cyborg ever created, made of unbreakable metal that appears to be black colored.

Personality: Hope was programmed under "Go along the wave" motto, meaning she is rather laid back and lazy but when it comes to "Explode something up" her so called "Cyborg Instincts" awaken, making her a maniac with dangerous weapons, capable of annihilating whole country.

History: For ten years, Vegapunk perfected a single cyborg with his new ideas. During that time, he created many other machines that served World Government well but not good enough. Some time after the One Piece was found, he tested GX-0 for the first time, sending her to deal with a large pirate crew that terrorized Arabasta. Within one day, the whole crew that was assembled in there was annihilated. After that little test, he made some corrections before finally completing his ten years work, she was assigned to join CK-5.

Special abilities: Cyborg Body - Hope's body is filled with dangerous weapons, from machine guns to laser beams and explosive bombs. The body itself is very durable, the durability of PX-Cyborgs cannot be compared to this one.

Other abilities: N/A

Yosh, final char... completed.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Wolf. Because, he gets a little -er- over-excited sometimes. Lol.

Exorcist: Over-excited?! OVER-EXCITED???!!!

Bp: Pretty much exactly like that...

Exorcist: How dare you, sir! I shall wipe that irrepressible grin off your face and stop that buffoonish chuckling you seem to covet.

Bp: Yeah? Have fun with that.

Exorcist: I'm telling you, I will Excelsior and destroy your blathering, for the good of Planet Earth.

Bp: Here we go again... (Sighs)

Whiteflame: (Appears from nowhere, the dart-gun in his hands again) Interesting, that is three times in two days that he has lost it like that... (fires dart) I'm beginning to think that maybe we should start giving him pills, too.

Bp: Whiteflame, you bastard!

Exorcist: Whiteflame, you basta- (Falls asleep)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Exorcist. I see. Well, you certainbly captured the essence of Director-naming, anyway. Sounds pretty much like Spandam, except probably not as much of a coward and annoyance. Lol. XDD
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Name: Krieg “Iron Fist” Lector

Affiliation: CP9

Age: 57

Appearance: Krieg had short blonde hair cut in a buzz cut style and crystal blue eyes. The reminiscent of a once handsome face is slightly visible behind the now rugged face that has been sculpted by infinite punches and other blows to the face. Krieg’s face now looks as if it had swelled once and attempted to regain its original form, hence the reason behind a crooked nose and slightly displaced jaw, though his cleft chin seems unaffected. Krieg wears a black karate outfit with a black belt and goes barefoot. On the back of his outfit, blazing gold kanji read “seigi”, or “justice”. His entire body is hidden in the robe, so it’s difficult to tell, but Krieg’s entire body is practically made of muscle. Krieg is one of the bigger people, towering about as tall as Emporio Ivankov at about ten feet, with bulk to match.

Personality: Krieg is an incredibly well disciplined man who tolerates just about any childish actions and respects his peers. Usually he can be seen with a calm demeanor, sitting in his room with the Tower of Justice, sitting on his legs beneath a crashing waterfall flowing over his shoulders. Krieg is capable of sitting absolute still for long periods of time without moving a single muscle, his breathing and heartbeat almost vanishing instantly. From that position, Krieg can move incredibly quick with inhuman reflexes, controlling his body perfectly. Krieg trains for the sake of justice, and fights in the name of justice. He believes that that is exactly what the marines and World Government stand for and will follow any order without complaint, due to his fierce loyalty. He enjoys fair fights most of all against any enemy and will always honor a person’s request under the right circumstances.

History: Krieg was raised as a child training to become a Cipher Pol. He had always excelled at the physical side, quickly gaining the ‘perfect body’. Tekkei became his best defense, as his muscles were already strong enough on their own, keeping any weapon from piercing it. However, Krieg trained without the use of his rokushiki in order to make himself even stronger. He went on several missions to subdue enemies, putting several limitations on himself to make it more challenging, determined to succeed without breaking his own rule. This habit has nearly killed him multiple times, giving him the bruises and wounds he carries now, albeit proudly. Krieg never got the chance to eat a devil’s fruit and he’s not interested. He doesn’t like the risk of being permanently unable to swim (which he does as part of his daily training) and doesn’t feel that he needs the artificial power the fruits grant. As if to prove it, Krieg goes out of his way to target zoan users during his mission, wrestling with them and subduing them on his own. All of his self-discipline as earned him the rank as the ‘strongest CP9 agent’.

Special abilities: Krieg’s doriki count is the highest among his generation of CP9, making him the strongest. Physically, it is no contest, as he is capable of incapacitating powerful zoan users with his bare hands. He never fights using weapons and rarely uses his rokushiki unless necessary. Having mastered countless martial arts, Krieg is practically prepared for any situation.

Other abilities: With the highest doriki count, Krieg has mastered the rokushiki and has access to the seventh skill, rokuogan, the internal shockwave. Krieg has only ever used this on strong opponents that he has been ordered to kill.
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over a year ago silverexorcist said…
[Enies Lobby, Tower of Justice, outside]

The vast abyss of the circular waterfall below didn’t bother Waver in the slightest as he shot quickly through the air, using his geppou skill to remain aloft. He could have taken the front entrance, of course, but that would ruin the fun of being a CP9. In a way, he felt a strange sense of excitement. He’d met every one of his other fellow members before, but never all at once. Whenever he’d been at the Tower of Justice, many were off on their own missions while just one remained behind, lounging around in one of the rooms. Seeing them all at once was a good chance for Waver to really see how each of them acted toward each other. Hopefully, they’d get along. They were colleagues, after all.

