One Piece Luffy's new crew member will be from...

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Impel Down
Fishman Island
 Fitch posted over a year ago
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Shukyhiro picked Fishman Island
Shukyhiro picked Fishman Island:
I dont think that any of those are really right. First: We are not really sure that Luffy will get to Fishman Island, and we already passed through Impel Down, and the only one who could be the new crew member, is probably dead..
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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sugarcane15 picked Fishman Island
sugarcane15 picked Fishman Island:
what I really think
posted over a year ago.
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niloyhassan picked Impel Down
niloyhassan picked Impel Down:
it will be jimbe>
posted over a year ago.
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toricarm picked Impel Down
toricarm picked Impel Down:
i like jimbe,hope its him
posted over a year ago.
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withebeard56 picked Impel Down
withebeard56 picked Impel Down:
i want jembei
posted over a year ago.
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crazyboy2737 picked Fishman Island
crazyboy2737 picked Fishman Island:
it would be way cooler if they have a new crew that can fly....
posted over a year ago.