[Top floor of the Tower of Justice]

Ran whistled under her breath with a musical tune as she skipped down the long hallway, smiling to herself contentedly. She was happy, mostly because she could now wear her favorite sweat and sandals after spending so much time away, undercover. She’d even had to hide her small black wings, though she was used to it. Eight months, it had been, since she’d been in the Grand Line. It really made her appreciate how boring it was. Did the current Pirate King really come from the East Blue? It had seemed so painfully dull, it didn’t explain how he could become such a naturally charismatic person. Well, those who’d met him said it was a bit on the ‘slow side’, a.k.a. an idiot, she assumed. He must have been oblivious to the slow pace that pervaded the East Blue.

“Hi everyone!” Ran grinned as she pushed the door to the director’s office open without knocking. “I’ve finally returned!”

“Ran-sama!” A chorus of excited voices filled the office as dozens of identical men rushed toward the door. “My glorious Ran-sama! It’s been nearly a year!”

“Eek!” Ran drew a sharp breathe as she kicked out instinctively at her assailants. Her foot connected with the face of one of the men, who remained completely undefended and sent him flying back through the open window behind the director’s desk. Spandack sighed “God, Vince, you scared me!”

“You’re so cute when you’re scared, Ran-sama!” The identical men swooned, apparently completely forgiving about their kin that went flying out the window. “I had made quite a few of myself in my last mission, and upon hearing that you were coming, I decided to keep us all in order to greet you with several times the love!”


“Ah~ You’re so honest!”

Kaku and Spandack shared a sigh as the man standing beside the director’s desk chuckled. Spandack glanced at the big man, standing with a perfect posture even while apparently relaxed.

“Vincent “Manifold” Drake…” Spandack murmured. “Ran Fall…Krieg “Iron Fist” Lector…”Mountain Wind” Kaku…And I assume Waver “Axe of War” is already here?”

“Present, Director.” A voice floated down from the ceiling. Standing upside with his single white ponytail handing straight like an arrow was Waver, apparently looking quite comfortable with is awkward position. In his arms was a grinning Vincent, who was waving a greeting. Waver dropped the man and he joined his eleven other copies, who all took their seats on the couch beside the irked Kaku (all taking randomly different and semi-eccentric positions) as Ran sat in an armchair. The large Krieg stepped away from the desk and turned so he could look directly at Spandack as well.

“Some years ago, my brother used the CP9 to fulfill the mission of capturing the sole survivor of Ohara, Nico Robin, and retrieving the documents of Pluton that were passed down to the cyborg named Franky. He failed, sadly, due to the efforts of “Straw Hat” Luffy, who is now known to the world as the Pirate King. Back then, CP9 was supposedly at its strongest. The generation was considered the best in history, and had a total of seven members. Comparatively, we are two short, with a total of—”

“16, and counting.” All twelve of the Vinces snickered as one made the comment. Spandack raised an eyebrow at him and they all fell silent once more.

“Five.” Spandack finished as he sat back in his chair. His ferret climbed up his arm to wrap around his neck cozily. “With one veteran from the previous generation. You’re all aware that your primary duty is, of course, to protect my life. After that, do you know what your duty is?”

“To fulfill any top secret missions given to us by the Gorosei.” Krieg replied immediately. “And mercilessly crush those who oppose the world government.”

“Actually, that’s your third duty.” Spandack waved his hand and his ferret hopped off of his back and pulled the window behind him shut, pulling the drapes over it as well. The ferret hopped around the once, seemingly at random, but was really scouting around to make sure they were along and there were no listening devices of any kind. When finished, the ferret hopped back on the desk and curled up into a ball. Spandack narrowed his eyes as he focused on the faces of the five before him in the now dimly lit room. “The second is something that only I have known up until today. You’ve all been kept in the dark for security reasons, but it’s time that you hear everything about the incident several decades ago, regarding the island once known for being a hub for historical researchers and archeologists.”

“That would be Ohara, wouldn’t it?” The upside down Waver said after a moment of thought. “Where the devils who intended to overthrow the government with Pluton lived before the navy annihilated them.”

“Exactly. It’s time you knew just what you are protecting.”
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Hey, Exorcist, I feel like the Dragonlance pirate crew and CP9 should confront each other at some point during this RP, probably in the next Arc.

@Everyone. I will update the forum tonight and put up a character list, as well as the name of the current Arc and a description for it. XD
over a year ago silverexorcist said…
Sure thing. This generation of CP9 are essentially like the one we know, only I gave them a bit more personality. They're just as loyal to the World Government and most follow the ideal of Absolute Justice. Long ago when I first watched the Water 7 arc and on in OP, I thought about there being an CPA (Cipher Pol Admiral), who acts as a joint between the marines and World Government. We know, of course, no such thing exists, so I might consider making one. Eventually.

On that note, I return to my question about a potential Shichibukai meeting? The only original member that remains is Boa Hancock, unless you did something about her to. I want Cade to meet his peers XD
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Same here I think it would be flavorful and a real good chance for us all to have our characters interact. of course I still have to dispose of mihawk first T.T -sniffles- It shall be awesome I promise